A president with no brains and no heart


A young man, who has just started to discover the importance of politics in our lives, shared this little insight with me. Perhaps, he said, President Aquino does not have “brains” (in the plural form).  At best, PNoy  has a “brain” in the singular form.  “Brains” means intellectual ability and judgment.  “Brain” denotes an organ that  functions just enough to keep onealive.

I think he has a point that Filipinos would do well to ponder. When we review all the mistakes and disasters of the Aquino presidency, we find this running thread: a basic failure of intelligence and judgment, and an incapacity for empathy that comes to the fore in times of crisis.

The combination is deadly, and it explains why the Mamasapano crisis has brought him to the edge of the abyss.

Nothing in Aquino’s background and experience suggests that he has the resilience and fortitude to survive or surmount the tsunami of outrage that is building up against the administration.

Many are now singing the Paul Anka-Frank Sinatra line: “And now the end is near. . .”

Thinking and judgment

Aquino’s shortcomings in intelligence and judgment were placed on immediate display in his totally mistaken handling of his first crisis: the Luneta hostage-taking that took the lives of eight Hong Kong tourists.

This was when we first saw his tendency to freeze when faced with serious crisis. Despite being gifted with nearly 12 long hours to come up with an availing solution to the hostage-taking, he and his law enforcement advisers could not come up with a solution.

Aquino compounded this mistake by refusing to make amends and apologize to Hong Kong authorities.

This distressing experience would recur in other trials of his presidency – in the Zamboanga stand-off, in the Yolanda crisis, in East Visayas, in the test of wills with the Supreme Court over the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

In all these episodes, he has shown dimwittedness and poor judgment.

The historian Barbara Tuchman, author of major history books and accounts of conflicts and crises, says that intelligence and good judgment are essential qualities of the good leader and commander.

She cites C.P. Snow’s definition of judgment as “the ability to think of many matters at once, in their interdependence, their related importance, and their consequences. It combines rationality, intuition and experience to make leadership decisions effective.”

Complementing Tuchman’s point, the philosopher and psychologist Edward de Bono contends that what is essential to effective leadership is sound and creative thinking.

Sadly, he says that “people in positions of power use their intelligence to defend their position and to survive. They use their intelligence to attack, criticize and blame others.”

If that sounds like a description of President Aquino, there we have it. He is an ineffective leader because he specializes in negative thinking and putting down people, with his nasty tongue and vindictiveness

In a book that de Bono wrote to help Brazil achieve transformational change, Handbook for the Positive Revolution, he offers a practical framework for creative thinking and positive change. We can see how effective his ideas are partly in the great successes of Brazil in recent decades.

With Aquino, in contrast, we elected a man who does not know how to lead, who totally lacks an executive sense, who doesn’t know how to run things.

In his peace initiative in Mindanao, he showed in good measure this shallow intelligence and poor judgment. He took at face value all the recommendations of his peace adviser and chief negotiator, and proceeded to write an agreement that totally compromised the interests of the nation.

He failed to see what was evident to everyone.

1. The MILF was not just demanding greater government services and protections for their communities.

2. They were demanding their own flag and country.

This misapprehension led inevitably to the tragedy at Mamasapano, and the unworkable peace agreement and proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law.

Failing the empathy test

As if poor thinking and judgment were not handicaps enough, President Aquino was also gifted by Providence with an appalling lack of empathy for people in need or in distress. This was placed in stark display in the Yolanda disaster and in the Mamasapano massacre.

The other day, he compounded his problems by showing this character flaw to the families of the police commandos slain in Mamasapano. He tried to grieve with them, but wound up scolding them for needling him about justice for their loved ones.

When the families repeatedly asked him how the government will deliver justice for their dead, he hectored them: “Anong gusto ninyo, kunan namin ng fingerprints ang lahat ng MILF? [What do you want us to do, get the fingerprints of all members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front?]”

The remark predictably angered the families who lost no time telling the media about the meeting.

Ironically, Aquino’s lack of empathy is showing at a time when social philosophers are saying that people today are now living in the Age of Empathy.

