A person who must not be elected president


MAYOR Rodrigo Duterte at his proclamation as the candidate for President of the PDP-Laban political party presented a bad portrait of a person who must not be elected president of the Philippines.

We have been giving space to news about him, both about his public service and to his atrocious statements about personally killing lawbreakers. He said that he has personally killed criminals in Davao City and he would probably kill as many as 100,000 when he becomes our national leader.

We have attacked him for being an enemy of the rule of law. Once, after he said in a Senate hearing that he would gladly kill a rice smuggler if the man would go to Davao, we condemned his “mentality of lawlessness and vigilantism.” We said that it was his mentality and exaltation of the culture of impunity that enabled those in power, including officials, “private warlords and businessmen vigilantes” to eliminate those they saw as enemies of their vested interests.

We wrote that “They kill journalists exposing corruption and human rights activists exposing abusive police and military men.”

It did not surprise us to hear the awful things he said in his PDP-Laban inaugural speech—including his cruel and uncivilized words against Pope Francis and his mother.

We deplore former Senate President Enrile’s sympathetic words about Duterte’s outbursts.
We share instead the views expressed by Archbishop Socrates Villegas, head of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, and many other sensible and morally well-built Filipinos who have written letters and comments to us.

Indeed, as Archbishop Villegas said, “vulgarity is corruption” and Duterte’s foul-mouthed and irrational attack on Pope Francis and his mother because he (Duterte) was inconvenienced by heavy traffic during the Holy Father’s visit last January, is a sign of the Davao Mayor’s corrupt heart and mind. Archbishop Villegas also correctly observed lamentingly that people have become “beastly and barbaric” when they found Duterte’s unjust cursing of Pope Francis and his mother something to laugh about.

The truth is Duterte has long been an example of beastliness and barbarism in public. He is proud of having been the killer of bad people and the proud macho cohabiting with women not his wife.

“When a revered and loved and admired man like Pope Francis is cursed by a political candidate and the audience laughs, I can only bow my head and grieve in great shame,” Archbishop Soc said, expressing the sentiment of millions of Filipinos who we hope now realize that it is wrong to consider the mayor of Davao for President of our country.

We agree with the CBCP President that corruption is a “monster and devil with many faces,” and Duterte’s pride in being an adulterer and in having murdered baddies in Davao are parts of the “great scourge of Philippine politics.”

“Killing people is corruption. Killing is a crime and a sin whether it is done by criminals or public officials no matter what the intention,” Archbishop Villegas said.

“Adultery is corruption. It makes married love cheap and uses people for pleasure. Adultery corrupts the family; it destroys children and victimizes the weak,” he added.

Archbishop Villegas said that the world today “desperately” needs a leadership by example, and that candidates must be high-minded persons whose vision of the Philippines is of a great land and of Filipinos as a noble people.

Mayor Duterte is not a high-minded person. His vision of the Philippines is one freed of “bad elements” because the officials themselves are the worst!


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  1. Don’t vote for Duterte if don’t want him. If you prefer a statesman or trapo politician vote for him. Nobody is asking you to vote for Duterte!! If you think morality is the solution to corruption, killings, kidnapping, drugs, traffic jams and all the problems of our society then vote for a PRIEST. If you think the church can change all these then vote for Villegas or even the President of CBCP. They are good in making morality comments, but they never done anything to solve the country’s problem. PRAYERS WITHOUT ACTION IS DEAD!

  2. To the author, clearly your mind is stagnant. You keep qouting Villegas, what has he done to improve the lives of the people? Can you show evidence that Villegas has fed the poor, gave them jobs & proper housing?? And who do you think is the righteous person to lead this pathetic government? When you right your piece, will you please expound and give a better solution??

  3. this man Mr. Alcantara cannot move on . He still insisted Marcos Sr. is alive. Idiot and stupid people…
    Wake up gentlement. You are not in the late 1980.. You are now in the millenium 2000. How come you cannot move on… Your mind is still stagnant of stupidity…

    • I do not believe that we can let the memories of what the Marcos “Legacy” die ……This country has still not recovered from the huge impact i his “reign’ made ,

      He left a wake of corruption ,,That still seems to be maintained today ..people who disagreed with his methods had a nasty habit of vanishing forever ..

