A family affair for ‘Resureksyon’

The movie’s cast led by Jasmine Curtis-Smith

The movie’s cast led by Jasmine Curtis-Smith

THE Monteverdes, Mother Lily, daughter Roselle and son Dondon, dabble in their first-ever joint venture for Regal Entertainment, Inc. and Reality Entertainment to bring to theaters the horror-suspense movie, Resureksyon, opening today across the country.

The film’s trailer alone is proof of the Monteverdes’ expertise at delivering only the kind of horror projects moviegoers love.

Resureksyon boasts of state-of-the-art special effects and sound made even more exciting by the unique execution of thrilling scenes that are sure to send chills down audiences’ spine.

Regal is a veteran when it comes to producing horror movies in the Philippines. The company holds the distinction of producing the longest-running and most successful horror film franchise, Shake, Rattle & Roll, in local film history.

In addition to this, they have released other horror blockbusters like Tiyanak, Manananggal In The City, and more.

As for Reality Entertainment, the younger film outfit brought the quality of horror movies a notch higher via its maiden offering, Tiktik; The Aswang Chronicles.

Since then, it has established itself as a new force to reckon with in the local film scene.

Prior to that, it produced the much talked about action film, On The Job, critically acclaimed here and abroad.

And now, the two companies have joined forces to bankroll Resureksyon.

Isabelle Daza, as Mara, and Jasmine Curtis-Smith, as Aila, play sisters in the movie. Orphaned at a young age, Mara decides to try her luck and work abroad.

Aila frowns at the thought of her sister leaving the country but is later convinced that it’s Mara’s way of giving her only son (played by Raikko Matteo as Migs) a better future.

Unfortunately, tragedy strikes and Mara is brought back home dead.

Terror grips the entire town when Mara returns from death and vampires begin to roam streets and pry on the townsfolk. Aila then realizes that her sister wants to be reunited with son Migs.

With the help of police officer Javier (played by Paulo Avelino), authorities deal with Mara and her band of vampires to save Aila and Migs from harm.

Besides Isabelle, Jasmine, Raikko and Paulo, also included in the cast are John Lapus, Alex Castro and Nino Muhlach from the direction of Alfonso “Borgy” Torre 3rd.


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