In the book,  The Empathic Civilization, Jeremy Rifkin offers “a new rendering of human history and the meaning of human existence.” He contends that the role that empathy plays in our lives has grown more important. In this time of economic hardship, political instability, and rapid technological change, empathy is the one quality we most need if we’re going to survive and flourish in the 21st century.

Rifkin says that it’s important to keep in mind what empathy is — and how it is different from sympathy, which is passive. “Empathy,” explains Rifkin, “conjures up active engagement — the willingness of an observer to become part of another’s experience, to share the feeling of that experience.”

But empathy is not just about feeling for another’s suffering. As Rifkin points out: “One can also empathize with another’s joy.” Indeed, according to Rifkin, “empathic moments are the most intensely alive experiences we ever have.”

This is something, alas, which President Aquino is unable to share with us.

Palace now in panic
The latest reports show that in Malacañang panic has begun to set in as the crisis brought about by Aquino’s mishandling of the Mamasapano Massacre has festered.

The Palace is in  panic mode — so much so that it is now readying several exit plans, according to Palace sources.

“The boat may be sinking,” said one source.

The Gallant SAF44 clearly did not die in vain. For in death, they have enabled their countrymen to realize how bad a leader President Aquino is.

The combined effort of the Palace and Congress to cover up the President’s accountability in Mamasapano has totally failed. The media are more resolute and productive in their investigations. Even the crony media may be waking up.

Things are headed toward a full reckoning next week.

The rally that starts tomorrow could become a rainbow protest action, gathering all sides of the political spectrum and all ethnic and linguistic groups.

President Aquino has not seen anything like this in his five years in Malacañang. He may not survive this coming week to finish his full term in June next year.
Most Filipinos are now tired of waiting.



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  1. di po ako nagmamarunong… gusto ko lang sana iparating ang saloobin ko, kahit naman simpleng tao makikita kung gaano sya ka incompetent bilang pangulo. Sa ngayon po natatakot ako sa seguridad nating lahat at sa darating pang henerasyon kung di tayo magiging matapang sabihin na mayroong pagkakamali. Maraming politiko natin na sarili lang ang iniisip, Pangulo natin di ko nakitang sincere sya sa pakikiramay nya. at wala syang ginawa kundi magturo kung sino ang may mali. IKAW ANG LEADER, wag ka magturo, gumawa ka ng paraan para matama ang lahat, simula ng maupo ka kung sino sinong tao na pinagtuturo mo para sa mga maling nangyari sa bansa. Pero madami din ang mga mali na nangyari sa administrasyon mo. Gusto ko lang ito iparating sa lahat ng nakakataas.. maawa kayo sa mga taong sumasalo ng mga dapat kayo ang humaharap. Sana lang makapag isip na tayo mga pilipino na pumili ng taong talagang may puso para sa bayan at hindi dahil sikat lang o kapatid ng isang sikat na tao o may pera lang. pag aralan natin mabuti at MAGTULUNGAN TAYO MAAYOS ANG BANSA NATIN.

    • Eh ang malaking tanong diyan SINO? Sino ang gusto na piliin ng mga PILIPINO? tatay ko, tatay mo? Diba, wala? Napakahirap pumili kung sino ang pagkakatiwalaan mo.

    • Sana yung patuloy na sumusuporta sa Aquino administration, panahon na po upang magising tayo sa katotohanan. Masyado ng sagad sa kapalpakan ang ating presidente. Very poor judgement talaga. Nabalita na ang ating pangulo ay “autistic” parang lumalabas na tutuo ang balita na yun. “People with autism have social impairments and often lack the intuition about others”. Sa palagay ko dapat salain na ang mga kumakandidato ngaun. Kung mentally and emotionally fit to run the public office. Dahil kinabukasan ng buong bansa ang pinaguusapan. Candidates should be more qualified hindi yung kung kahit sino pede ng tumakbo. Sa trabaho nga only qualified people can be hired bakit di ganun ang gawin sa public office. Set a qualifications hindi yung kahit kriminal o may tama sa ulo pede pa ding kumandidato. Sa pinapakita ng pangulong Aquino ay lalong lumulubog ang ating bansa sa putik. Dapat itama na ang mali impeach President Aquino before it’s too late.

