A graceful way out for Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares


THE ORAL ARGUMENTS at the Supreme Court on the quo warranto (“by what warrant?”) suit against Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares before the Senate Electoral Tribunal proved to be an absolute disaster for the respondent, even though she was not present at the proceedings, and the final ruling on the case has yet to be formally pronounced and promulgated at a later date. The suit questions the right of Mrs. Llamanzares to sit in the Senate, in light of the fact that she is not a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, contrary to her false claim.

Upon interpellation of Atty. Manuelito Luna, counsel for petitioner Lito David, on Monday, SET chairman Senior SC Associate Justice Antonio Carpio categorically declared Mrs. Llamanzares is not a natural-born Filipino, which is an absolute requirement not only for becoming a senator, but also for running for the presidency, which she has announced to seek. A natural-born citizen is one who is a citizen from birth without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect his/her citizenship. One who is not a citizen from birth can never be a natural-born citizen at any stage in his/her life. This is the unchangeable situation of Mrs. Llamanzares.

Luna premised his presentation on the respondent’s original status as a foundling, who was found within the premises of the parish church of Jaro, Iloilo City on Sept. 3, 1968. This is stated in her heavily intercalated certificate of live birth dated Nov. 27, 1968, which identifies her as Mary Grace Natividad Contreras Militar, found by one Edgardo Militar who later put her in the care of Mr. and Mrs. Emiliano Militar. In 1974, she was adopted by the spouses Ronald Allan Poe and Jesusa Sonora Poe, known to moviegoers as the actor Fernando Poe Jr. and his actress wife Susan Roces.

During the preliminary conference at the SC on Sept. 11, counsels for the respondent and the petitioner agreed that Mrs. Llamanzares was a foundling and had no known parentage. On Monday, the defense counsel wanted the petitioner to prove that Mrs. Llamanzares was a foundling; Justice Teresita de Castro pointed out this was no longer in issue, the parties had already agreed on her original stateless status, and the petitioner no longer had to prove it. The burden of the evidence to prove that she is natural-born has shifted to the respondent.

Under the 1935 Constitution, which was in force when Mrs. Llamanzares was born, only five groups are considered citizens, Luna told the SET. These are: 1) Those who are citizens of the Philippine islands at the time of its adoption; 2) Those born on the Philippine Islands of foreign parents who, before adoption of the Constitution, had been elected to public office in the Philippine Islands; 3) Those whose fathers are citizens of the Philippines; 4) Those whose mothers are citizens of the Philippines and, upon reaching the age of majority, elect Philippine citizenship; and 5) Those who are naturalized in accordance with law. Grace Poe Llamanzares did not/does not belong to any of the five categories. Thus, she cannot claim to have been born a Filipino.

How she finally became a Filipino in order to acquire a Philippine passport to join her American husband in the United States, raise three American children and become an American citizen herself, remains an unanswered question; a yawning gap in the official documentation of her political life before the SET. Her adoption by the Poe couple in 1974 did not invest her with citizenship, the law did not provide for it. Moreover, Luna argued that the adoption proceeding purportedly presided by Judge Alfredo Gorgonio in the Municipal Court of San Juan, Rizal on May 13, 1974 was patently null and void because the court had no jurisdiction over adoption cases. Neither the defense counsel nor any of the three SC justices and six senator-judges disagreed with this.

Her presumed Philippine citizenship was totally extinguished when she became an American citizen and renounced and abjured entirely and absolutely any loyalty and allegiance to any foreign power, state or prince. This happened in 2001, two years before the passage of RA 9225, otherwise known as the Dual Citizenship Law, which allows natural-born Filipinos who became citizens of another country after 2003 to reacquire their Philippine citizenship by taking the prescribed oath of allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines.

On July 7, 2006, she took an oath of allegiance to the Republic, after declaring falsely under oath in her petition for “reacquisition” of citizenship that she was a natural-born Filipino, born to the spouses Ronald Allan Poe and Jesusa Sonora Poe on Sept. 3, 1968 in Jaro, Iloilo. The couple was married three months after the foundling was found, and until FPJ died in December 2004, the couple’s marriage remained childless. Mrs. Llamanzares’s lie was reincarnated in her certificate of candidacy when she ran for the Senate.

The reacquisition is clearly void on legal grounds. Mrs. Llamanzares was never a former natural-born citizen who had become a foreign national after 2003; therefore, she fell outside the coverage of the Dual Citizenship Law. And the “approval” of her defective petition was void on further grounds—- it was never signed by Immigration Commissioner Alipio Fernandez, Jr. himself. Rather, it was signed by an unknown hand “for” Commissioner Fernandez. It’s one lie on top of another.

