• A prayer for climate healing


    If you’ve got one minute a day to spare, say the “Yolanda Prayer for Climate Healing” to help move our collective consciousness forward from climate change
    to climate healing.

    But I’m getting ahead of my story.

    Who can forget Super Typhoon Yolanda in November 2013? I remember that my small interfaith spiritual support group met barely one week after it happened.

    We shared our common pain as bewildered bystanders in what seemed like an end-of-the world spectacle of mass destruction—feeling helpless and hopeless in a situation we could personally do so little about beyond our small individual donations.

    And since our collective purpose is serving our community as part of our individual purpose of recreating our lives anew in the grandest versions of ourselves, we asked,
    “What unique contribution can our small spiritual support group make?”

    We agreed not everyone can continuously donate stuff or service but most of us, even with just a little willingness, can sincerely intend in his own mind and heart the healing of our dying planet.

    A prayer is just that—a sincere intention said in appreciation, not supplication—thanking instead of begging the Creator because you know deep in your heart that the request, like the healing of our dying planet, is being granted.

    With disasters getting more frequent and fierce, these are undeniably special times we live in and it would help if there’s a special prayer we can say to help us move through our fears in these climate-crazy times.

    Like the “Yolanda Prayer for Climate Healing.”

    When I started to write the prayer in my own words (and it was not easy for me), I wanted it to be short and universal. So ordinary people like you and me can remember to say it at our most desperate moments such as when a disaster strikes.

    It must be “a universal self-study spiritual thought system that teaches that the way to Love and Inner Peace is through Forgiveness” (A Course in Miracles). Since its publication in 1975, it has been read by millions around the world.

    I thought why not use Lesson 95 of the Workbook? I rediscovered the lesson in my frantic search at a desperate moment in my life and has since then been reciting as my affirmation.

    The first four lines below are taken from that lesson. The prayer is also translated in Filipino:

    We are one Self (Iisang Loob tayo)

    United with our Creator ( Kaisa ang Lumikha)

    At one with every aspect of Creation (Kaisa ang bawat bahagi ng Nilikha)

    Limitless in true power and peace (Walang hanggahan ang tunay na kapangyarihan at kapayapaan)

    To heal ourselves (Upang hilumin ang ating mga sarili)

    To heal our dying planet (Upang hilumin ang ating naghihingalong daigdig)

    We thank You for the healing (Salamat Po sa paghihilom)
    And this is so. (Ito nawa.)

    Say this prayer preferably every 6 p.m. with your loved ones. Or whenever you can. With whoever you can. Or even just by yourself.

    Saying the prayer together is like our united call to all—not only to our countrymen here and abroad but also to all global citizens of our common home—to be at one with us as each of us do our bit in moving our collective consciousness forward from climate change to climate healing.

    And since we need to match intention with action for faster results, please sign the pledge at our Facebook page www.facebook.com/yolandahealingprayer not only to pray but also take action in your own personal world.

    Then share with us your thoughts and experiences as you share the Prayer with others in person or online and interpret it in your own mother tongue or render it in song, dance, poetry and art, and whatever you can come up with.

    Now that I’ve told you how you can participate in the larger purpose of healing our climate, I hope you can make the Yolanda Prayer truly your own from here on.

    (Beth R. De Jesus-Natividad is an accredited professional in public relations and aspiring tree farmer. “Yolanda Prayer for Climate Healing” is a project undertaken by volunteer members of the spiritual support group she initiated, the Servants of Light Philippines.)


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