A new take on movie-viewing


Revolutionize your cinematic experience with state-of-the art technology that will awaken your sensory possibilities while watching movies. The precise choreography of motion systems and environmental effects that will thrill any moviegoer has opened on April 30 at the Central Square building of the Bonifacio High Street in Taguig City.

The game-changing 4DX technology is an immersive, all-five senses experience brought by the South Korean company, CJ 4Dplex, that has been present in Hollywood to supply this advanced technology in cinema.

Motion chairs heave you up and down, roll side-to-side, and pitch forward and backward to allow you to physically participate in the action on-screen. This movie-viewing experience will also enliven your other senses as it gives off a bit of mist, smoke, fog, a gentle breeze or a gust of wind, or even a flash of lighting—effects that were once confined on-screen—that are now recreated around you.

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