Further, she continued to use her US passport in her travels abroad from 2006 to 2011, after she had taken her oath of allegiance to the Philippine government, and her oath of renunciation of her US citizenship in 2010. In a recent case, the High Court construed this act to mean a “recantation” of the oath of allegiance of a natural-born who had applied to reacquire his citizenship. Mrs. Llamanzares lost her US citizenship on February 3, 2012, as reported in the Federal Register, the Daily Journal of the US government, for the second quarter of 2012 ending June 30. But in 2010, she assumed the chairmanship of the Movie Television Review and Classification Board, a post reserved for Filipinos only.

At the SET proceedings, Justice Carpio said Mrs. Llamanzares is, at best, a naturalized Filipino. I find this a most benevolent view. I believe the more accurate view is that she is at the moment stateless, but that she could easily become a naturalized Filipino, if she so desires. Her last known nationality is as an American citizen, which she has lost completely. But as Manny Luna told the orals, she could either reapply for US citizenship, since her husband is American and her three children are also American; then they would be one big American family living in the US. Or she could apply for naturalization as a Filipino under Commonwealth Act 473, as amended. If she wants to pursue a political career later, she could, at the proper time, run for Mayor of Quezon City or Iloilo City, or any other position that does not require a natural-born citizen status. In that position, her constituents would probably not mind very much having an American family attached to their mayor.

Unable to overcome the constitutional issues, the defense tried to politicize the discussion by talking about Mrs. Llamanzares’ votes in the last election. Justice Art Brion quickly blunted this maneuver by saying that her votes (assuming they were real) had nothing to do with the purely constitutional issue; the voters, he pointed out, had no inkling as to whether or nor she was natural-born. At the same time, Mrs. Llamanzares’ financiers and promoters have now embarked on a highly intensified campaign to project her as “the most popular” presidential wannabe for 2016, using the fraudulent surveys which have been used to fool the Filipino electorate for so long.

Their apparent hope is to delay the SET proceedings so that despite her constitutional ineligibility, Mrs. Llamanzares could run for President and let the political circus overwhelm the resolution of the question about her constitutional eligibility. They froth with confidence that after she is hocus-PCOSed into the presidency despite her clear constitutional ineligibility, they would simply swamp the opposition with perverse cries of “vox populi, vox Dei!”

But they have to reckon with Justice Carpio and the two other justices at the SET. Carpio has promised to resolve Mrs. Llamanzares’s eligibility to remain in the Senate—-and to seek the presidency—-before the start of the filing of certificates of presidential candidacy next month. Despite the rather inane questions put by my friends Sen. Loren Legarda and Sen. Tito Sotto during the orals to the petitioner’s counsel, I cannot see the senator-judges voting to contradict the position voiced by Justice Carpio. I can only see the dismal end of Mrs. Llamanzares.

But she need not lose her face completely, even if she should lose her Senate seat and a chance to vie for the 2016 presidency. She could preempt Lito David, all her political enemies, critics and everybody else by giving up her Senate seat and calling off her announced presidential run before the SET rules on David’s quo warranto suit.



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  1. If she is a real Filipino who loves her country why relinquish her Pinoy citizenship and pledge allegiance to the United States? She can stay in the US as a permanent resident and not give up her Pinoy citizenship. She then gave up her US citizenship because she wants to run for public office. It looks like Grace Llamanzares is a very selfish person who is only after her personal interest. She will switch her citizenship whichever is convenient for her. Another thing, why not use your married name? I remember at first she was using the Llamanzares name and then when it was convenient for her she switches to a Poe name…Gee! can you imagine a President like that. She might even give the contested islands to the Chinese. She might even change her name to Grace Wong this time and be a Chinese citizen…People think hard.

    • let the people who decide if she has rigth to become president in 2016
      not by politics or even all lawyers saying she ;s not naturalise pilipino
      come on she can speak our language and she can serve all positions in the goverment so let her file her candidacy if she wins or loose .
      kayong mga tao kayo lalo na yung tatakbong presidente natatakot kao baka hindi kayo makakuha ng position or votes kung tatakbong presidente si grace poe mga taong ito discrimination yang mga sinasabi niyo ke grace poe lalo lang siyang minmamahal ng mga tao
      kaya ikaw david gawin mow find your self a person who can give you a position in the goverment so you can make money

  2. Grace lied and presented a fake birth certificate before the Bureau of Immigration, she did the same under oath at the COMELEC, so that she can file her candidacy.

