A Palace coup for Aquino?


Despite the silly official claim that President B.S. Aquino 3rd is “unaffected and unmoved” by the mounting calls for his “stepping down,” his own inner official and family circle apparently believes his exit cannot be indefinitely postponed. They seem to believe the only way to save Aquino could be to stage a “Palace coup,” to allow him to hold on, at least as a figurehead, through a “revolutionary government.”

Highly reliable sources say this is one of the options being mulled inside Malacañang as the call for Aquino’s ouster intensifies, in the wake of the unexplained January 25 massacre of the 44 Special Action Force commandos under his direct operational command in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, and as the “commemorative spirit” of the 1986 EDSA “people power revolution” begins to draw crowds at the usual politically sensitive venues within the nation’s capital.

Yesterday, Archbishop Emeritus Fernando Capalla of Davao and Archbishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa, both identified with the National Transformation Council, presided over a Mass at the EDSA Shrine, with some of the NTC founding members in attendance. The NTC is leading the call for Aquino’s stepping down on moral and constitutional grounds. Several other groups, including some on the Left, have echoed its call since.

The EDSA Shrine was built by the Archdiocese of Manila in honor of the Blessed Virgin whose “intervention” was believed to have played a decisive role in the first EDSA “uprising” that ousted then-President Ferdinand Marcos and installed Corazon Aquino, PNoy’s late mother, as “revolutionary president,” without any violence.The Shrine also played a role in the ouster of then-President Joseph Ejercito Estrada in 2000, which installed in his place then-Vice President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who served until 2010 when Aquino took over and jailed her on a series of charges, for which she has not been tried.

A “palace coup,” if Malacañang could pull it off, would allow Aquino to step aside without completely losing power, while an alter ego, said to be Secretary of the Interior and Local Government Mar Roxas, runs the show. Then Aquino’s apprentice dictatorship would turn into a full-blown dictatorship. Probably still brainless, heartless, and incompetent, but a full-blown dictatorship in any case.

This is obviously based on the assumption that such a move would not create the very problem it is trying to prevent. But this is possible only if the military, the police and the general public consent, and do not rise against it. I cannot for the life of me imagine what makes the reported palace coup planners imagine they could pull it off. Every available sign indicates the exact opposite.

Neither the military nor the police nor the public seems to have any sympathies left for the beleaguered president. Aquino’s last Malacañang meeting with top military generals proved disastrous: it gave them a clear picture, up close, of a commander-in-chief who was probably as raving mad as England’s King George 3rd.

His last meeting with the SAF widows at Camp Crame was worse than his earlier ones—it had him saying to the widow who was demanding justice for the fallen commandos: “What justice more do you want? You want me to personally fingerprint the MILF?” “My father was also assassinated, so that makes us even!”

It instantly brought back his remarks to the Tacloban businessman who was worried about possible violence emanating from the looting that had broken out in areas hardest hit by super typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan: “Buhay ka pa naman, di ba?”—“You’re still alive, aren’t you?”

We are still waiting for feedback from his last meeting in Baguio with the Philippine Military Academy cadets. They are known to be highly idealistic and are not likely to be misled by any fairy tales. As for the general public, Aquino has not given them one good reason to treat him with greater kindness.

The “palace coup” plan, if true, is the clearest proof that Aquino is now a drowning man clutching at straws. The plan is not even an original one; it was put together by some members of the Arroyo Cabinet in a failed effort to reverse the sinking fortunes of the former president. Some Cabinet members had wanted to use it to procure a graceful exit for Arroyo, who should be succeeded by a sympathetic successor. But others had wanted to use it to extend Arroyo indefinitely in office.

This created suspicions and animosities within the Cabinet. Some members tried to tell Arroyo that the plan was being hatched not for her own benefit, but rather to allow certain ambitious members (shades of the Hyatt 10 conspiracy) to take power for themselves. This prevented the project from being implemented. Ultimately, the plan was abandoned. But the relevant document was left in the files of then-DILG Secretary Ronaldo Puno. It was here presumably where Roxas or his people unearthed the project.