  2. Bakit tuwing may maling nagyayari sa bansa natin laging presidente ang sinisisi natin? Bakit di natin tanungin sarili natin kung may naitulong ba tau sa bansa natin?lahat nalang presidente may kasalanan?teka lang po ha?everyday ba presidente natin nagpapatakbo ng buhay natin?bawat decision mo ba tinatanong mo muna opinion ng presidente?imbes kasi na magsisihan, dapat nagtutulungan..wag ung tutulong tayo sa kakarally sa mga kalsada dapat maging productive tayo..di lang naman ang pesidente ang naninirahan dito sa bansa natin ah?!!sya lang ba tao dto kaya sya lang dapat kumilos?..kaloka!kau na tlga ang perpekto!ang pinakamatalino!ang pinakawalang nagawang mali!sa susunod na eleksyon kumandidato na po kayo sa pagka presidente!congratulations po!

    • Yeeaaah….. please read the article again. It does not blame aquino for any o nthe disasters but criticizes his handling of the aftermath. No leader is perfect but to continually add salt to the wound by stupidity is a sign of incompetence. May naitulong ba ako sa bansa?.. good question. TAXES ON TOP OF TAXES.Is that not enough of a contribution? also, this is a NATIONAL issue we are talking about not you personal salary. The president does not run your life or mine but is supposed to run the country.

  3. Is there anything we can do about the current administration? People elected these people to office. Who’s to blame? Basta ang binoto ko noon si Bro. Eddie Villanueva..

    Kung sino ibobot natin sa susunod is what really matters, for me I will vote for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for President, he will be the perfect leader that this nation needs…

    I dont care if you’re against me.. but if you’re with me-let’s support Duterte ’til the end..

  4. Roland Carrera on

    Consider this an addition to our country’s long list of inept stooges that we Filipinos often elect to higher offices. It’s mind boggling how Aquino even get past the people when he was campaigning for the presidency. More disturbing, it just proves that the majority of our countrymen are just like the president that they’ve installed in office…. mentally and intellectually challenged. Fret not boys and girls, as soon as our people get rid of this smirking clown they’d replace him with another brand of loser in rapid succession. Our country breeds intellects in droves and yet we can’t find one to elect as a President. First thing’s first, kick this one out of office first and we’ll sort out the rest later. God save my native land, Philippines my Philippines.

  5. ok kayo bago magsabi ng no brain ask yourself muna masyado kayong mapanglait kayo tumayo sa lugar ni pres .aquino bka masmasahol pa gawin mo ok.sino sa mga presidente ng pilipinas ang nagbulgar ng mga nangyayari sa mga ginagawa ng mga inihalal ng bansa kundi iyan lang presidente na iyan magisip kang mabuti at tingnan mo kung ano magagawa mo at

  6. iamwell bungari on

    Yen, see and analyze the lyrics of Peter Paul and Mary’s “The Answer is Blowin in the Wind”. Does it describe anyone of us?

  7. I would rather say that his ends is near and so he will face the final curtain of his Presidency. The Pilipino people must wake up and must unite to end up this demonic government of Pnoy and install a new Patriotic Government that will safeguard and protect the interest of this nation. Pnoy must be ejected now!!!!

    • Ilang beses na natin ginawa yan. pro binay ka ba? kasi pag pinatalsik si pnoy si binay ang uupo. at incumbent siya for the next election.

  8. They prefer the sophistry of optics. They crave for the siren sound of words to calm their uncontested greed. A man with none of these is bullied no end because his only claim is his single mindedness to rid the country of corruption. He does not have the personality of a movie star, nor championing hero of a MacArthur such is their need for style over substance a sincere heart dressed in social clumsiness and insensitive pronuncements.

  9. History comes and go. Time will tell if we going in circles or moving in the right direction.
    Events happens, good or bad. Take a short break and observe around you. Then honestly ask yourself, “What am I doing tomorrow to make my beloved country, a better place for the next generations to come?”.

