A night with Argentina’s Malbec

Ambassador Roberto Bosch of Argentina  PHOTOS BY ABBY PALMONES

Ambassador Roberto Bosch of Argentina

Among the connoisseurs who expertly understand wine, there are those who identify themselves as aficionados of vintage wines—those richly flavored yet superbly mellowed beverages brewed from the ancient cellars of the world.

On April 21, Filipinos—connoisseurs, aficionados and plain lovers of good wine—were given a chance to experience and enjoy Argentina’s flagship wine, Malbec amid good food, an entertaining ambiance and the joyful Argentinean community in Manila.

No less than Argentinean Ambassador Robert Bosch led the event to commemorate the 6th Malbec World Day in Manila, held at the Buddha Bar in Makati City.

“Argentina has been holding this kind of event for six years now here in the Philippines. It’s an event where we promote our very own brand and at the same time the culture of Argentina,” expressed Bosch.

Themed “Let’s celebrate a classic,” the Malbec event hoped to deliver the message that a classic wine “is one that is appreciated by those who try it for the first time, and by those who drink it regularly.”

For Bosch, Malbec is the perfect classic wine, the product having successful set a paradigm in Argentine wines.

Besides Malbec, wine importers from all over the country also found the opportunity to present their respective bottles at the event.

Organized in 54 countries and 70 different cities all over the world, Malbec World Day will continue its conceptual events for consumers and different wine fairs with wine tasting and promotions in shops and restaurants.



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