• A letter from an 8-year-old conservationist


    Dear Sir,
    I feel like the environment is getting too polluted. But I’m just concerned about the environment. Sometimes I feel sad about the trees [that]are killed by humans because if the trees are cut down pollution will destroy the o-zone layer. I just hope everything would be back to normal.
    From, Sophia Tan

    Hi Sophia,
    You’re right, trees help the o-zone layer by contributing an essential ingredient to it: oxygen or O2. Once O2 reaches the ozone layer it reacts with UV rays to help create O3 or o-zone, preventing the UV rays from reaching us on the ground!

    And did you know that some studies suggest that the average mature tree provides enough oxygen for at least four people every year? The more trees we have, the more oxygen we get.

    To get things back to normal, we must lessen the cutting of trees and plant more new ones specifically trees native to the Philippines since they have adapted along¬-side local flora and fauna among other factors.

    We welcome you to help us spread awareness on the importance of native trees. Please do enjoin your friends and family to plant more trees by adopting seedlings through the Rainforest Organizations and Advocates (ROAD) to 2020, or even planting a few yourself, by emailing us at act@haribon.org.ph today.

    Yours in conservation,
    Albert Balbutin
    Communications Department,
    Haribon Foundation

    Have questions about our environment? The Haribon Foundation has access to research teams, partners, scientists, a Biodiversity Information Center, and more. Send your letters to communication@ haribon. org.ph and let’s see if we can get you answers.

    “Ozone” by Steve Graham – NASA Earth Observatory (www.earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Features/Ozone)


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