• A Fighting Chance – CPI Motard 250 R


    CPI-motorcycle20150714The monsoon rains and flooding have again left our roads riddled with debris and potholes, partly because the materials the government uses on asphalt roads seem to be water-soluble. So it is no wonder why during extreme weather disturbances, the public is usually advised to stay indoors and to avoid travel. Yet, if one must get to a very important destination under these conditions, there’s a better chance of getting there on a Supermoto.

    Essentially an off-road motorcycle fitted with fat street tires, a supermoto a.k.a. motard, offers better traction on wet tarmac while still having the agility and versatility of its dirt-oriented sibling. The CPI Motard 250 R is a perfect specimen. Contrary to popular belief, “motard” is derivative of a French term pertaining to the rider and not the bike. Likewise, the brand CPI is not from China but from Taiwan. In my experience, more can be expected from motorcycle products hailing from the tiny island nation when it comes to quality and reliability.

    The CPI Motard 250 R is exclusively sold by Ropali Motorcycles in partnership YRS Modifications. Yes, this is not your garden-variety supermoto. This bike comes with a few enhancements that will surely put a wide smile on your face even when braving the bad weather. The handle bar risers give the rider good leverage, improving overall handling. The carburetor is tuned and re-jetted to match the adjusted cam profile and the after-market YRS performance pipe. The Motard 250 R is also equipped with an engine guard just in case you get carried away and start jumping pavements. The Motard 250 R is fitted with an inverted front fork and a rear monoshock suspension to make landings easier on your back side.

    The Motard 250 R’s ample ground clearance not only lets you ride over obstacles with ease; it also gives you confidence when traversing flooded streets during the rainy season. After all the modifications, the 223-cc air-cooled engine produces an output of 15.3 hp at 7,000 revolutions per minute and torque of 79.3 foot-pound at 5,000 rpm, which seems a bit optimistic. Nevertheless, the bike still gave more than enough grunt in all gears at different rev ranges. The front disc-rear drum brake combination provides sufficient stopping power for the 150-kilogram bike. Even with the modifications, Ropali claims it can do 35 kilometers to a liter. At a 10-liter tank capacity, you can probably go about 350 kilometers without having to visit a gas station.

    When you’re done riding, just engage the side-stand and the engine will shut-off automatically via the safety kill-switch. For more information about the CPI Motard 250 R-Performance, visit www.ropalimotorcycles.ph


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