    If I were you, I’d try to find a way to go back to the US, because you may be facing jail terms for perjury and submitting a fraudulent public document (her birth certificate submitted to the BI stating her parents were FPJ and Susan Roces.

    “On July 7, 2006, she took an oath of allegiance to the Republic, after declaring falsely under oath in her petition for “reacquisition” of citizenship that she was a natural-born Filipino, born to the spouses Ronald Allan Poe and Jesusa Sonora Poe on Sept. 3, 1968 in Jaro, Iloilo. The couple was married three months after the foundling was found, and until FPJ died in December 2004, the couple’s marriage remained childless. Mrs. Llamanzares’s lie was reincarnated in her certificate of candidacy when she ran for the Senate.”

    Sinungaling ka!!! Ang dami mong kaso ngayon, takbo habang may panahon!!!

  3. I think that the burden of proof of proving whether Grace Poe is not a natural-born Filipino should be to the person who is alleging that she is NOT a natural-born Filipino.

    I mean how cruel can you get? It’s bad enough that she was denied the chance of knowing and being taken cared of by her biological parents, now many people want to tell her that she is not a natural-born Filipino.

    What’s next? Telling her that she is not a human being?

    Dapat I-prove ni Rizalito David na hindi natural-born si Grace Poe kung may proof siya. Otherwise, I believe that she is natural-born kasi wala naman siyang ginawa para ituring siyang Pilipino during her growing up years.

    • Eto po o, pumayag ang mga abogado ni Grace Llamanzares na totong wala siyang citizenship dahil di kilala ang kanyang mga magulang, kung sila nga ba ay Pilipino o hindi.

      “During the preliminary conference at the SC on Sept. 11, counsels for the respondent and the petitioner agreed that Mrs. Llamanzares was a foundling and had no known parentage.”

  4. Maria Estrella Dee on

    If Grace was adopted by the Poe couple is the next step in the process is for her to be given a new live birth certificate? I know the meaning of a certificate of live birth because I have my own. And I know now (not hearsay because she’s acknowledged it) that Grace is a foundling. So the Poe couple cannot be her real parents, unless she can prove it. Why should they appear as such in the certificate?

  5. We have a Filipino version of Hillary Clinton in our midst.Someone who lies to their teeth for personal gain and declares “what difference does it make? I am number in the Senate!”. Llamnazanares should just resign to end this deliberate mockery of the constitution. And please, spare the memory of her good adoptive father, the late FP Poe by refraining from using his last name for now.

  6. Joselito Tianco on

    If grace poe is a stateless person as of now meaning nt an american nor a pilipina,dapat siguro gumawa na ng hakbang ang gov’t. agency,ang bureau of immigration over staying na yan dapatni deport na.

  7. Lutgardo Redulla on

    What the fuss is all about? i think the only way to settle everything is to identify GP’s biological Filipino parents. And I believe that we have already leads to who they are according to rumors. But we have to conduct DNA test done by disinterested party outside of the country so that it will be credible and acceptable to all. This will, once and for all, solve her citizenship identity problem whether she is a natural born Filipino or not.

    • she had more than 40 years to prove and remained adamant to do so now than she has garnered fame and fortune from us gullible people she wants to rake more for her and her family’s aggrandizement

  8. Now I am enlightened ! I see the light after all those variety of speculation…she is a naturalized ! I thought impossible a foundling found in a Philippine church doorstep…but alas ! could have been dropped by dumbo or by an unknown space ship Interprise or could have been shipped via Borneo…you can never underestimate the power of Stars ! thanks !

  9. Jose Dela Victoria on

    Let’s vote Grace Poe for President of the Philippines! When we have an American President we will become the Federal State of America -this was what most of us had longed for. China will be afraid, MILF will withdraw their Petition, even NPA’s will surrender as everyone has work and they lose supporters, Economy- we’ll be the richest in Asia, everone has livelihood. We will be at our best as a country as long as we won’t wake up and continue sleeping and dreaming!

  10. PUNYETA! according to Heneral Luna….pardon me with my opening word…but that’s the Filipino way…. we are fond of curing the incurable disease, cancerous attitude of each and every one of us….SELFISHNESS.

    When things are working for us…we simply lounge ourselves to its comfortableness… but if its no longer serving us….we air-out our grievances…LIE…is just our middle name…GREED.. bread and butter of every “OPISYALES”…puera los buenos…hard to accept? well, los buenos are just but really FEW…

    Lets be factual over our fictional lives…lets not live on our dreams…but rather wake up to what we should be…for once…live as we ought to live….FREE…from all deceit and lies…

    Remember, we may never pass this way again…as the song goes.

