A fusion of coolness at Paris Fashion Week


New York may have edge, and Milan had jaws dropping with drones replacing models for its handbag collection, but Paris Fashion Week Fall 2018 also was so chic that it hurt. The duration of the fashion fest offered a feast of visual delights, with trends that are sure to hit the streets sometime soon. Here are some of this year’s crème de la fashion coups.

Alexander McQueen

The ‘60s
Dior artistic director Maria Grazia Chuiri served up a dose of revolutionary realness, as she sent out a clear message that echoes the 60’s feminist protests on the runway. “C’est Non, Non, Non, et Non!” (“No, no, no, and no!”), proclaimed one cable knit sweater, while another had the peace sign boldly emblazoned on it. It had sixties flower power, patchwork, and newsboy caps updated to the climate of the times, tapping into the youth culture with a focused, thoughtful energy that invites others to join the resistance.


Cutout gloves
Chanel’s collection was classy and classic, with gorgeous tweed coats, furs, and oversized scarves. While these are definitely not suitable for the Manila weather, don’t despair – the fashion house also fielded yummy black beaded and bowed dresses with a lot of feminine flair. To help you stand out in that “Time’s Up” glam-themed party, you can accentuate with pops of color accorded by leather gloves that are cut off at the fingers so you can still show off those polished manicures.


Dominatrix chic
If you want to make your inner goddess dance, this Autumn’s look from Alexander McQueen will make you fit to be tied. It takes a cue from the 50 Shades series and inserted elements of dominance through corsets and black and red leather strips. For those who want to go “vanilla”, Sarah Burton included floaty silhouettes, albeit in bold strokes of color.

Giambattista Valli

Glitter glam
Giambattista Valli’s tailored tweed trousers may look perfect for the office and his floor-length day dresses can spark a bohemian rhapsody, but what really sparked a conversation about the show were the glitter masks that his models wore. The holographic glitter makeup look is sure to make its appearance at events like Coachella and Burning Man sometime soon – we just know it.


Electro funk
In contrast to the darker hues put out by his peers, daring darling Olivier Rousteing revealed a hodgepodge of holographic colors for Balmain. He released broad-shouldered, narrow-trousered futuristic outfits that will make you stand out in a crowd and make people gravitate towards you and your shining presence in the darkened club halls.

Braids are back
To complete the dominatrix look, the Alexander McQueen glam squad came out in tight, sleek braids to showcase powerful femininity. Extensions were added to give a length that swayed and slithered seductively down at hip level.


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