• A prayer for the nation


    The time to get involved in the affairs of this country is now, and the evangelicals are on the right track in coming up with a pastoral letter that supports the campaign against the drug menace while condemning the unwarranted killings of addicts and pushers.

    Can we, as a nation, savor the economic gains measured by the gross domestic product (GDP), albeit lacking in inclusive growth, while our countrymen are being slaughtered daily under uncertain circumstances?

    Can we as a people bear the lamentations of our brothers and sisters whose loved ones fall prey to such injustice?

    Can we in our collective conscience swallow our human pride and say with conviction that the surreal landscape painted by a violent crusade against drug addiction is for the greater good?

    The Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC) is right in praying for the police officers who are faithful in their duty of upholding the law and for President Rodrigo Roa Duterte for enlightenment and divine guidance in his campaign against illegal drugs and in upholding the law and constitutional rights of every Filipino.

    “In accordance with what the Holy Scripture says in 1 Timothy 2:1-4, we are to pray for all people particularly those who are in authority. We therefore pray that those who are mired deeply in the use of prohibited drugs will be able to mend their ways. We pray earnestly for the well-being of our President and his government, as well as our police forces whose lives are often at risk so we Filipinos may enjoy a safe and peaceful society,” the PCEC said in a recent statement.

    They are also right in calling for divine intervention in the lives of addicts so they may find strength in shaking off their dependency on drugs.

    No doubt prayer works, but there is no secret formula that could bring about the change everybody wants to see the easy way – the elimination of the drug menace in the country. Such major surgery involves searing pain.

    As a nation of believers in the power of God, the people may well heed the call for prayer and faith – faith that God hears his people, ready to grant mercy upon us all. Life isn’t perfect, but we are not seeking perfection, just peace in our land conducive to decent and illegal drug–free lives for us and our future generations.


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    1. We have a saying, “Nasa Diyos ang Awa, nasa Tao ang gawa!” Sometimes, when God answers prayers, He answers them through His people. Why? To train them, build their character and for them to experience the joy of helping others.