  11. The most brilliant explanation about the stateless Grace Poe. The Philippines being a member of the UN, Grace Poe can be considered a naturalized Filipino citizen. But since she has lost her Filipino citizenship, and also she has lost her American citizenship, Grace should apply for Filipino or American citizenship to avoid being stateless.

  12. A foundling like Grace by admission and legal stipulation (suggesting that Grace at best was stateless upon discovery) now has to prove by convention, practice or international acceptance that a foundling mandatorily and without exception follows the citizenship of the place/country where the foundling was found, so as to qualify “as being a Filipino upon birth”. This is a tall order for her lawyers. But – let us give Grace team the chance to score on this aspect.

    • Jennifer Evidente on

      Given, that the foundling Grace Militar “mandatorily and without exception follows the citizenship of the place/country where she was found, then this convention would have to be followed in accordance with the citizenship principles of the country. The Philippines follows the principle of natural born by way of jus sanguinis (by blood or parentage). Having been born here, jus soli, does not make one natural-born. Hence, in accordance with the international convention on foundlings, she has the right to citizenship by way of naturalization. Should this act of naturalization be active? Or is it passive, automatically conferred in accordance with the international convention? No matter, it is still not equivalent to being natural born jus sanguinis. Is there a discrimination? Especially for foundlings who have been a citizen all their lives and have served society with long years of track record? Yes, for the moment, that is how things are according to the constitution. Am I sorry, that the law at the moment discriminates against Ms. Poe? No, not at all! Imagine having a President whose pledge of undivided allegiance to the Philippines is not even a decade old! The President must have had deep emotional ties to the country, he must be a patriot, a proven nationalist, with a track record in the politico-socio-economic sector, or at least must have had close bonds with such persons to serve as his personal role models. This is what may be considered “residency of the heart and mind”.

  13. Mr. Tatad knows the truth on GP’s citizenship (a natural born citizen) but don’t want to reveal it because he is against her presidential ambition.

  14. these only means that we have elected an american citizen in the philippine senate since only in 2012 that she completely renounce her US citizenship

  15. The DNA will show that Poe in fact is a natural born Filipino. Now what Mr. Tatad? You better start digging something else to throw at her. BTW, what would you do if DNA prove that she is truly a natural born Pinay. Eat your heart out Tatad or better eat your own words.

    • If DNA is to be used as a basis for one to be classified as natural born citizen, Poe’s husband and children will be natural born citizens and the late Jesse Robredo will be classified as an alien

    • Jennifer Evidente on

      If DNA Testing proves without doubt that she has at least one Filipino parent, then good for her, But at the moment, the documents and statements her counsel have presented don’t seem to hold up to the requirements of the constitution. This is the issue at the moment: The Constitutional Requirements. It is not about personal preferences.

  16. Liars, cheaters, etc, should learn a lesson (a Moral lesson that is) from this. One way or another the “TRUTH” will always be revealed. Why does Ms Poe have to lie and/or cheat to be in the Philippine government office. Must have a different agenda besides serving the people. She must resign or impeached.

  17. Mr. Kit Tatad is worthy of praise and honor! His valuable efforts and time spent as specified on his write ups – to enlighten all the Filipino voters on Grace Poe’s scheme to mislead and gain sympathy from voters. GP indeed is not telling the truth, opportunist and liar. She should also be removed from the Senate, and ordered her to go back to her Uncle Sam.

  18. Some reports from IloIlo say that the baby foundling was delivered wrapped in nice clean baby clothes and by a nice car, which they said would mean she is from a “buena familia”….. Anyway, by and large, my human respect science group is wondering if we would spend so much time, words, theories and media hypes if Ms Grace gave up her Phil. citizenship and became (instead of US) a Chinese or Iraqi or even Canadian citizen and gave it up to become a Filipino again AND her husband remains of Chinese or Iraqi or Canadian citizen OR if the person is nor Ms Poe but Sen. Trillanes? Just to put the issue into an unbiased base.

    REPLY: Why? Because we must have the rule of law and we must obey the Constitution!

  19. Franklin pascual on

    I commend mr. Tatad for a very intelligent and profound article based on facts. Now I understand. I thought all along that Grace was a natural born Filipino. I believe in my heart that Susan and Fernando Poe knew beforehand who the real parents of Grace
    was before adopting her. I think there is a great secret waiting to be discovered.

