A look into men, women’s car preferences


INFOGRAPH-CAR-BUYING20160329The world of cars used to be dominated by men. Now, there are even lady race car drivers, with Danny Patrick of the United States and the Philippines’ Gaby Dela Merced coming first into mind. Many decades back, most women prefer to ride in the passenger seat of a car, but now many more are on board all sorts of motor vehicles from two-wheelers to four-wheel drive sport utility vehicles (SUVs).

So given the fact that both men and women do love cars, Fast Times interviewed various personalities, including those from the car industry, to find out what are the preferences of each gender when it comes to cars.

“Though both genders value advanced technology in their vehicle preferences, men tend to focus on power train features while women tend to value space, convenience and practicality more,” said Chris Yu, a senior manager at Volvo Philippines.

Yu also mentioned that while men are basically engulfed with engine power, women are more likely to be more careful with their interior and the color of their cars.

“Women tend to be more selective with the color of a vehicle and its interior, while men tend to be a bit more flexible,” he added.

But as to how men drive their cars, Yu said, “Men, on the other hand, are generally more unforgiving with engine power and handling than women are.”

Almost agreeing with Yu’s views, a manager from Mitsubishi Motor Philippines Corporation (MMPC) attested to almost the same distinction as to what men and women prefer when it came to cars.

“Male buyers usually look at the technical specification of a vehicle. A guy would always go for a bigger displacement vehicle, or one that can give you an adrenaline rush,” said Ayjell Acejas, a lady manager at MMPC.

“Whereas a female buyer would be more inclined to choose the vehicle that looks better regardless of what is under the hood. For most women, as long as the vehicle is comfortable and can fit all their shoes, clothes and other accessories in it, it is fine,” she added.

Another factor why ladies differ from men, especially here in the Philippines, when it comes to cars, is members of the fairer sex still consult their husbands, their children or even their friends when buying a car.

“Oftentimes, female buyers will still consult with their husbands or even male colleagues, just to get feedback on their preferred make and model,” Yu said.

“This does not mean they are less informed, it just shows that women tend to be more thorough and comprehensive in evaluating options when making decisions,” he clarified.

Have car will travel
Just like everybody else, car enthusiasts or even a normal car owner for that matter, have their own kind of love and admiration toward cars. So striking colors, high speed, strong engine and suave styling look, name it – these are just some of the characteristics that cars have and why people drool for them. But then, cars are also a necessity.

“The reason why I have a vehicle is because I use it for work and since I have a family, the [Mitsubishi] Pajero we have is the most suitable one for our travel needs,” Joson said.

But for Paolo Christian Salazar who owns a Honda Civic 2007, cars are also a way of expressing one’s masculinity.

“I simply love cars because first, it’s my passion, second, it’s for personal use and third, as a man, it makes you feel like a man when you own a car,” Salazar said.

“Whenever I have some free time, you would usually see me together with my car, polishing it and checking it. Because for me, I think it reflects how one’s personality is just by checking a car,” he added.

For Rico Antonio, who happens to own three different cars – a Mitsubishi Celeste, Mazda 323 and a Honda Hatchback 192 – his love for cars stems from his fascination with them and his being into racing.

“Having a car for me is like having my clothes on with me. As a man, we want to be recognizable and in order for us to do that, especially when it comes to our cars, whether it’s the style or the color, we see to it that we would leave a mark to others like ‘Oh, that’s his car,’” Antonio said.

“It may be too shocking for others but for us, men, we do think that way. And as a car enthusiast, I also love to experiment different things when owning a car,” he added.

On the other hand, Jazel Delatado , lady dentist and owner of a Kia-badged car, it’s more for having fun like going out of town.

“Cars are necessities in life. I use it to get to and from work but most importantly, it takes me to my adventures. Road trips are always fun!” she said.

Delatado added, “As long as it accommodates my needs then it would be perfect. Because in selecting cars, I always opt for ones with ample space, great rate for safety and a tinge of luxury.”

Common factors
When it also comes to shelling out money for cars, generally, men would likely spend more than women. But there are also some factors when buying a car that both men and women consider.

“Both men and women are design-driven, and are attracted to a well-designed and properly proportioned vehicle,” Yu said.

“Generally our modern buyers, regardless of gender, are very well-informed, and know what they want even before they enter the showroom,” he added.

While in the olden days, big and sporty vehicles would mostly attracted men, today women would also like to get behind the wheel of an SUV.

“Many male buyers want small sporty sedans and hatchbacks, while there are also a good number of female buyers who prefer large cars and SUVs. Preference in size has more to do with customer need than gender,” he said further.

And it looks like women are getting more informed about cars through the Internet and social media.

“With the advent of the Internet and the digital age, women nowadays are becoming more knowledgeable about cars. In fact, you will be surprised by women choosing sports cars over mini vans,” Acejas said.

Some people would even think that brand loyalty also varies with gender, but that is not the case all the time.

“We have experienced that brand loyalty is not directly related to gender. Brand loyalty occurs when a brand is able to touch the customer’s heart and fulfill their needs,” Yu said.


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