• A Fine Lad


    When he saw the bloodstain, I knew it was no use trying to wash it off. He saw right
    through me. I could not shroud it with a doll in my hand and ribbons tied in my unkempt
    hair. T’was a point of no return. An alphabet one cannot unlearn. A gift he said I could not

    No more performances over a table surrounded with a pack of wolves willing to throw
    coins. No more step yes ,step no on a dusty cement under the scorching heat of the sun.
    No more catching of flying slippers, grubby little fingers and soiled feet. No more room
    for chasing games.

    He tamed my tongue. He gouged my eyes for staring at the man living next door. He said
    not to chase but be chased. He taught me to say yes.

    When I saw the bloodstain, tears pricked my eyes. He said it’s fine because I’m a woman.
    I spent hours in front of the mirror concealing my paleness with crimson fard. I grabbed a
    little black dress. Then, I realized with my clothes on I feel naked.



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