• A pastry journey around the Philippines


    Street-Barbeque-BunAnyone who has had a bite of bread would understand why and how it goes beyond being a mere staple food in the Philippines. The simple flour and water mixture can go from a street snack to a gourmet treat with just an easy variation in ingredients and preparations.

    In the wake of this much-loved pastry’s popularity, OVN Bread Co. elevates local culinary sensibilities as it presents a treasure trove of tastes that derive inspiration from various regions around the country.

    Hop along as OVN takes readers on a ride across the Philippines through its bread concoctions that come in flavors that burst at the crust.

    Benguet-Strawberry-and-Cream-CheeseUp North: Benguet
    Waking up to the scent of pine trees, nine degrees Celsius, and a simmering cup of coffee are delightful. But paired with a serving of freshly baked bread? Divine. Inspired by Baguio Country Club’s famous raisin bread, Baguio Raisin Bun by OVN takes your taste buds to an instant trip to the country’s summer capital with its chewy texture and tangy flavors. While in the same region, you can trust Benguet Strawberry and Cream Cheese by OVN to evoke memories of handpicking strawberries straight from the fields of La Trinidad with a distinct cheesy twist.

    Next Stop: Pampanga
    Less than five hours away from the mountain region is Pampanga, which is home to the Philippines’ best versions of the Spanish ensaïmada. Find out how 3-Bite Bun by OVN mirrors the Kapampangan’s inventiveness as it tailors western flavors like Almond, Blueberry, Blueberry and Cream Cheese, and Oreo to fit the Filipino palate on a soft, cream cheese-filled ensaymada base.

    Manila-Foot-LongStaple Destination: Manila
    Anyone caught hungry along the streets of Manila can count on grilled barbecue and hotdog to fill their cravings while on the go. Inspired by the brisk lifestyle of the Philippine’s capital city, Street Barbecue Bun and Manila Footlong are both savory pastries by OVN, which capture the sweet, spicy and salty flavors of these ubiquitous pork sticks typically prepared and sold on the sidewalks of practically every Filipino neighborhood.

    Straight Ahead: Bulacan
    Made of egg yolks, condensed milk, butter, and spectacular flavors, yema from Pampanga’s neighbor Bulacan is regarded as the Philippines’ own take on candies. Delight your sweet tooth with Sea Salt Yema Ensaymada and Chocolate Yema Muffin—both of which are testaments to how OVN merges inventive takes with local tastes.

    Coron-Calamansi-Merengue-PieDetour: Camarines Sur
    To the east of Manila is the coastal zone of Camarines Sur, which served as the inspiration for OVN’s Caramoan Calamansi Muffin. Aptly named after the province’s famed vacation spot, its tangy flavor stirs up the energy of the island paradise as if you’re under the sun and by the waters. Another OVN pastry, which kindles a similar atmosphere is the Coron Calamansi Meringue Pie made after the sunlit shores of Palawan.

    Southern Comfort: Iloilo
    One of the French’s classic desserts is fashioned by OVN into a Filipino treat in the form of Bibingka Crème Brulee. Made distinctive by the sharp taste of salted egg, this creation lends a fitting character to the upcoming holidays as it calls to mind dawns of Simbang Gabi in the century-old churches of Miag-ao, Jaro, and Molo in Iloilo.
    OVN’s flagship store is located at SM Aura Premier, Fort Bonifacio.


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