      If we allow it to happen again we are asking fr very big trouble;…

      It is ,like trying to deny there was no atrocities committed by Hitler, or the Nazi..did not exist and holocausts did not happen ..

      We can forgive:;but we cant forget ‘lest it happen again !..

      By all means we should move on ! but only if we have learned from our mistakes …

      Dr David M Meyer

  4. The article mirrors the past regime/s. Our situation is a collective responsibility. I have reviewed the accomplishments of Pres BS Aquino, and came to know that programs and laws untouched and not implemented by past administration are now at work benefitting our brethren in the countryside.

  5. A Person Who Must Be Elected President

    In answer:

    1. Cursing – is bad. Not good to hear and a bad example to follow from someone. But Du30 already humbled himself, accepted his mistake and asked forgiveness. Not only that, he also made a promise not to do it again and pay a penalty by donating 1,000 in every curse he miss. Why can’t you forgive him and give him a chance?

    2. Killing – is a sin and even to kill those evil people. Those evil after ruining the lives of their hundred innocent victims – children and adult because of drug pushing, rapes, robbery, homicide, and death. Think how much more if those evil were not stopped? Thousands? The victim could be you or worst your children. They had been warned publicly to change themselves or stay away in Davao. What do you expect – a written warning? Or will he just warn over and over again? How long? They should have ran away from Davao when they had the chance.

    3. Adultery – is a sin. It should not be done and it should be stopped. It is very much common in our society today -famous or not, artists or regular people. We can see and hear this especially in artists on televisions because their personal lives are not private. For Du30, he is just honest to tell the public. Not those other politicians who can’t say it in public. Are they afraid to ruin their wet names and loose their popularity in the public? It will be a big impact in the next election. Du30 is SO honest even from the beginning. Records and papers would show that. So who is banal na aso and santong kabayo now? People don’t even know they themselves commit adultery. In the book of Revelation, adulterous are those people who has God as god but also pray to other gods. I’m telling you their is only one God, that is the Father and the only way to the Father is through his Son, Jesus. No one else but Jesus ALONE.

    We are just human. We make mistakes and nobody is perfect. But we should not condemn people of his mistakes and think that he will not change his bad ways. What happens next will remain to be seen. Why not give a chance to Du30 and let us see how can he make Philippines into Davao where Dabaweños are not afraid to stroll around at night or go home at night because it is safe. Davao is also progressive. There are lot of jobs. The place is peaceful and the people are happy. The only people who are afraid are those criminals who have been warned and still hesitate to leave the city.

    • You do not brag about your killing achievements, you do not curse a beloved pope, you do not flaunt your mistresses and publicly boast that you have two wives and two girlfriends. You cannot right a wrong by doing another wrong. The man who wishes to be president of a country should act with reverence, with discretion, with decency, with intelligence. Will killing the bad people make us a better Philippines? How about leading by example? How about using compassion, how about making the life of every Filipino worth living by improving the economy, stop graft and corruption? Duterte is not the man we need…we deserve a better president.

  6. To the Catholic heirarchy, Jesus said ” let those who have no sin cast the first stone”, and also so many time he said ” You are all hypocrites!”

    Mr or Ms. Dredzy1925, that is exactly the mentality of Duterte–misusing scriptures, just like the Deviul does which Jesus warned about!

  7. How could Duterte a mere mayor of a city had the temerity to disrespect and to impute the worst word to the mother of the most revered spiritual leader of multimillion souls of the whole world Pope Francis? What would you do if someone did that to your own beloved mother? And yet when he uttered this profanities his audience laughed. They all ought to be a shame of themselves. Alan Cayetano and Koko Pimentel supposed to be honorable members of the senate seem to forego this kind of misbehavior of their candidate for President because they cannot do a thing. All they can do is to give lame excuses. It would be unforgivable to vote for Duterte because this kind of man will only lead the country to perdition and infamy.

  8. If Mayor Duterte is really “beastly and barbaric”, how can a beast cry for those poor children with cancer? His deepest compassion to them was so unbounded to the extent of donating his own house to become temporary shelter for those children with cancer, who came from areas not even part of Davao City. How can a Barbaric person love educating the youth by providing free public Sunday high school for those working high school students who really wish to go to school but need to work at the same time. Mayor Duterte even provide some school materials quarterly so as to lessen the students’ expense?
    More than just the killing in which they are all criminals who might victimized me, my future children and the rest of the innocent people, and the constant cursing of Duterte why don’t you expound your horizon of Mayor Dutertes’ track record on public service.

