• A good school goes beyond syllabi and facilities


    Parents were right when they told their children that good education is something that can never be taken from us. All parents want the best for their children especially when it comes to their education. More than the syllabi and facilities, however, they look for a school with a strong Catholic background.

    One institution that should be at the top of the list particularly of those living in Rizal and nearby Pasig and Marikina cities is Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School (LRMS).

    The school which is set to mark its 25th anniversary next year was founded by Lydia Vicente. It holds the distinction of being the first lay-directed Catholic school to be recognized by the Bishop of the Diocese of Antipolo in January 2006.

    The former elementary school teacher and textbook publisher decided to put up her own school after 21 years teaching at Catholic schools. “I was almost 50 then. I was at the height of my career as an author and publisher but I dared to dream of putting up a modest school that would bring about a better nation,” Vicente said.

    “The school was meant to be an answer to the call of the time: to re-educate the people, and instill good values and attitudes in them. We wanted to bring our youth and the school community closer to God so that they will be mindful of their fellowmen, their countrymen, their environment,” she added.

    K-to-12 curriculum
    While the core value of the school is still love and its permutations, it continues to evolve with the times. It is gradually incorporating the -to-12 curriculum beginning with the 2012-2013 school year.

    “LRMS continues to support the end goal of K to 12, which is mastery, but we have chosen not to be limited by the course content provided by the Department of Education,” Vicente said.

    “We will continue to provide opportunities to enhance our students’ knowledge and skills beyond the minimum learning expectations,” she added. The school has put together a Senior High School Transition Committee in preparation of the first batch of senior high school students for school year 2016-2017.

    When she conceived the idea of putting up her own school, Vicente witnessed a country in turmoil. The Philippines with its new government was busy picking up the pieces after the 1986 People Power Revolution and she wanted to do her part but didn’t know where to start.

    “My dream was to develop ‘God-loving leaders’ who would also love their neighbors and help bring unity, prosperity, peace and contentment among Filipinos,” Vicente ended.
    For inquiries on LRMS, call 6821841 or www.lorenzoruiz.edu.ph.


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