There was no chance it could have succeeded during that fatal stage of the Arroyo administration. There is no chance it can possibly succeed now, at this stage of Aquino’s endangered and fading rule. The long deluded Filipino public has finally awakened, all illusions about our de facto boy-president and his family whose history is tainted with unbridled opportunism and treason have been shattered. With all the blinders off, everyone now sees that the country has allowed itself to be run for four years by a megalomaniac, and that it is time to expel him from his illegitimate office.

There seems to be a general feeling, supported by signals from the international community and even the equity markets, that an anti-Aquino victory is now imminent and inevitable, and welcome to all. Thus, all sorts of kibitzers and copycat groups, with all sorts of harebrained ideas, are coming out of the woodwork, maneuvering to preside over the “victory parade.” This challenges the NTC, the original proponent of regime and system change, to spell out, finally at some detail, its precise proposal for regime and system change. An earlier assembly has called on the NTC to organize an alternative “caretaker” government. But the NTC has held back on this proposal. It may be time to consider doing it now.

The inclusive character of the NTC’s proposed change assures all those who are sincerely echoing its call for change of their own place in the transitional and transformational program. But it should prevent any group from claiming as their own something that is clearly not theirs. There is some danger that they could be used to destroy what the NTC is trying to build. All authentic groups must work together to prevent Aquino’s secret agents, or agents of foreign interested parties posturing as patriots from trying to hijack this great initiative.

Beware of impostors and false prophets. Keep tuned in to the NTC as it meets in Lipa, Batangas this week.

Personal. I wish to share my personal delight over the election of Jamil Maidan Flores as Eminent Fellow of the Development Academy of the Philippines. Poet, essayist, fictionist, playwright, publicist and technocrat, Flores was a classmate at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, University of Sto.Tomas, and chief of planning and Assistant Secretary/Minister for Operations during my ten years as Secretary/Minister of Public Information. For the past 23 years, he has lived in Indonesia and during all this time has been writing all the speeches of the Indonesian Foreign Minister and President. He also writes a regular Friday column for the Jakarta Globe. Thirty nine years ago, he declined the Class Ring for graduating career officers under the DAP executive leadership program for personal and objective reasons. This was like Jean Paul Sartre rejecting the Nobel Prize in Literature a few years before.



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  1. If the premise is that simyon was just a creature of the machine so that he was just a usurper of a public office, the same goes to jojo and to all senators as well as congressmen who were declared by the COMELEC as a “winner” in the last election. If the have to vacate their office, then, the most senior of the justices of the SC need to be the head of government, if we are to follow the constitution. Since all senators were usurpers of their offices, the impeachment of Renato as well as the appointment of Sereno are never valid appointments. The same goes with all other appointments made by the guy called simyon.

  2. Sen Kit,
    I watched today Senate hearing about Mamasapano when Sen. Loren requested that the committee subpoena the Telcos for text messages presented to check its veracity and timeline. There are so many phone applications that can edit anything so this request is a reasonable request. I dont know why Sen. Poe is cool to the idea.
    I think Sen . Loren should push for this.

    • I want to correct that maybe there is a phone application that can do some editing. I think one incident about this was shown in TV.

  3. This NTC has no mandate whatsoever from the people. If anything, its members should be arrested for inciting to sedition. And Tatad should be ashamed of himself for calling President Aquino a dictator, when he can freely criticize him. He doesn’t realize he is highly inferior to those he criticizes. And he was just a lackey of the of the world’s worst dictators. It figures that no one listens to him.

  4. Dan Rightcross on

    This is a blatant distortion of the truth and smacks of Loyalist BBMP 2016 propaganda. I am not surprised because Mr. Tatad is a political butterfly who flits from one nectar filled field to another. Granted that Pnoy has committed major blunders, it doesn’t do our country any good to fan the flames of adventurist groups seeking power at the expense of our own national interest. Netizens do not represent the Philippines. We are just small voices among the Millions of Filipinos whose future is at stake here. Lets follow democratic processes. Hindi kayo makapaghintay. Gusto lang ninyong kunin ang kapangyarihang taong bayan mismo ang nagbigay. Mahiya naman kayo.