  20. Mr. Tatad, a columnist from other newspaper by the name of Tony LA Vina said that your present occupation is the main cheerleader of anti-Grace Poe camp. The same writer also said that there were Martial Law victims killed on 1984-85(what the heck Martial Law was lifted in 1981) http://manilastandardtoday.com/2015/09/22/lesser-known-just-as-heroic/
    This columnist who claimed to be an international lawyer told us that Grace Poe-Llamanzares is a natural born http://manilastandardtoday.com/2015/09/08/poe-s-response-to-disqualification-case/

  21. 2016 will be the year of living dangerously for the Philippines. For the Grace Poe camp, the graceful way out is Vox populi … It will never be vacating the senate seat nor withdrawal from the presidential race. Poe will relentlessly pursue her presidential ambition to avenge FPJ’s cheated loss in the 2004 elections which aggravated his drinking proclivity leading to his death.She now has sustained poll surveys showing consistent leads in the race. She has Erap who will provide her with the masa and the shock troops that will enforce Vox Populi before, during and after the elections . Before the elections once she is declared constitutionally ineligible for not being a natural born Filipino. During the elections for the votes and the machinery to insure that the votes are counted in her favor. And after the elections to see that she is declared the winner. With Erap and the masa will be the hordes of actors and actresses, Danding Cojuangco and RSA and tycoons and other businessmen, politicians and kibitzers belonging to NPC, LP and Lakas -NUCD turncoats . With President Noynoy supporting both Mar and Grace during the campaign , Vox Populi will come to a climax with the military being given a choice between supporting or not an obviously acclaimed winner but constitutionally disqualified Grace Poe Llamanzares.

  22. Despite the rather inane questions put by my friends Sen. Loren Legarda and Sen. Tito Sotto during the orals.

    That’s why those 2 senators are there, to vote against the constitution.
    Both those senators (Sotto and Legarda) gave Napoles their pork barrel allocations for kickbacks, they are there to clear Poe to run for President so if she wins she can pardon Aquino and the rest of the liberal party thieves.

    Couldn’t find 2 other senators that weren’t thieves for the committee ?

  23. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    23 September 2015

    As certain as night follows day, SENATOR GRACE POE LLAMANZARES is not a natural-born Filipino citizen. Period. As Senior Justice Antonio Carpio has pointed out, she is only a naturalized Filipino.

    Consequently, she has no right to remain a Senator and may not be allowed by the Senate to continue serving as such. If she does not resign voluntarily, it is the duty of the Senate to dismiss her on the ground that she is not a natural-born Filipino, and has had no right whatsoever to be a Senator.

    Nor is she qualified to be a candidate for Vice President of President. She should have the decency to declare publicly that she is withdrawing her candidacy for President.


  24. Mr Tatad, I can tell you without a blink of an eye and without hesitation that Grace has either or has both parent a Filipino. So naturally she is a natural-born Filipino. Just by looking at her physically. Why would FPJ and Susan adopts Grace. What motivates them to adopt her. Considering that Susan hails from Iloilo or Bacolod, they must have known who is her parents. Rumors that Marcos is the father and Rosemarie is the mother abounds. I remember in the news Rosemarie was kidnapped and was out of the limelight. Marcos has a great admiration to the beauty of Rosemarie then. Or FPJ can be the father since FPJ is a secret womanizer linked to every women she is partnered with in the movie. I never doubted that either or both of Grace parent is a Filipino. Look at her nose by golly.

  25. Si grace poe ay secret weapon ni aquino. kung kailangan i delay ang ang ginagawa ng SET
    ay gagawin niya ,upang mapiggil nila si Marcos at si duterte na magfile ng pagkapangulo,
    walang choice ang npc na hindi nila ilagay si marcos at duterte kapag tuluyan reject ng SET si grace poe. Gusto ng LP ay binay at Mar lang ang laban upang mas madali nila ito manipulahin..

  26. DNA match is still subject to further scrutiny. The best move for Senator? Poe is to tell the truth and nothing but the truth! Susan Roces should help her or anybody who has the knowledge of the truth. Lies will not do her any better once the truth was revealed that she is really a natural born or a naturalized Filipino citizen. The truth will set her free.

    • #hihirit ka pa? sa lucky9 yung onse talo

      puro palsipikado documento ni Grace LLamanzares
      kaso yung falsification of docs di ba?
      anak daw siya ni FPJ,
      ang sabihin mo sinasamantala nya na naampon sya





  27. Thank you, Mr. Tatad. I am sorry Ms. Llamanzares Phil. laws must be applied to all and by all. Sort out your issue properly and fair It`s not your time yet.