  9. As an outsider looking in on Philippine politics I see all of the Presidential candidates just as corrupt and rotten as each other. The choice for the Philippine people is lamentable.

    Duterte it seems to me is the lesser of two evils in that at least things get done in Davao and some semblance of order has been established there. Look elsewhere in the country and you find an appalling and failing state of affairs.

    • I have been here now 8 yrs -Love the Filipino people and the culture,,,But also as an onlooker, see a terrible lack of judgement.

      We have one the Hand the exclusion of Grace Poe ,

      ,,But Imelda Marcos is given free riegn —

      People convicted o
      f misuse and abuse while in government office are re elected as mayor..
      .Those who are under investigation are allowed to stand fr office..

      No wonder the country has gone “From Pearl Of the Orient” to” poor Man of Asia ”

      We are showing our young people –If you have wealth and power you can get away with anything …

      Is this really how we want to be seen

      Such blatant hypocrisy is a joke in the eyes of the world..

      When are we going to stop –this terrible corruption

      –When are we going t demand what the Filipino people deserve

      …fair, honest, government!

      David M Meyer {PhD}

  10. The good Bishop Soc had been very quiet regarding the tragedy that was Yolanda and the even bigger tragedy that was the government’s neglect and inaction in the aftermath. The good Bishop and the CBCP, w/c he headed that time,hardly raised a squeak when all pieces of evidence pointed to his favored president as the one directly responsible for the massacre of the SAF 44. Where was the good Bishop Soc in the Dap pdaf tragedy that robbed the nation of billions and billions that should have gone to the development of the country and welfare of the majority of the Filipino people?
    He has been so easy, or rather, sympathetic to the current dispensation that he has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to the sufferings of the majority. He has been an absentee and neglectful shepherd to the lost and hurting flock.
    And now the good Bishop Soc raises hell over words and sound bytes. I dare say you should be the one resigning your post since you have been remiss on your duties as the shepherd of the flock.
    I want to be able to go home at night free from fear from being mugged, kidnapped, or worse even murdered. I want to be able to sleep well thinking that my darling baby daughter is safe because we have a vulgar leader watching over us and making sure that the criminal elements are locked up and ” killed in the hundreds and thousands”.
    Yes PI, vulgarity, warts and all.

  11. Vox Populi,Vox Dei, but not if the contest is between an Archbishop and Duterte, right? Rule of Law? Did the Church go after those responsible for the collapse of Monte de Piedad, who were all cronies of Villegas’ mentor, Cardinal Sin? How about those who pocketed the rehabiltation funds of Radio Veritas? They are all free and enjoying their loot, while donating regularly to the Church of course. This Villegas should be ranting against Smartmatic instead if he really wants to do the populi and therefore the Dei a favor. While he is at it, he should apologize to the whistleblowers of the Garci tapes whom he kicked out of that monastery in EDSA where they sought refuge, to be fed to the dogs of his favorite president GMA. The Cross is indeed the crutch of the hypocrites.

  12. Dennis Jorolan on

    I remember my professor at University of Malaya @ Kuala Kumpur, Malaysia. She told me “BEWARE THse sweet and saintly face”.

  13. This editorial talks about the alleged lawlessness of Duterte and his use of derogatory language. It is as if these are reasons to say Duterte should not be elected. Yet we have Noynoy, who is not lawless and does not use derogatory language. I say tell me which is better Noynoy or Duterte. I would rather have Duterte who accomplished something, who can do what needs to be done against all those corrupt KKK of Noynoy. To instill fear among the criminals in and outside government. I do not care how it is done as long as we get back a country that the long suffering Filipinos deserve rather than the current polite, lawful yet totally rotten to the core government of Noynoy.

  14. I am 100% agree with you Sir.A killer man should not run our country. Remember the late Saddam/Madman of Irag killed thousand of thousands of his own people. Mayor duterte in his own words and admission, killed thousand his own people.

    So,if we allow Duterte to become our president , we reincarnated Saddam to come and rule our country. Saddam, during his term as a President of Irag, at the same same time, he was the constitution.

    So, If we allow Mayor Duterte to become our president, we abolished the constitution, because he is the constitution himself.