  10. Jaime Hernandez on

    He’s not married & has no family of his own. How can he have empathy for others? It’s just normal that he’s acting like an asshole when he met the families of the Fallen44.

  11. If so, it must run in the family. Wasn’t Ms. Aquino referred to as “walang alam”? The difference is in the quality and quantity of what their brain could process. Having lived through both their regimes, I can only say, not much and nothing substantial.

  12. Resty Refuerzo on

    We need to put qualifications for those running for public office and only tax payers who pay income taxes should only be the ones to vote.

  13. Maraming nagsisisi kung bakit ibinoto nila si Pinoy. Marami ngata sa Pilipinas. Binoto siya dahil namatay ang nanay niya. Yan ang mahihita ninyo. Yung mga naulila ng Mamasapqno massacre at mga simpatayser nila, tiyak ko maraming nagsiboto kay Pinoy. Ngayon ngalgal kayo. Talagang huli ang pagsisisi. Kaya nga ang utak mataas sa puso. Ginamit niyo puso ninyo hindi utak. Ngata!

  14. Now, now, we all gripe about the idiotic, ABnormal behaviour and performance of PeNoy, our President. And who is to blame? All those who voted for him because of his last name in spite of all his psychiatric background. Just look at him and listen when he speaks (his welcome speech before the Pope is classic), you can see he is a borderline Downs syndrome. He is wishy-washy, indecisive and insincere in his speech and actions. He is insecure even about his sexuality and he is a living proof that a man who remains single by age 50 does not like to be bothered by a woman.

    Never mind Estrada, but you could have voted for Teodoro, Villar or even Gordon and for sure we will not be wasting time writing about PeNoy’s inadequacies now. What is happening today with our accidental President was written in the stars but we were not paying attention. So now we are paying for our wrong choice.

    In 2016, the front-runner is Susmaryosep. I’ll bet that we will swallow him and all his baggage hook, line and sinker to elect him the new President because he has a saint’s name and he is a self-proclaimed man of the masses. Never mind that of all Presidential wannabees, he has the best training and experience on large-scale corruption while maintaining immaculate clean hands. No one in history is better-prepared to clean up the country than him. It’s up to you to supply the meaning.

    Mabuhay tayo, mga Filipinos. Di na natuto.

  15. Raul Concepcion on

    yen’s column vividly describes the attitude of our president as somewhat impaired. I do not disagree. Not so long ago, not yet a president, he was involved in quelling the demands of the tenants of Hacienda Luisita. At that time, he had the task of pacifying the angry rallying group. When he could no longer parry with his audience because no one would agree to his proposal to settle the issue of land distribution he declared: “Tignan na lang natin kung sino ang mauunang magutom sa atin.” In frustration he stormed out of the meeting. Not long after, the belligerent tenants continued their rally at the entrance of HL and the rest is history. What happened? It was an appalling “carnage”.

  16. Unfotunately. The Philippines elected a psychopath as president. I thought at first that he is autistic, but now I can see that he shows a typical description of a psychopath.

  17. Unfirtunately. The Philippines elected psychopath as president. I thought at first that he is autistic, but now I can see that he shows a typical description of a psychopath.

  18. we are all commentators….have we ask ourselves…? what have we done in our country….for the greater good of humanity…we are in so much practice of humilation we must contribute goodness rather than hatred….because all us is just a passerby on earth….think again

    • “We shall all pass this LIFE but ONCE, any good therefore that we can do, or any kindness that we can show to our fellow creature, let us to it now, let us not defer nor neglect it, for we shall not pass this WAY AGAIN…””

  19. it is easier said….the opposition has manage their grand standing to this date all of those who keep on blaming or finger pointing in their lives…should ask and listen to the voice within them….if they have done a thing to help..

  20. He did not claim to possess those characters, yes. He should know his limitations and he should have been true to himself. So why did he aspired for that position that he knows he is not really fit to handle? There is one great flaw in this person’s character that Yen failed to mention. He is an “Uto-Uto” for believing what other people whisper in his ears. By the way, that is also related to the lack of “brains” Yen has expounded here. We do not blame all the voters because we did not vote for him. Direct it to the yellows who at this point hopefully will see their leader P-noy as beyond redemption now.

