• A new hub opens for cruise travelers


    2GO Group, which operates 2Go Shipping, formally opened the Hub at Kilometer Zero, Rizal Park, for cruise travelers who want to party “off board.”

    2GO Vice President Stephen Rey Tagud said he expects tourists to surge in Manila, specifically in Rizal Park.

    “We expect that this will increase the number of tourists in Rizal Park and we are just a part of it,” said Tagud.

    “Tourists who are here will be aware of other tourist destinations in the country while enjoying their time at The Hub,” he added. Tagud also said that The Hub will give tourists a better traveling experience with five functions concentrated in one area—a ticketing office, lounge, café, bar and restaurant.

    “We are trying to change here the experience of the groups to one that is hassle-free,” he adds.

    The Hub also boasts of its menu created by Chef JP Landingin who used to head the kitchen of a cruise line in Singapore before joining 2GO.

    Landingin said that 2GO offers menu of regional dishes turned into genius palate-ticklers. “We try to make it travel oriented. So basically it’s more or less centered toward the destinations of our ships. For example, if you go to Bacolod or Cebu, we try to get their specialty dishes and make it different,” said the head chef.

    Landingin carved the famous Bacolod chicken inasal and made a whole-day sandwich meal for the visitors. For dessert, he made the popular mangosteen into mousse “with a rare sweet sensation found only at The Hub.”

    One of 2GO’s executive, Daniel Slakmon who also worked in an international cruise ship, also said that the company would make the prices of food and drinks competitive.

    Slakmon, who conceptualized the drinks and trained their baristas, concocted the coffee selections and cocktails personally “from freshly brewed Batangas coffee to deep and complex-flavored espresso blends.”

    Originally a ticketing office, The Hub, a lounge, café, bar and restaurant, is open to the public “who just wants to chill out,” said Slakmon.

    Nestled at the heart of Rizal Park, 2GO executives expect the tourists to indulge “both in history and dining pleasure.”


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