• A new beginning


    Becky Garcia

    If you’re a clergyman receiving a call out of nowhere from a father who would immediately blurt out, “Hi, I want to have my son baptized immediately. When can we meet to fix the details?” on a busy Easter Sunday, then you know this can only be the eclectic and charming professor Pontus Stierna calling.

    A decorated Swedish who has been sitting in the Nobel Prize committee since 2012, professor Pontus was invited to spend Holy week with former Governor Chavit Singson in his beautiful and vast forbidden village in Vigan. Away from the busy streets of Makati, he had time to relax and think about the important things in life.

    Living in the country for many years now and loving the Filipino culture, professor Pontus eventually fell in love with a Filipina named Elaine Bueno. The union produced a cute baby boy named Eric.

    Happy family Pontus Stierna, Elaine Bueno and baby Erik Nicholas Stierna

    In between the professor’s busy life—speeches, projects and travels—he was reminded in Vigan that there is also a spiritual life. And so, even without internet, he organized his son’s baptism on the spot. The ninangs and ninongs where chosen right there.

    The close group who spent the Holy Week with him his host former governor Chavit Singson included movie actress Jean Saburit—who knows him also for the longest time—,George Sarakinis and Hi! Society. Weeks later, the baptism took place at the St. Andrews Church in Bel Air with international guests and family in attendance.

    Thereafter, a celebration at the Italian restaurant Dario ensued. The fun group of about 80 enjoyed Italian food and drinks up to late afternoon to give the new citizen a warm welcome to the Christian life.

    Baby Eric was an excellent sport and was in a very good mood, going from one hand to another with his charming smile. He obviously enjoyed the party, no matter in which arms he was.

    Mabuhay to the new member of the community and congratulations for having a memorable baptism.



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