  21. Roldan Guerrero on

    The Simeon Benigno Aquino presidency is a nightmare to every Filipinos! A man who should have never been a president is still in progress of putting this country into a failed state. Ousting him now is the only solution to stop his ill intentions to this country and the Filipinos as well. I will support any move to kick him out of the palace.

    • leslie agoncillo on

      We all have witnessed the incompetence of Simeon Benigno Aquino. It is true that we now all know that he is a very poor “crisis” management leader. Let us look at the balance sheet. That is what we business managers do. What has he accomplished as against his blunders?
      On the positive side: the economy is booming. Many will argue that it would happen even without him but can not deny that most of this is because of his anti corruption campaign. Under whose presidency have we seen three(3) senators, 2 governors, and many more to follow, in jail??!!! Under whose presidency, has it been exposed the coddling of criminals in the National Penitentiary??!! Many of the poor will say they have not felt it yet but can not deny that now they have more relatives with jobs than before.
      On the negative side: we all know of his blunders and incompetence.
      So to complete the cycle, what have we got as a president? One how is very poor in “crisis Management” but very good for the economy. So what can we advise the people?
      Let us not be too emotional about Mamapasano. It is one of those incidents that remind us of Pnoys inadequacies but what choice have we got really?? If he resigns or is impeached who will replace him? If we all agree we want Binay for president then so be it. but then with Binay as president, we all go back to the likes of Gloria, Ramos, Erap – puro mandarambong!!!!Do we want that on us again???

      Let us all just simmer down a bit and wait. After all, elections for the presidency will be held 2016. that is only a few months away. Sit on the BBL law if we must. Again it is not imperative that it be passed immediately. Our muslim brothers have been negotiating for this since so long ago, a few more years will not change their clamor for peace. Let the next president do the decision making and this time for our sake and the good of the country. Please fellow filipinos let us elect a president who is worth our trust, worth our weight in gold.

      After all, we deserve what we get! And for those who will claim that they did vote for another person and not this person or that, please do not forget that we have a “democracy” – the rule of the majority. The will of the people is the will of God!!!!!

  22. ….sa nababasa ko dito lahat kayo magagaling….magagaling manlait ng tao lalo na sa Presidente na inyong binoto….lahat na lang na problema ay binabato at sinisisi sa Pangulo….bakit hindi niyo tanungin ang sarili niyo kung bakit nagkaganito? Hindi ba kayo ang dahilan kung bakit ganito ngayon ang Pilipinas? Bakit? Unang una, hindi kayo marunong bomoto ng maaus at malinis, pangalawa, tuwing eleksyon gusto niyo may kapalit na pera ang boto niyo, pangatlo, wala kayong pakialam! Ang matindi pa, basta na lang mag “EDSA” o Di kaya sumigaw ng Resign….resign….at resign….PROTESTA KALIWA KANAN ….pagkatapos ano ang manyayari? wala rin dahil nagkagulo na….madali kc kayong makalimot…..Ilang EDSA na ang naganap…umasenso ba ang Pilipinas? Wala Di ba? Lalo pang nabaon sa hirap. Ngayon gusto niyo naman ulitin? Ang masasabi ko lang “cool” lang kayo at hintayin ang resulta ng investigation….pag hindi kayo satisfied, patapusin niyo na lang si Pinoy total malapit na rin lang next year na at eleksyon na….doon niyo ipakita ang inyong pagmamahal sa bayan sa pamamagitan ng pagboto ng maaus at maging active sa pagbantay contra dayaan at pamimili o pag benta ng boto….sana mag isip isip kayo….huwag pagpagamit para matupad lamang ang interest ng Ilang tao na makinabang sa pag resign ng Pangulo ngayon….

  23. It is very obvious that BA Cojuangco Aquino III is incapable of processing information, and a very poor judge of character, will only listen to dictates of people whom he consider as true friend.