  28. Rolando Mercado on

    Grace Poe should resign n do a Public Apology published in the national papers and go back to America where she belongs. From now on the Comelec should require all candidates for election to public office to execute an affidavit of true Philippine Citizenship duly notarized n authenticated by a concerned legal agency

  29. mikhail hieronymus on

    Do you think the real parents, if there still here or alive will come out after all these years? If they do come out and admit all the dramas they have created, the public will nail them to the wall, and Grace family will be the laughing stock of the whole nation.

    Grace should packed up and return to the U.S. with her family and live happily ever after if she can not produce the proper DNA.

  30. The fact that she renounced her own country and became a US Citizen and made a turn around to renounce her US citizenship for convenience of a job in the Philippines , shows that her loyalty is questionable already. How can we trust a leader who lies for convenience. We should all be worried for this kind of qualities . Let’s not deceive ourselves to think that she is honest ! Enough with this star popularity qualities .
    Let’s be serious about electing a president that has experience to run this country and deal with the problem head on .
    Beside’s Grace does not have the maturity nor skills to run the government!

    • If you mean she looks like a Filipina, I bet many will agree to that. But how to prove her parental filiation is another thing. The law requires her to prove her blood relationship to a Filipino parent. Physical appearance does not confer natural born Filipino citizenship.

  31. This might be a blessing for g,Poe. Imagine the problems she is going to encounter if she is elected. This country is a very poor country. I do not care about GDP .look at the people in the inner cities, look at the crimes. Can she solve these. I am. 100 percent sure nobody can solve these. I also do not buy the reason is to serve the people. Can you stop the motorcycle drive by criminals that is very active right now. Only a dictator can solve these problems. Then again, do we like to be ruled by a dictator?

  32. Danilo C. Silvestre on

    Mr. Francisco Tatad, I salute you for your very clear interpretation/interpelation in regards to the case of Sen. Grace Poe, I hope and pray that Ms. Grace & company will understand the ruling of SET.

  33. George de Guzman on

    This is a good interpellation if I could call this write up of Kit and thus should be well understood by most Filipinos if translated in Pilipino (Tagalog) for everyone to ponder on.


    I was the physician who attended to Grace Poe ten days after she was allegedly found by Mr. Militar. I remember then I asked about the circumstances of her birth but the spouses Militar who brought her to my clinic pretended she was born at home by natural birth. The best thing for Ms. Poe to do is to ask the family of Militar of are her real parents and if anyone of the parents are still alive they should come out and have their DNAs sample through oral swab taken to determine if they are indeed the parents of Ms. Poe. I am sure they are Filipino citizens and Illongo. The problem is if the parents are already dead. I am not sure if the siblings of Ms. Poe can take the place of the parents and have their DNA samples tested. In that case, since her alleged siblings are living in our hometown it is easy to have their DNAs taken and tested. Would that suffice the requirements of the law in establishing the filiation of Ms. Poe presuming that the parents are dead? May be the father of Poe is Mr. Tatad and her mother is either Imelda or Rosemary Sonora kasi si Susan is barren and scoliotic she cannot bear a child. Napakaitim naman kung si Binay ang tatay at masyandong maganda kung si Elinita ang nanay. Di puwede ubod ng panget itong dalawa. Eh alto ka muna baka naman kapatid siya ni Pinoy? Di kaya? Kaya lang hindi naman panot at utal itong si Poe. Mahina utak tulad ni Pinoy pero si Pinoy mahina na utak, panot, pilay at naku po ubuhin makapal plema. At naku bahala na kayo bayan.

  35. How bout, Time to go Grace, Don’t care where ya go and take your Uncle’s fake surveys and fake birth certificates with ya.

  36. Justice will soon prevail. The unmasking of Grace Pope as an ambitious, arrogant and power-crazy politician is slowly becoming clearer. She will lose her Senate seat and soon, her quest for presidency will evaporate. She could have avoided all of these controversies if she simply stayed put and waited for her turn in 2022. Instead, she chose to listen from the very person whom she anointed as her running mate. Now, she will be on the sideline….out of the Senate and jobless. Who will take her place as a candidate for president in 2016? Escudero, of Course!

    • Ms Jessica,

      So far, your’e comment is making the most sense on why Poe’s candidacy was formulated. You are great.

      It’s pretty clear that Mrs Poe-Llamanzares should just tell the truth, accept it and literally quieten.

