• A look into the history of NEC Philippines


    NEC Corporation is a Japanese multinational provider of information and communication technology products and services with headquarters in Tokyo.

    The 117-year-old firm started operations in the Philippines some 20 years ago when the local subsidiary NEC Philippines was incorporated in January 11, 1996. Gervacio points out that the global firm has been in the country as far back as the 1960s through a Manila Representative Office. In July, it will be celebrating its 20th anniversary with a conference and exhibition in Manila.

    A technology giant recognized for its cutting-edge innovation, NEC delivers IT and network solutions to business enterprises, government and individual customers in the form of software, hardware and related services. Through a combination of its advanced technologies in ICT, it is providing safety for the public and thereby helping to establish safer cities.

    Under the strategy of “Solutions for Society,” NEC offers product solutions for biometric such as facial and fingerprint recognition technology. The use of it for security and authentication purposes has become increasingly common due to its accuracy and efficiency. An example of use is the e-passport system where it has been implemented in many countries around the world, including Southeast Asia.

    The system incorporates NEC’s world-class biometric technology in facial and fingerprint recognition for secured identity protection and eradicates duplication. Ranked world No.1 by United States’ NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), NEC offers facial recognition and fingerprint technologies deployed in solutions such as NeoFace® Watch and NeoFace® Smart ID.

    With terrorism and security threats being a growing concern in public areas and international borders, these solutions have helped law enforcement agencies and security organizations all over the world identify individuals and tighten security measures.

    With cyber attacks on a rising trend in a borderless world, NEC’s powerful advanced cyber security solutions can protect organization’s IT and security systems from various cyber threats even before it occurs.

    It recently opened its Cyber Security Factory in Singapore which complements NEC’s Security Operations Centers located in strategic parts of the world including Japan and Australia, with an aim to provide an inter-connected network to share intelligence on cyber threats and deliver 24/7 security to customers.

    NEC is known mainly to electronic experts, but its platforms and solutions are everywhere from the sky above, on land, and deep in the bottom of the ocean waters.

    Up in the sky, NEC satellites are orbiting the earth and their cloud solutions are a boon to computer and phone interface and exchange. The NEC radio systems are responsible to bounce signals to our cell phones.

    On land, the Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) allows connection to a local number, while the Key Telephone System (KTS) enables multiple users control over multiple telephone lines without the requirement for an operator, system attendant or receptionist.NEC Point of Sales(POS) Solution can also be found at major retail stores nationwide.

    NEC’s presence can also be found in the bottom of the seas because the company’s thousands of kilometer long cables are lying in the ocean depths, which are responsible for transporting through fiber optic the data and communication exchanges from one country to another.


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