A future to the past


One thing that i’d like to change is to remove that part of the law that enable losing candidates to go back to their former seats. It feels that the electorate is just being taken for a ride.

Trust and transparency are always important in confidence building measures.

Senate squabble on seating arrangement. They can’t stand each other, so they can’t sit together. Juveniles.

Kim Kardashian rumored to open up a college after her name. No ifs and butts.

Mocha Uson named Customs consultant. True or not, Customized Change is here. Her assets well placed and and should be tax-free. Sly and The family Stones says, “Dance To The Music.”

On Leni Robredo: Last week, she was in Thailand, where she was awarded the “Honorary Outstanding Woman in 2016” by Thailand’s National Council of Women and Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.She is now in the US to deliver a speech. The Bicol bus is now an Airbus.Have VP will travel.

It is not forbidden to commit a mistake. All the public wants is to acknowledge such mistake, be accountable for it, correct it soonest and make sure it will never happen again.

Judicial shortcuts endanger employment for justices and lawyers. However, funeral homes employees and life insurance agents will surely benefit.

“Shootouts, police manhunt, trying to grab police guns, resisting arrest, dead on arrival, drug dens busted” and others are quickly hogging news reports these days. Signs of the times.

While we all agree that justice delayed is justice denied, justice rushed is justice quashed.

An oppressive justice system creates an oppressive society where the powerful is favored over the weaker segment. There is danger that speedy justice may create an evil greater than the one caused by delay. Justice is never an assembly line of a manufacturing plant as finding the truth requires meticulous attention to details. NO to DRUGS but NO to senseless extra-judicial killings.

Heard that Senator De Lima delivered her privilege speech with a warning of “no interpelation.” that’s what you call human rights. the right not to be questioned.

De Lima lecturing on human rights is like Kim Jong Un endorsing civil liberty.

A quote that can be used by Hillary to Trump – “Donald, you complete me.”

Alam ba News: the celebration is named Oktoberfest, why does it start in September?

The first Oktoberfest was held on Oct. 12, 1810, to celebrate the marriage of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen, according to Oktoberfest.de. The celebration ran through Oct. 17, concluding with a horse race. As the Oktoberfest celebrations were repeated year after year, it was later extended and moved into the last weeks of September to allow festival goers to enjoy the warmer weather outside the beer tents.

SWS giving Pres Digong high marks. Time to do business with the new City Hall.

De Lima scores ‘impulsiveness’ in declaring, lifting ceasefire. It takes one to know one.

Breaking News: “China claims ownership over Pluto.”Not a remote possibility. Hoax or not, the Great Wall extends to the universe. What’s next? Jupiter?

For past generations, the meaning of the words “cool” and “hot” were extremely far apart. Present generation merged the two to mean the same – to denote approval and excitement.

The best thing that can happen to you is to say “I love you” to your wife. Expect the worst if it ends with a different name.

For being 15 minutes late, airlines close the door and say bye. But when their flights are delayed for 1-2 hours, it is your obligation to wait and be patient about it.

PNP lifestyle check tip: Start monitoring their multiple households. Or get General Purisima as consultant.

News: General Dela Rosa to expedite gun licensing process. This is good news. A boost to law-abiding citizens to be able to defend themselves.

Weather forecasters use names El Niño and La Niña.Sooner or later, LGBT will protest for their gender exclusion.

They say that a marriage is a union of a man who sees his wife as a cook, a slave and a sex object while the woman sees his husband as credit cards and a fat wallet. In reality, after the vows, it is called a mere compromise to accept these realities.

Humour quotes on politics to remember:

“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.”

“Politics is supposed to be THE SECOND OLDEST PROFESSION. I have come to realize that it bears A VERY CLOSE RESEMBLANCE TO THE FIRST.”

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

Good work. Good deeds. Good faith to all.


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  1. I hope, and pray, politicians who lose an election should never be allowed to go back to their old post after losing. Another topic I’m so angry about in which I firmly believe that Filipino voters are absolutely being taken for a ride is “term limit.” For example, a senator like Ping Lacson or Kiko Pangilinan or Frank Drilon, after cooling off for 3 years upon completing their 12-year term, they again run for senator. There should be a law specifically prohibiting this practice because these politicians should not think that they are the only ones who can best serve the country. They should give other deserving candidates the chance to serve their country.