• A government run by thieves


    The people are mad as hell, and they have a darn good reason. This government is run by thieves, or so they feel.

    First there is this report of a Sandiganbayan justice partying with Janet Lim Napoles at the time when a case against her was being heard in his division. A picture of the honorable justice with her and a senator, who has since implicated in the pork barrel scam, is circulating in the social media.

    Mrs. Napoles had been charged, along with her husband, retired Marine Col. Jaime Napoles, for graft and corruption in the supply of 500 Kevlar helmets for the Philippine Marines. There was no valid bidding, and the firms that supposedly participated in the process were fake or non-existent. She failed to deliver the helmets, although checks amounting to P3.9 million were made out in her name as payment. It was only after a year when she was able to produce the goods, and they were not the kind specified in the contract. They were Taiwanese rather than American made.

    However, Mrs. Napoles and her husband, along with the other accused, were exonerated, and, wonder of wonders, an employee of the businesswoman’s was found guilty, but she drew only a suspended sentence for falsification of public documents.

    There is also this Court of Appeals justice, who when he was still a congressman, signed over his pork barrel allocations to one of Mrs. Napoles’ NGOs. He has since claimed his signatures in the documents were forged. He has also announce he will inhibit himself if a case involving the businesswoman lands in his division.

    Justice Secretary Leila de Lima is poised to file charges against Mrs. Napoles and her cohorts in Congress and the Executive Department in connection with the theft of P12 billion in Priority Development Assistance Fund, or pork barrel for short.

    The CA justice was among one hundred congressmen or so and at least 12 senators implicated in the scam. His public pronouncements haven’t allayed fears that Mrs. Napoles would be able to extricate herself from the mess once again. For didn’t she say at one time that she controls the government? The government naturally includes the judiciary.

    How many more justices out there who have received favors from Mrs. Napoles?

    As if that was not bad enough, certain agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) were now found to have told Mrs. Napoles of the arrest warrant issued against her. The fugitive has since been taken into custody, but if the revelation is true, and this came from President Aquino himself, then this much-ballyhooed search of the fugitive by the agency is a farce.

    Heaven forbid that the Anti Money Laundering Council, tasked by the Court of Appeals to look into Mrs. Napoles’ bank accounts to find evidence of wrong doing, is also complicit to the crime.

    The senators describe the release of the COA report as premature. They also harp on the legal precept that all accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

    It is hypocritical of these legislators to lecture us on legal niceties. Of course, their lifestyle—living in mansions, moving around in flashy cars with a coterie of bodyguards in tow, and sending their children to exclusive schools here and abroad—is no proof of official corruption. However, when that life of luxury—which is something legislators in prosperous countries do not enjoy—is set against the testimonies of whistle blowers and the COA report, the people can be forgiven for drawing the conclusion that these legislators are stealing them blind.

    Maybe the senators want COA to sit down with them first to sanitize the report. We all know that every time government officials confer among themselves the last thing in their minds are the interest of the people.

    Hell may not be the place of eternal fire. That’s alright, as long as the legislators, when they die, will always hear hungry babies wailing into the night because they have stolen the food that rightfully belong to them. That is punishment enough.


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    1. they are not ordinary thieves… they are ” KLEPTOMANIACS ” they are sick, even if they have stolen so much…. they want so much more… until they suck… and i finally made a conclusions that ” WHAT YOU EAT, WILL EVENTUALLY WHAT YOU BECOME ” karamihan sa mga ‘yan from a political dynasty…. kung ang kinakain mo galing sa masama… magiging masama ka rin…

    2. Now I have seen everything. I was wrong to think that only those at the Executive and Legislative Branch are corrupt but also the Judiciary. I thought there was still some hope by relying on the integrity of the Judiciary. Boy! Am I wet. To all these vultures, to them, a democratic government is “buy the people, off the people and poor the people” But it is not too late yet. In the next two (2) upcoming elections (not the SK), we should all throw out these rascals, and put in new faces. However, if you, the voter, will be persuaded by the glitter of money for your vote, there will be no salvation in the quagmire we all are in. We must kick out all these scoundrels from their offices. The evil of corruption started during the Marcos regime and geometrically increased in its perversity with subsequent administrations up to the current times. The “daang matuwid” is a joke. The “kung walang kurap, walang mahirap” is an insult to the Filipino people. Noy2 boastfully announced; “the “pork barrel shall be abolish”, BUT DON’T TOUCH MINE! . . . .What a hypocrite.!!!!.

    3. Politicians in our country are of different bred especially the TRAPOs. Although all of them were born ” tabula rasa” most of them were fed from looted resources by their politician parents. As they grow up being exposed to lavish lifestyle as their parents continue plundering the national treasury, they in turn learned the craft of getting elected by the tolerant and dumb electorate.

    4. The words of a Saint, “What you (possess yet) don’t need does not belong to you,” should keep banging on those legislators’ heads.

    5. Didn’t anyone wonder why, there are lots of politicians who don’t want to relinquish their seats once voted in? Then they start building their political dynasty to ensure that they are always in power! If there is not much money involved, these people will just get themselves good paying jobs but… being in government is better job. Doing nothing for everything within their grasps. This has been going on for years and many more years unless the people will really assert their rights and make these politicians accountable.
      However, I don’t believe in these legislators hearing “hungry babies wailing at night….” thing.

    6. Yes, without a doubt this government is run by thieves: BS Aquino, Ms. Mar Roxas Sanchez, Lacierda, Valte, Singson, Alcala…nagtataka ang mga taong may isip, bakit sila umalis sa mga negosyo nila may malaking dividends at ang tatanggapin nilang salary ay less than 100,000 per month. Wow! What a supreme sacrifice. No wownder na ang government job is paying off tremendous amount of money – big business ika nga mga tol’ mga makakapal ang mukha at kawatan talaga to the max.