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Doctor Francis Jagolino’s leading Vios Pilipinas makes sure the club is not just about socializing and loving the Toyota Vios.

Doctor Francis Jagolino’s leading Vios Pilipinas makes sure the club is not just about socializing and loving the Toyota Vios.

Francis Jagolino on his vision to keep the club service-oriented

For Vios Pilipinas president and doctor Francis Jagolino, helping others had been a part of his life long before starting his career.

“I actually grew up in service because my father used to work for the Red Cross,” he said. “So I’m very used to relief missions and all of these things.”

Outside the club, Jagolino is a general practitioner and a professor at two medical schools. He finished biology at De La Salle University, then obtained his medical degree at Emilio Aguinaldo College. He also has a master’s degree in management from the Philippine Christian University.

Indeed, Jagolino said his background and experiences are what inspired him to push for outreach activities for the club.

“My philosophy has always been that if you are more fortunate, you should be ready to help those who are least fortunate,” he said. “I always tell the members that we were all born into a life where we have these things and we should, at least, be ready to share these things. Like for the kids in Bahay Aruga, just giving them a car ride – something that we take for granted everyday – is an unforgettable experience for them.”

Jagolino said he has been president of Vios Pilipinas since its founding and is in charge of the club’s daily operations.

“I view myself more as a coordinator, although I delegate responsibilities to the other members,” he said. “I also ensure the safety of everyone who’s attending events, so it is not uncommon for me to direct traffic or to ensure that everyone crosses safely. Another responsibility I have is encouraging everyone to be more pro-active in terms of helping those who are less fortunate.”

Although the club has been close-knit ever since it started, Jagolino said he has experienced problems with members who don’t really commit to the club, as well as other car clubs that bash Vios Pilipinas.

“Another problem is the lack of structure,” he said. “It’s already been brought out that we need an organizational structure to better enforce policies.”

Despite his dedication at the helm of the club, Jagolino said he wants to build leaders among the members as well.

“I’m looking forward to seeing more leaders rise up and spreading the philosophies and compassion of the club to their communities,” he said. “It’s not all about outright growth, but about seeking out the right people. There are more people than we know who are also selfless and we need to find them.”


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  1. Manly Garcia on

    This physician is a real person with feet well grounded who savors the thought of sharing blessings and goodies with others, most particularly, the under-privileged. I will never be surprised if he soon gets to join the very exclusive TOYM list.