      Madame Grace, we Filipinos already have a lot of problems in our hands and too many unhinged politicians deranging our citizens, let alone the country. Kindly LEAVE us to our own quandary and stop getting in the coalesce. Do your family a big favour.

  37. This is a very scholarly and objective discussion of the issues hounding Ms. Grace Poe. I agree with Mr. Tatad that the proceedings should be devoid of any political color. Let the arguments and the true facts prevail.No amount of VOX POPULI VOX DEI mantras can hide unconstitutionality of the issue at bar. Grace Poe may now consider very seriously the last exit….not necessarily graceful……that of foregoing any and all plans to run for higher office. She fooled almost 90 million pilipinos when she won as a senator. This time the hands of time and the ticking time bomb on her real and true identity will soon explode on her face.The entire pilipino nation has at last escaped being a victim of the MOST SCHEMING SAMMER of them all.

  38. Grace Poe is surely the sour loser in this legal battle for her ambitious Aquino straight path battlecry to Malacañang Palace via the death of her adopted father FPJ and the not only once but twice and thrice adopted mother and movie queen Susan Roces.

  39. so what? point is why are Filipinos quick to claim that he’s/she’s a Fil-Am, Fil-Aussie (example: Jason Day!) Fil-Brit, damn it they are not Filipinos!

  40. The support of Grace Poe coming from the ill-informed individuals will soon fade away once they will learn that she is lying to them, not only before the tribunal. She hired a battery of sub-standard lawyers (secretly led by Chiz Escudero) who submitted sefl-incriminating evidences that would further sink GP into her hole. Could you imagine how stupid lawyers are these presenting 2 sets of conflicting birth certificates? These 2 birth certificates could even be evidence of perjury and falsification of public documents. She can not provide proof of DNA extracts from relatives because if she can, she should have already done it long time ago. To avoid unprecedented humiliations and preventing insults to the injuries she caused to herself, she better leave her post as a senator without delay, issue public apology and forget all her foolish ambitions. She committed crimes and will still commit some more if she does not stop lying. As a fake lawmaker, she should atleast know that “CRIME DOES NOT PAY”

    • Once the DNA result comes out and Grace’s real parents surface to tell the whole truth, all these guesses will just fade. Grace has 2 options: to remain silent about her nationality and enjoy her family or divulge her true identity to pursue her political ambition.

  41. It becomes clearer now, with the announcement of BS Aquino 3xd calling the attention of SET let go off the question of “natural born” case, let Grace Poe run for the presidency and let the Filipino people decide Grace Poe’s fate, that BS Aquino 3xd will not stop at his persistence in violating our Constitution and the rule of law.

  42. I believe the suggestion of Mr. Tatad is a sensible one. This is to spare this country from another social misadventure to be orchestrated by unscrupulous and rich individuals motivated solely for the preservation of their vested business interests. Grace Poe Llamanzares allowed herself to fooled by Escudero and his scheming oligarchs. These schemers exploit the state of gullibility for most Filipinos. For so long, our country has been under the yoke of these greedy oligarchs through their puppet politicians.

  43. If Grace Poe turns out to be a Marcos after all, will Tatad turn around and sing praise and glory to her? Would Poe then be the saviour of the flagging dreams of the “New Society?” She is the current poll-topper, while her half-brother – if the DNA tests confirm – is having a hard time rising from single low digits. Poe would logically be the next champion of the neo-KBLs.

  44. Justice Carpio is schooling the 6 senators on how to interpret the law, as enshrined in our constitution, his sagacity provides Filipinos the kind of justice we sorely missed throughout these 5 years of mis-administration under BS Cojuangco Aquino III. Meanwhile, questions coming from some of the senators are aimed more for public consumption or their adoring public, which has really no substance at all.

    He should not buckle under pressure from the likes of ex-justice secretary Bello, asking him to inhibit himself from the proceedings, because there was nothing in his clarifications between the two words of ‘natural’ and ‘naturalized’, that can be deemed as bias or mis-leading, to influence the outcome of the decision by the SET panel. Those who are trying to delay the proceedings, can only hope that they can win by default, and for Llamanzares to be able to file her CoC before it reaches the deadline.

    May our constitution and the rule of law prevail, over those who would want to trample it, without regard on our national interest and liberty.

  45. O M G ! I have always maintained that Lamanzares is a FRAUD based on facts that were laid out on this forum day-in and day-out. Granted she acquired so many votes to be elected to the senate, that is by duping the Filipino electorate. Lamanzares, you are a CHEAT and a FRAUD! You think you can outsmart the Filipino people? SHAME ON YOU! Get out of my country! You are not worthy of being a Maharlika.

