• A dramatic kind of ‘Sweet’

    John Lapus

    John Lapus

    John “Sweet” Lapus is proud of his latest role for film in director Lemuel Lorca’s Echorsis: Sabunutan Between Good and Evil. Sharing top billing with indie actor Alex Vincent Medina and rocker Kean Cipriano, the award-winning comedian dabbles in drama for a script written by Palanca awardee Jerry Gracio.

    “It was only during the shoot of the film that I realized I haven’t done a drama project for quite some time,” Lapus said in an interview.

    Looking back at his past movies and TV soaps (he currently appears in Doble Kara on ABS-CBN), the actor acknowledged he is generally cast for comic relief, which is why he found Echorsis such a challenge to make.

    “I play the role of Kristoff, a closeted gay,” Lapus related, adding how the film ably shows how difficult life can be for a person is forced to hide his real self.

    “The movie shows the pain, suffering, and rejection a closeted gay has to endure even from his family. Hopefully after watching the movie, people will be able to understand what they are going through, and hopefully they will be given the courage to come out.”

    What made the role more interesting for Lapus is Kristoff’s conservative character.

    “I’ve never played a closeted and conservative gay person before, but here, it will be Kristoff’s first time to have a boyfriend, first time to fall in love, all of which make him decide to come out,” he continued.

    “To tackle the role, I did my own research by talking to my friends who are closeted gays. I still know a few, and I studied how they act, move and dress up. It was a big help because I was prepared when I got on the set.”

    Playing his boyfriend in the movie is Alex, and Lapus confirms they do have an intimate scene.

    “Yes, Alex and I do have a bed scene. So for the gays and girls who have a crush on Alex, pasensiya na po, I didn’t ask for this,” Lapus concluded as he happily switched back to his gregarious self.


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