A gem of a way to show you care

Elegant, eco friendly and exciting, jewelry of all kinds can make a great holiday gift.

Elegant, eco friendly and exciting, jewelry of all kinds can make a great holiday gift.

WHEN it comes to putting a sparkle in someone’s eye, few gifts can do the trick quicker than jewelry.

This holiday season, there are all kinds of great ways to say “I think you’re special” with unique, fresh and on-trend items at exceptional values. For example:

• Wind and fire: These charming, expandable, “eco-sustainable” bracelets are incredibly popular because they can be customized to reflect the personality of the wearer. They’re made in the U.S.A. with recycled and reclaimed materials and a portion of the proceeds are donated to various charities supporting children with disabilities.

• Lovebeat diamond collection™: An innovative setting process lets the diamond move continuously, brilliantly reflecting light from every angle and creating a mesmerizing sparkle. These diamonds are available in a range of styles, each offering a unique and captivating elegance and beauty that’s always in motion.

• Forever ideal diamonds: Only the world’s most skilled diamond cutters can handcraft these rare stones. All Forever Ideal diamond solitaires are a rare combination of ideal cut and proportions, super symmetry displaying the distinctive hearts-and-arrows pattern, and superior light performance independently certified as triple very high rating for brilliance, fire and sparkle.

While you’ll want to choose a ring that matches your personal style and that of the one to whom you give it, there are a few guidelines for selecting a stone shape that flatters the hand that wears it. Someone who has shorter fingers should try a marquise, oval or emerald cut. These shapes will seem to elongate the fingers. If the fingers are wide or the knuckles large, try a setting with pavé or one with rows of diamonds for balance. If the stone’s size is a major concern, consider alternate oval, pear and marquise shapes, which tend to make the most of every carat.

• Tanzanite and Morganite Jewelry: These colorful fashion gemstones—the blue-purple tanzanite and pale pink morganite—are available in a variety of pieces.

Where to get it all
These can all be found at Fred Meyer Jewelers and Littman Jewelers, U.S. third-largest jewelry retailer, including over 325 jewelry stores, online at www.fredmeyerjewelers.com and in select Kroger Marketplace locations. There, you can also find a broad assortment of engagement and wedding rings, fine jewelry for women and men, and brand-name watches.

Further facts can be found at www.fredmeyerjewelers.com. North American Precis Syndicate


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