• A perpetual passion for pearls


    As gifts from the sea, pearls have taken on magical and mystical qualities through the ages. According to a poetic tradition, water merges with moonlight to form the beauty of pearls. And these smooth and lustrous gemstones speak a secret language directly to the individual—it is said that no one can resist their charm.

    The beauty and luster of pearls have made them tokens of love over the years. During the 16th century, Prince Phillip II of Spain gave La Peregrina Pearl to his bride Mary. This white, pear-shaped saltwater pearl, had a series of royal owners until the 1960s, when actor Richard Burton gave it to his beautiful wife Elizabeth Taylor.

    Celebrity and Fashion icon Marian Rivera exudes elegance and beauty with pearl accessories

    Meanwhile, although famous for singing that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” one of Marilyn Monroe’s most treasured pieces of jewelry was a simple sixteen-inch string of pearls given to her by Joe DiMaggio during their honeymoon in Japan.

    Pearls were also always a favorite accessory of 20th century style icon Grace Kelly. Her husband Prince Rainier gave her a luxurious pearl-and-diamond jewelry set that she wore frequently. Today, pearls continue to radiate their charm and beauty to all generations.

    As an island country, our seas have made the Philippines rich in pearls, as showcased in Kultura stores’ collection. Highlighting uniquely Filipino jewelry designs, the carefully curated range best reflects the country’s rich selection of pearls, from freshwater to South Sea.

    Pearls have taken on magical and mystical qualities through the ages as gifts from the sea

    Freshwater pearls come in a variety of shapes and colors; irregularly shaped baroque pearls that are versatile enough for just about any outfit; and luxe south sea pearls, the rarest type of pearl. And don’t overlook cultured and mother of pearl pieces that can be transformed into exquisite designs.

    Says Marian Rivera, Kultura’s brand ambassador, “Wearing pearls makes a bold statement, whether it’s a short or long strand of pearls, a classic pearl necklace, an exquisite bracelet, or a pretty pendant. Pearls are in style for every season, and are as popular today as they were a hundred years ago.”


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