  46. What is really surprising is for Pres. BS Aquino for say that Mrs. Llamanzares should be given a fair chance to run for president and ‘for the people to decide’.No wonder he, himself and his government, is in a lot of “mess” because, to him, the Philippine Constitution is not the “supreme law of the land”, and is being taken for granted.

    Note: Today, The Manila Times (Internet Edition, Sept.23) was only available at 6:30 pm Sept. 22, U.S.).

  47. I salute you Mr. Tatad for making clear explanation about the circumstances surrounding the citizenship of Mrs. Grace Llamanzares. Since it was publicized in several newspapers that Mrs. Grace Llamanzares is now under going a DNA test to prove her filiation, does this settle the citizenship issue in case the result of the DNA test proves to be a conclusive match?

    • I see some formidable hurdles with this DNA testing. First, her DNA has to match with someone, a Filipino (or Filipina) who is related to her by blood. As a foundling, that is going to be nearly impossible since there are no known blood line relatives who have been identified so far. Secondly, the person who found her and supposedly delivered her to Fernando Poe and Susan Roces is not related to her by blood although I have read some unverified news that a certain Militar is now claiming that one of his relatives (now deceased) sired Grace. So what else is new? I can see some unseen hands trying to spin a yarn to confuse the public.

  48. I think the lawyers of Grace Poe made a terrible mistakes in stipulating that Grace Poe is foundling child before the oral argument. They taught that the defects on live birth certificate will be loser so they agreed not to tackle it anymore. It eventually turned the table against Grace Poe since foundling child can not be considered a natural born Filipino citizen. Now they have to prove in the tribunal that Grace got a bloodline of a Filupino citizen. Now they want to confuse the public that they will present a DNA match of any of her parents but they will not allow the mother or father to be in court to say that it was indeed their DNA sample. I don’t think the tribunal will allow there are secret witnesses that can not be cross examined. It seems her drumbeaters wanted to dramatized the preceedings to make it she is being tormented. It only work in the movies, the best think for Grace Poe to do is quit her post as senator and fly back to America to avoid humiliation.

    • Rizal Bonifaciojacinto Mabini on

      I can sense your multiple grammatical errors are deliberate but I can also sense that your ideas are correct. In short, I agree with your statement. Thus the best thing for GP to save herself from terrible humiliation in the eyes of 101-MILLION PLUS PINOYS is by resigning her senatorial position, as well as, give up her presidential ambition, and immediately settle back again in the US using her US passport because by re-using repeatedly her US passpost after renouncing her US citizenship, she is deemed to have recanted her US CITIZENSHIP RENUNCIATION, automatically bringing her back to her DUAL CITIZENSHIP STATUS, which in turn disqualified her to run for and hold the senatorial position and now attempting to run for the presidency…..all pursuant to the MAQUILING DOCTRINE (2013).

    • Jose A. Oliveros on

      What puzzles me is why Grace Poe-Llamanzares’ lawyers, after stipulating with the petitioner Lito David that she is a “foundling” insisted during the oral argument that David prove that indeed their client is a foundling. With that stipulation, the burden is now on her to prove that under the 1935 Constitution, she is a natural-born Filipino citizen. But how can she when in the answer filed by her lawyers, they admitted that she does not fall any of the categories of Filipino citizen enumerated in Art. IV of the 1935 Charter. All that her lawyers could state is the framers of the 1935 Constitution had intended foundlings to be considered natural-born Filiino citizens. At any rate, the lawyers have no alternative but to stipulate that their client is a foundling because she herself relish being identified as such in order to gain public sympathy.

    • It’s the course of law, not too bad anyway, she is still a very good tangible asset of the Philippines, if she wants, she has the talent and she has the heart for the people and she would be a very good mayor.

  49. Felimon A. Soria on

    How about the real parents to come forward and have their DNAs Mr. Tatad? Will this be enough to make her eligible for any position in the government?

    • The whole citizenship issue against Poe will fall apart if this happens. However, there seems to be reluctance to reveal who her real parents are. I don’t believe that she doesn’t know. The current drama with Sheryl Cruz gives us a preview to the next part of this real-life teleserye.

    • What about this scenario? Rosemarie Sonora declaring to the whole world that Grace is her daughter….and that she is willing to provide her DNA to prove the point. There is no need for her to disclose the name of the father. I don’t think that is necessary.