A lying president before the Focap


(By Rigoberto Tiglao, Analysis & Commentaries, October 25, 2013)
Transparency? But the FOI bill is still nowhere in sight. Especially since Pnoy keeps on refusing to mark it urgent. And why are you diverting from the point of the article? You have no arguments that the savings PNoy was always boasting about where all results of the numerous infrastructure projects he had cancelled? And even with the so-called savings the palace and senate are now saying calamity funds are depleted and have no other funds that can be reallocated for the victims except the PDAF funds?
Darewin Ocampo, dare7586@yahoo.com

Check the UN and CIA factbook and not paid press releases and you will find out the truth. The Philippines lags in all categories of improving the lives of the Filipinos compared to our SEA neighbors.
odnalor, rombalingit@hotmail.com

Asa pa kayo sa makakapal ang mukha!?
Tiririt, Uychocdee@aol.com

It is not too late, friend. To correct the mistake of the people, the people must rise against this tyrant.
Placido Penitente, jake_hernandez19@yahoo.com


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  1. transparency? foi bill? ilang presidente na ba ang naluklok at ngayon nyo lang ito iginigiit at isinisisi sa kasalukuyang pamunuan?

    kanina lang ba kyo ipinanganak?

    si pnoy nagsinungaling daw? eh si erap at gloria ano ang tawag ninyo sa mga ginawa nila…BLESSED??? ang mga taong bumabatikos at nagsasabing sinungaling ang rehime ngayon ay ang mga taong nasa pwesto noong panahon ni erap at gloria?

  2. Erap was ousted when he received bribes from jueteng operators. Noynoy bribed the whole legislative body with billions of the people’s money. What action do you think is the more serious of the two?