  5. Lagot si Peping at ibang kaalyado ni Gloria Arroyo kay Justice Sec. De Lima… Ikukulong siya dahil sa inciting to sedition hahaha!

  6. RWhy is Aquino, the coward, scared of accepting responsibility and telling the truth of his participation in ordering, launching and abandoning the SAF Operation Exodus? That goes to show his mental incapacity to comprehend, assess and owning the operation as Commander-in -Thief.
    He panicked and went out of his head on his mistake and can not think of his way out in explaining his role to the victims families and the people.
    So Pnoy hid in Malacanan for 2 days and when the Senate hearing began, Pnoy ‘s role and personal participation was covered up by his allies, the military and PNP and Sec Roxas.
    The Luneta Chinese hostage taking was a prelude to Pnoy’s pattern of disowning responsibility and started his “blame-game” strategy and actions on big natural or man-made disaster or catastrophe. Next was the Yolanda typhoon crisis where he blamed the local governments and the rehabilitation never happened as of today.
    Up until now, Aquino is overwhelmed of the events and confused. People are howling for his resignation due to the botched operation including his Uncle Peeping Cojuangco who declared he will join the people power in Edsa revolution.
    I proposed that Aquino stay as President but must appoint an Executive Caretaker via Excutive Order to handle day-to-day operation and important decision making on significant national issues requiring critical judgment. Pnoy can be a figurehead President only with function to receive and entertain Heads of State and nothing more. This way the Presidency remains functional and not vacant to allow the Constitutional succession by a corrupt leader (Vice President or Senate President) Pnoy can appoint Cesar Purisima, Secretary of Finance, or Mar Roxas, DILG Sec, as Executive Caretaker. Pnoy must move over to the curb and let competent caretaker govern without his involvement whatsoever!

  7. Pnoy for all his criminal liabilities from bribing legislators by PDAF and Dap funds to impeach Corona, juggling and diversion of funds amounting to malversation, to gross neglect of responsibilities in immediately providing relief to Yolanda typhoon victims, and now for putting the lives of the SAF forces to death by massacre by MILF, Pnoy should have been charged and impeached. But all these prosecution would be for naught coz Pnoy can plead the “defense of INSANITY” which is undoubtedly legally feasible since Pnoy shows a distinguishable symptoms and indication of MENTAL ABBERATIONS” as can be gleaned from his actions! He laughs, smile with smirk, on serious discussions and topics which are not funny. His responses, aside from being evasive and elusive, are twisted facts that amounts to LIES! He is “kalokalike” his nephew Joshua who is an admitted AUTISTIC, and his gait and walking mannerism looks abnormal. All of this points to Pnoy’s psychological disorder as getting serious and may cause him to be suicidal or makes incoherent and crazy judgment putting the country in great jeopardy. Even the SAF victims families have observed Pnoy’s behavior as “strange”‘ weird and abnormal for a clear thinking person, much more for a President! Wow this is scaryyyyy!

  8. KASUCLAM-SUCLAM (Kapisanan ng mga Subok na Corrupt Loyalists ni Arroyo at Marcos) – Ang Tunay na Pangalan ng National Transformation Council (NTC)

    Kunwariý marangal ang layunin
    Transformation daw ang hangarin
    Subalit kung susuriin
    Gobyernoý patataubin

    May kasama pang mga obispo
    Nangagalaiti sa RH law
    Kaya sila na daw ang taga-sabi
    Kung sino ang uupo sa trono!

    Lahat daw mag-resign
    Parang sira-ulo
    Wala nang eleksyon
    Sila na ang mag-dedesisyon!

    Itong si Peping at Tingting
    Parang tililing
    Si Pnoy gustong ilibing
    Para si Binay ang da King!

    Ang ating bayan
    Ay bantayan
    Si Pnoy ay di perpekto
    Pero di siya malisyoso!

  9. We have major problesm in the Philippines. It all seems to involve Aquino and his crooked thinking. We the people are in a position where we have concluded that anyone or anything else is better than Aquino being in charge.

