• A Polish affair


    Becky Garcia

    How to Become an Olympic Champion in Life, a book launched at Gallery of the Manila Peninsula, is a combination of life experience and practice in business and passion for the sport. Resembling a “business” plan for life with five principles, the book took more than six years to make, written from experiences of more than a thousand participants.

    This book is a work of passion and the result of the belief that everyone in your life can achieve happiness and fulfillment, that anyone can be satisfied with himself and the material conditions which itself has created.

    iza Hansen, Senator Manny Pacquioa and Marciej Podhajski

    Maciej Podhajski, the Polish author, wrote the book for those looking to find happiness in their lives. In this book, you will get to know the five key principles and guidelines to create your own business plan for life. Happening alongside the book launch was an art exhibit.

    It is not everyday that we get to experience an art event especially when it is privately founded. The exhibit allowed guests to see 41 paintings done by European artists brought to Philippines by an art organization Omni4art from Poland. This organization is very unique and has become well known among artists because it concentrates on artists and their development.

    Omni4art gives an opportunity to work without limitations, no judgment – full focus on creation and self-development. That is why the most talented artists from Europe want to work with Omni4art center.

    Consequently, in such a short period of time, collection of paintings grew to more than 100 paintings from artists from all over the Europe and of course, Poland. This collection gained great reputation and has a scheduled art shows all over the world.

    George Sarakinis, Agile Zamora and Hi! Society with Paqui and
    Lilibeth Campos

    Founders of Omni4art are very proud of it as their love for art paid back very fast.

    One of its founders, Ela Przybylska explained that the main goal for this art show was to share with people of the Philippines what is going on at the art scene at this moment, introduce the most talented artists and educate Filipinos with the diversity of their styles.

    Ela mentioned that it is worth to exchange our art experiences by organizing such events which brings art lovers, art collectors together.

    Also Ela said, they have managed to set up an art exchange program and hopefully will be able to come back with more art next year as well as bring Philippine art to Poland.

    “So now, we hope not to be known only for our great Chopin music or our beloved Pope John Paul 2nd, but also for our painters our collection,” Ela told Hi! Society.

    All of that could not be done if not for art ambassador for European modern art, Riza Hansen, who gave us so much energy and helped overcome all the difficulties, and successfully mount the exhibit here.

    To Riza, congratulations!


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