A grand four-day fashion extravaganza


Day 1 highlights
Designers from around the Philippines placed their best bets on style and innovation as they showcased their fashion collections at the recently concluded Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival held at the Marquee tent at the EDSA Shangri-La hotel in Mandaluyong City.

Now on its eight season, the Philippine fashion festival highlighted Filipino ingenuity and creativity, with veteran, emerging, and young Filipino designers transforming their artistry into wearable ensembles and defining a new style and look for the fashion community.

For the past years, the fashion show has aimed to put Manila on the global fashion map, with the ultimate goal of establishing the capital city as a premiere fashion destination in Southeast Asia.

From creations to commerce
To be a fashion capital means having a robust local fashion industry. Through the years, the fashion festival became a competitive venue for designers not only to enhance their skills and creativity, but also embrace innovation and improve their business outlook.

Having innovative designs is just one thing, transforming them into commerce is another. With this in mind, the fashion festival gears towards creating a sustainable retail platform for the designers, harnessing the modern technology and digital trends.

In the next years, the local fashion community can look forward to a bigger and better fashion festival, with international designers from the Asia Pacific region including South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and Laos possibly joining the Philippine runway.

The overview
This year, the 8th PMFF has championed a more elaborate take on presenting fashion trends by upgrading the runway experience through technology.

A collaboration between Panasonic Philippines and Art Personas, the fashion event featured creations from all over the country. Shot using Panasonic LUMIX cameras to show a more detailed image quality and exhibit a professional 4K video performance, it heightened the fashion experience and gave justice to the intricacy and complexity of each piece.

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The first day of the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival showcased designs by, clockwise from top left, Anthony Ramirez, Cheetah Rivera, Jaz Cerezo, Martin Bautista, Veejay Floresca, and Rosbert Villar.

The four-day fashion festival raised the bar, with each day featuring a dynamic set of designers and brands that exhibited a uniquely impressive set of pieces rooted on meaningful aesthetics and unexpected combination of fabrics.

On April 10, the festival opened with a fashion show featuring works by designers Anthony Ramirez, Jaz Cerezo, Rosbert Villar, Steph Tan, Rob Ortega, Cheetah Rivera, Martin Bautista, ESME, Veejay Floresca, Patricia Santos. The “Point of View” photography and videography forum and another fashion show showcasing the collections from designers KC Pusing, Wilbur Lang, Jinggay Serag, Harvic Dominguez, Rica Rico, Naoki, Dak Bonite, Daryl Maat, Chris Diaz, Yong Davalos happened the following day, April 11.

On the third day, April 12, young designers from the SoFA Design Institute presented their Graduation Show 2018; followed by the Panasonic x Junca Salon Hair Show, and runway show by designers Jandra Barbiera, Reynier Abello, Neon Island, ARIN, Garage Magazine (Menswear), Teofila, Mark Tamayo, Eve.

The festival culminates with a fashion show highlighting the best of Davao designers Aztec Barba, Edgar Buyan, Dodjie Batu, Benjie Panizales, Windell Mira, Bamba Limon, Emi Englis, Egay Ayag, Bea Abrigo, as well as Cebu designers]Jun Escario, Dexter Alazas, Philipp Tampus, Protacio, Marichu Tan, OJ Hofer, Mike Yapching, and Philip Rodriguez.

The look of 2018
Designer Anthony Ramirez kicked off the fashion festival with his Primera Dama, a collection of dresses and pantsuits that came in black and white to dramatic olive green and midnight blue. The emerging designer found inspiration from the perception of “the first lady,” translating the vision of how women look up to them into wearable creations.

Inspired by the Russian painter Wassily Kadinsky, designer Cheetah Rivera presented his collection. Dubbed Kadinsky, the collection reflects the abstract work of the Russian painter. The patterns and embroidered elements of the pieces—featuring flowy skirts, structured tops, and coats—imbibed the artist’s paintings.

Esme Palaganas took inspirations from Barefoot in the Park, Nine: The Musical, and Filipino artist Raffy Napay in her newest collection, with simple silhouettes and cuts that highlight movement. The collection depicts what a modern woman should be.

Celebrating the woman and her body, designer Jaz Cerezo created pieces that are strategically cut. HerMidnight Sun collection was all about luxurious velvet and chain mail.

Terrabyte, the collection by Martin Bautista, combined natural elements and futuristic touch. His holographic pieces were truly a feast for the eyes. Designer Patricia Santos, on the other hand, brought her bridal wear to the runway with traditional wedding dresses filled with feminine elements, unconventional pantsuits, floral dresses, and sexy ensembles that are perfect for romantic rendezvous.

Designer Rob Ortega wowed the fashion enthusiasts with his KiraKira+, a collection featuring studded pantsuits, embellished dresses, and other glittery fashion pieces.

Meanwhile, Rosbert Villar’s Eternal Rhythm was all about Parisian vibe and 1920s glamour. Inspired by the Harlem Renaissance, the runway was a vision of faux fur coats, column dresses, bows and berets.

Do you know what fairytales are made of? Steph Tan explored the Stuff of Fairytales in her collection. Expect whimsical pieces made from delicate fabrics in pastel colors. The design elements—ruffles and all—would give Cinderella a run for her Happy Ever After.

What happens when you break a thing and put the broken parts together? It creates a new form. This was the concept behind designer Veejay Floresca’s Into Pieces collection, as seen from her usage of different fabrics to create her quilt-like dresses and textured jumpsuits. Completing the over-all style were statement belts and thigh-high slits.


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