  10. How about the yellows when will they fall? The NTC is described in the news as being made up of “disgruntled Aquino supporters.” Yellow to replace yellow? Then nothing will change, including the mad rush to surrender Mindanao to these BBL animals. Instead of giving the yellows another chance( for the nth time), I would rather stick with this sociopath until 2016, or the next military coup but without the yellows.

  11. There is no Constitutional, legal, ethical, moral , popular or even religious basis for the take over by the so called National Transformation Council (NTC), however temporary, of the reigns of government in the event of an Aquino resignation. The Supreme Court will not allow it, the people will resist it and the military will not support it.

  12. Muriel Magtanggol on

    Maligaya ako kung matanggal yan sa araw ng people power dahil walatalagang ginawa ang mga Aquino na yan kundi sirain ang bayan. Binigyan sila ng pagkakataong baguhin ang mga kamalian, pagandahin ang kapalugiran, ipatupad ang mga batas. Ano ginawa nila? Nagluklok lang ng mga kamag anak, kaibigan, kinakatuangan ng loob at lalo tayong sinadlak sa dusa! Walang inatupag kundi magpasikat! Mga mahihirap at mahihina, lalong inapakan! Alis diyan!

  13. If Aquino will be ousted, let him account for the DAP money given to the MILF, to ARMM Hataman, to corrupt Abaya, to Alcala, to Roxas, to misty eyed Dinky, Abad and of course to the Congress while his favored taipans like the Salim Group under MVP and others are ever busy screwing every Filipino with their rates in electricity and water as one of the highest in the world with the connivance of course of our corrupt regulators. Our ever reliable Supreme Court is very busy scrutinizing every government transactions nowadays due to the incompetency and dishonesty of Noynoy’s cabinet. Enough of Noynoy’s rule. Let’s overhaul our present bureaucracy!

  14. We elected an untested leader to become the President. We just have to bear the consequences of the majority decision to choose him over Erap and Villar. Pnoy made major mistakes but we have to follow the legal processes in our constitution. Karamihan sa aktibong magpatalsik kay Pnoy, segurado ako, makakaliwa, mga supporter dati ni Gloria, mga Binay group, mga nagsisipatya sa SAF 44…..

    Para tayong banana republic niyan kung panay People’s Power natin…si Gloria nga di kayo nag People”s Power samantalang garapalan ang paggamit niya sa ilang opisyal ng AFP. Madami sa mga Catholic religious leaders who tolerated the Arroyo’s for their illegal activities.

    Kahit nilaglag ni PNOY ang SAF 44, professional pa rin yang PNP. Ang AFP ay loyal pa rin kay Pnoy…..so kayong nag-iisip na mag destabilize, sige lang….malamang titira kayo sa kulungan…..malay niyo, maawa mga botante sa inyo, gumaya kayo kay Gringo at Trillanes, baka iboto kayo sa susunod na election.

  15. Kris must help her brother President now. He needs your ideas on how to quell the animosity of the people.Iba na ang pamilya kasi totoo ang sinasabi not like the members of the “cordon sanitaire”

  16. We are glad to note that all events and present developments are converging towards that one desired goal – the stepping down of the Abnoy from the seat of power. It’s about time. The tide of history cannot really be stalled. The ouster of the megalomaniac and insane illegitimate usurper is at hand. We should rejoice and be glad about it.

    Let us just make sure that the transition is well thought of and orderly under the auspices of the National Transformation Council.

  17. His last meeting with the SAF widows at Camp Crame was worse than his earlier ones—it had him saying to the widow who was demanding justice for the fallen commandos: “What justice more do you want? You want me to personally fingerprint the MILF?” “My father was also assassinated, so that makes us even!”

    What a comparison? What a logic? PNoy must be delusional psychopath. This statement is similar to when he toild a Yoland Typhoon victim, “Bukay ka pa, di ba?”. Insensitivity, apathy,, incompetennce,

  18. Ninoy Aquino’s face should NOT have been put on Pilipinas money. But patas na —- Ninoy Aquino’s name is always mentioned as the workd talks of Pilipinas very ugly stinking backwards International Airport.