A new promise for timeless beauty

Dr. Tess Mauricio shows off the latest noninvasive machine for anti aging

Dr. Tess Mauricio shows off the latest noninvasive machine for anti aging

THOUGH there are many beauty treatments that promise to reverse the signs of aging, the sad fact remains that only a few can truly deliver.

Nevertheless, doctors, skin specialists, and beauty researchers are relentless in discovering the proverbial fountain of youth. And as always, they are ever eager to present renewed promises to the market, such as the latest skin breakthrough to come to the Philippines from the United States.

Appropriately called the Time Machine Procedure (TMP), the new anti-aging promise is delivered by US-based Filipina dermatologist Tess Mauricio of M Beauty, through the local SkinCell Advanced Aesthetic Clinics (SAAC).

“When we get older, our skin automatically sags. In order to restore the skin to a younger state, collagen must be rebuilt so that we get a more youthful look,” explained Dr. Mauricio at the formal launch of TMP at the office of SAAC at New Bocobo Center, Ermita, Manila.

“The Time Machine Procedure offers complete rejuvenation and natural looking results via non-invasive technology particularly on eyelids, eye bags, dark circles and sagging skin, which are the front liners in showing signs of aging.”

While there are a number of lasers and treatments that promise to deliver the same effects, Dr. Mauricio claims that the TMP is set apart from the rest.

How so?

The results of TMP after two sessions

The results of TMP after two sessions

“Because in one treatment, this procedure can achieve natural-looking results with no surgery so that it is completely safe even among the elderly,” she replied with confidence.

Dual energy
According to Dr. Mauricio, an integral part of the Time Machine Procedure is the new micro fractional ablative radiofrequency technology, which is designed for skin tightening and resurfacing.

“What happens here is that this procedure rebuilds collagen in the skin, offers improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and stretch marks. It is used in combination with a patient’s own biology, micro needling and other specially selected technologies and skin care products to aid in healing and maximize results,” she explained.

“It works by using two different types of energy to heat the skin, the first being the micro fractional radio frequency technology, which is basically tiny electro currents that heat the skin on contact, and micro plasma technology that further delivers good heating under the skin. The skin’s natural reaction is to lay down new collagen, which results in younger looking, thicker and tighter skin.”

Testimonials from those who have undergone the Time Machine Procedure in the US say that the treatment delivers on its name because they look as if they literally travelled back in time as far as a decade.

TMP is administered in relaxing treatment rooms wth minimal pain from tiny electro currents

TMP is administered in relaxing treatment rooms wth minimal pain from tiny electro currents

“I’m 44 years old now but with the Time Machine Procedure, many say I look better now than when I was a medicine student,” added Dr. Mauricio as she presented her patients’ declarations.

Addressing inquiries about pain due to the procedure’s micro needling component, Dr. Mauricio informed, “The procedure is quick and the downtime is minimal with amazing results and without having to go under the knife. Pain is hardly felt. After the treatment, the area may be a little tender, slightly swollen, and will also look as if there is mild sunburn. But after a couple of days, the discomfort will be gone.”

Local partner
Presently, the Time Machine Procedure is exclusively available at SkinCell Advanced Aesthetic Clinics (SAAC), which is ran by accredited dermatology experts and technicians.

“What drew me to SkinCell was the importance they place on scientifically sound and ethical practices in dermatology,” said Dr. Mauricio on her choice of a local partner.

SAAC’s medical and assistive staff undergo constant and intensive training for all the services they offer, and have done so for TMP.

“SkinCell dermatologists underwent training with me to learn the techniques and methodologies for the treatment and they are certified to carry out the procedure here in the country.”

Meet Dr. Tess
Dr. Tess Mauricio is a US-board certified dermatologist who graduated from the Stanford University School of Medicine. She completed her pre-med at the University of California in San Diego as a Summa Cum Laude.

The founder of M Beauty, Dr. Mauricio has multiple clinics in California and holds the record for being the youngest woman president the San Diego Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

A favorite medical expert on American TV, she is a regular guests in such programs as The Rachael Ray Show, Fox News, CBS’ The Doctors, America’s Next Top Model, The Talk, and The Dr. Oz Show, among others.. She is also the host and producer of The Dr. Tess Show, which airs in North America on GMA Pinoy TV and will soon have international airing.

She is also a published author with a book titled California Total Beauty.

A renowned speaker, Dr. Mauricio has educated thousands across the globe about the Time Machine Procedure.

She married a classmate from Stanford Medical School, Dr. James Lee, with whom she has two children.

Celebrity patients
Among Dr. Mauricio’s celeb-rity patients in the US are Gabby Concepcion, Patricia Javier, Apl de Ap and Hil- da Koronel.

“In fact, one of the reasons I’m here now in the Philippines is because I attended the wedding of Koronel’s daughter in Cebu,” Dr. Mauricio shares.

She shared that Gabby Concepcion is a personal idol of hers so that when she met him in the US at a mall concert, she approached him and offered the actor to undergo TMP. Concepcion accepted and has since become a regular patient for TMP.

For more information on the treatment, visit www.skincellph.com.


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