    Fellows, make no mistake..please…..!

    • Zak, there is definitely no comparison between Duterte and Saddam. You can try Marcos and Saddam, that would be much closer.

  15. “Leadership by example”… and what sort of leaders have we had for the past 30-40 years? Have they led by example too? I am not for Duterte but given the kind of monsters we have in this government, Duterte is honest about being one versus those who pretend to be saintly but are just as worse as the monster people make Duterte to be. The lack of basic services and lousy health system in this country has killed more people than Duterte. The recent discovery of nearly 300 sacks of rotting rice DSWD buried to hide speaks volumes of the kind of “care” people are getting from this government. People want change. This election is a choice between the lesser devil. Better the devil we know.

    • PDP fits to be Duterte’s party as it stands to mean “Putangnamo Duterte Putangnamo”! That is your party that’s why even your party members including Pimentel and Cayetano accepts your abnormal, mentally loose and immoral. Words, actions and behaviour! You Duterte can very well head the ISIS Muslim fanatics whose only objective is to kill, kill, kill! That is uncivilized society where Duterte must belong or banish to! Dig your grave Duterte for you are destined to go 6 ft. Below for the criminals like yourself will eventually take you down soon!

  16. More than half a century of hubris, lies, bigotry and pretensions of greatness had reduced the elites into squirming maggots, even faggots, eating away what remains of the relics of the republic. The corruption of the spirit had taken a heavy toll on the life of the nation. Ours is a battered nation, unloved and abused by its guardians. Their punyetas and coños had cursed the nation into abject submission. Mayor Rody Duterte will try to revive a suffering nation with the help of the people, not the few.

  17. The looking saint in politics is most dangerous than any politician who is too vocal. Du30 is just expressing his thoughts on government ineffectiveness but the church are not good and kind enough to forgive instead firing all what they can to discredit du30. The church could not even see the sufferings of Filipino people for they enjoy supports. If they’re true serving in the name of God then they can let it go and talk directly to du30. Church is apolitical in nature and it crosses the line since EDSA revolution. EDSA revolution is a bad precedent after all.

    Pope John Paul II forgave his assailant with no too much talks unlike the CBCP. Peace be with you is always mention but you’re not doing it by example. You don’t like peace. What teaching are you trying to preach and you’re not even following it.

  18. We are not savages. We are civilized and educated. And could also be considered Christians. People think that we need an iron fist because we lack discipline. But isn’t brutallity not only barbaric but also undisciplined? De we need to beat the crap out of our own children because we perceived them to be delinquent and undisciplined? Or should we teach them values instead?

  19. Sorry but Villegas is an attack dog of the administration and you too as well. I based my observation not on what duterted blurted out but duterte’s track record as a local executive. Where is the philippines now under your statesmen leaders for so years that you portray as dignified and honorable?

  20. The Catholic church is a curse to the Filipino people. The Filipino people must learn that the church has hundreds of years of murders in their hands started during the Spanish Inquisition. Bringing ignorance and slavery of the Filipino people.

  21. icoy san pedro on

    Perhaps his excellency, the most holy and holier-than-thou bishop of the elite can run for president.

  22. Agapito Bagumbayan on

    I totally agree with the writer. We are Filipinos and a Catholic country. We should be condemning those words and acts of barbarism. What we need is a statesman & stateswoman that would lead the country to liberation from the shithole we are in.

  23. Duterte statement during pdpd laban proclamation is not meant for the pope but for the government in capabality to deliver good services to the people.its ovbious that you are paid by Duterte rivals to discredit him before the electorate but the truth of the matter those people are already holding national position and yet nothing happens during there tenure,would you again let yourself suffer the corrupt,incompetent and not taking care for the welfare of the people,would let the Philippines sink further down to the bottom of ocean bed,the issue her is not about expletive word but rather how the Philippines be save from further sinking dont recycle this people,they are there in the national government for many years and yet nothing happens.Lets try the Duterte style of leadership so that we can share what Davao City today.

    • Agree! performance of Duterte in Davao city speaks volume of an action, results-oriented man. He may make mistakes coz he is born a sinner and imperfect but despite the flaws he is able to deliver effective results, and the Davaoenos, visitors, tourists, businessmen, constituents, residents are enjoying the safe haven of the said city. I salute what this mayor has done in the coveted city of Davao.