• A master of squid tactics


    PRESIDENTIAL candidate Rodrigo Duterte and his advisers employed squid tactics in trying to deflect suspicions that he’s less than forthright on his “secret” bank deposits at the Bank of Philippine Islands.

    Instead of issuing a waiver to show that he had nothing to hide and that he’s a very transparent person, he tried to turn the tables on Sen. Antonio Trillanes. He seemed unconcerned that early last March, he signed a supposed waiver on his bank accounts and that a week ago, he even denied the existence of a BPI bank account in his and his daughter’s name. How can he make an about face and still feel so smug about it?

    He gave his lawyer Salvador Panelo a Special Power of Attorney allowing only the release of the info on the bank account but it wasn’t signed by his co-depositor, making it problematic for BPI to accept the SPA. Trillanes claimed that Panelo’s SPA didn’t call for the revelation of the questioned account’s transactions, only of the ending balance. Real master tacticians, these guys Duterte and company!

    Why, he and his spokesperson are even lamenting why Trillanes seemed to question Duterte’s legal rights while saying nothing when he (Trillanes) was the one violating other’s rights. Duterte should be the last one to talk about legal processes after declaring that he would even shut down Congress should it try to impeach him, and that he is advocating the summary killing of criminals.

    Ah, but his rabid followers don’t really care about his statements. He can speak on both sides of his mouth and his fanatics would still believe him. Perhaps, Trillanes’s claims weren’t true but then, they could also be true – and the only way to determine the truth is by opening the bank accounts.

    Should we blame them or praise them for employing squid tactics? Well, as they say, “Everything is fair in love as in politics.” I remember that in 1998, the late Rep. Apeng Yap of Tarlac complained why Cory Aquino had fielded her son Noynoy in the district that he was vacating as he had finished his third term. He said that the Aquinos’ “territory” was that represented by Peping Cojuangco and that it was the height of arrogance for them to invade what was historically the Yap territory. Apeng had reason to complain because he wanted his son Victor to succeed him in Congress.

    Well, the late Cory Aquino just laughed off Apeng’s complaint, saying “pulitika lang iyan” and that they could be together again after the elections. Noynoy defeated Apeng’s son Victor and, as Cory had predicted, the animosity eased off after the election.

    Cooling down the political heat
    Will the current heat simmer down after the presidential elections? We sure hope so, but this depends on the camp of the winning candidate. If the victors act like conquerors and try to smother any criticism, then there’ll be wrangling after June 30. As I stressed before, the winner may get 30 percent of the votes but he must recognize that 70 percent are against him.

    Oh yes, should Duterte win, who’ll be the First Lady? Ah, this could be an irrelevant question. He won’t find this a problem at all. He may have four First Ladies and his rabid followers will still cheer him on.

    Incidentally, a candidate for congressman has another problem. Geraldine Roman, who’s aiming to succeed her mother Herminia in the first district of Bataan, has a unique problem. She said that should she win, she doesn’t know which rest room/comfort room at the House she should use – the Men’s or the Women’s. You see, Geraldine Roman is a transgender.

    A friend from the Bataan district questioned why Roman should consider the CR issue a pressing problem when the district has many priorities that need better attention. Roman is running against Hermosa Mayor Danilo Malana. Before the filing of certificates of candidacy, Malana said he was most willing to give way to former Chairman Tong Payumo of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. Tong, however, refused to run anew, acceding to the pleas of his family.

    (This is right on Joe Carillo’s alley but I can’t help but correct it because of its frequent misuse in media. One can be BIASED FOR but never biased against a person. However, one can be PREJUDICED AGAINST a person or thing.)



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    1. P.Akialamiro on

      Obviously, there’s a lot of ‘screwy’ things happening in the Philippines under BS Aquino”s watch. It should be Trillanes who should execute an affidavit because he claims that Duterte has that much money in the bank. Similarly, it should have been Poe who has the burden of proving that she is a natural-born Filipino.

      Quo vadis Philippines? Change is NOW or NEVER!

    2. whatever you are saying let us wait for BPI to give a certification as to what is the amount on the BPI account of Duterte from the start to the last transaction. The BPI said that they can not immediately issue a certification because this is a special case. It did not say that the SPA is something convoluted that it needs to be read by brilliant lawyers to know what it really asking. Masyado kayong mananahi ng kaisipan out of ordinary.

    3. This writer makes up stories so that he may get his pennies from his masters. A disciple of Trillanes easily fooled due to the low price of his soul.

      Duterte has signed the waiver from BPI. On the other hand Trillanes cannot even substantiate the authenticity of this Joseph De Mesa. Based on the affidavit of Trillanes, he looks like someone with a very low IQ. On the same level as that Umali congressman who has a brother convicted of graft who claims some small lady gave him the details of the the bank accounts of Corona.

    4. socrates rodrigo on

      Duterte already signed the waiver form of BPI.

      Ang tanong na dapat mong sagutin magkano ang binayad sa iyo?