    If this new movement to take him out of office truly materialize, and if the convenors truly want the nation to move forward, it would be a good starting point to confine and secure BS Cojuangco Aquino III in a military camp, remain incommunicado from his handlers, and should be quizzed by credible investigators of all the government transactions, that went through his office for his approval – starting with the national budget for the last four years.

    In parallel to his removal from office, a move to round up all cabinet members and their detention must take effect, then bar all politicians from leaving the country must be imposed, including the freezing of all their assets, while BS Cojuangco Aquino III is under investigation.

    Surely, without any outside contact or someone to dictate on BS Cojuangco Aquino III, he will reveal needed information to prosecute each of his close-in aides who help themselves to manipulate the course of our republic’s political landscape, and which would facilitate bringing them to justice and for the country to recover from them their plundered assets.

    In so doing, the country would have enough funds to reform the political system, rehabilitate the economy, and secure our national security.

  24. you are suggesting that the prospective candidate for president should have a complete medical workout as part of his documents to be submitted to comelec. may i add that this should also apply to senators and probably to all elected and appointed positions. fyi, the mental condition of boy sisi was brought up by many people and most vocal about it was the columnist of phil. star carmen pedroza. nobody believed her then and she was villified by the yellow cultists and some of media persons belonging to the called conscripted media. as the saying goes, nasa huli ang pagsisisi at ngayon nagsisisi ang mga nagbulagbulagan na bumoto kay boy sisi na niwala sa mga sloganeering ng mga PR handlers ni boy sisi like ‘kung walang kurap walang mahirap’.

  25. na-tinapa na brains niya sa kakasigarilyo kaya atherosclerotic na rin heart niya. a sad state of health.

  26. Philippines is laughing place where I work. Not the country itself but the people, the few Filipino people. They told me that Filipinos one way or the other, wants your president to do everything and blame from it. Average Filipinos want him to be a traffic enforcer, highway patroller, a custom inspector, a police, a coast guard, a soldier, a tax collector, a detective and most recently a field combat commander. Filipinos blame your president if their is traffic congestion anywhere, somebody did not pay taxes, most recently they want to know why the SAF operation failed and accused him of poor planning in combat strategy,etc..etc… They even blame him why he is still single and why he got that haircut. Finally they told me, your country needs the love of the people just like the Japanese and the Korean. The few thinks by doing that they love their country, which is not./

  27. We are complete fools for blaming Pres Aquino for all the ills of his presidency. This is all the fault of the Filipino voters. Aquino did not claim to possess those characters that people are now complaining about before he was “elected” into office. He never claimed to be having just one of those traits even. It is like choosing a blind man to lead us and complaining later that he brought us to the wrong place because he did not see his way! Why blame him for not having them now? Blame us voters!

    • Roldan Guerrero on

      I like your idea, however, bear in mind that the presidency is not a joke, it is a task where intellectual and moral ability should be of utmost importance which a president should have. Learned individuals say it is on your mistakes where you learn such that another mistake/s will be avoided. The chains of lapses Aquino committed shows his inability to discharge his functions as a president. We are very lucky that we have OFWs whose dollar remittances keep our economy afloat and performing on mediocre level despite Aquino`s failure to create jobs that are worth living such that brain-drain will not happen. Most importantly Aquino`s presidency is tainted with so much belief of election riggings that resulted on the so called HOCUS-PCOS. AQUINO is not fit for the job and I woul say you will buy my idea if I say we Filipinos deserve to have an honest,competent and intellectual president.

    • Admittedly, many of our people committed a grave mistake in giving him the presidency … it is now time to correct that mistake … sobra na!

    • He did not claim to possess those characters, yes. He should know his limitations and he should have been true to himself. So why did he aspired for that position that he knows he is not really fit to handle? There is one great flaw in this person’s character that Yen failed to mention. He is an “Uto-Uto” for believing what other people whisper in his ears. By the way, that is also related to the lack of “brains” Yen has expounded here. We do not blame all the voters because we did not vote for him. Direct it to the yellows who at this point hopefully will see their leader P-noy as beyond redemption now.

    • I agree. It was timely na namatay si Tita Cory – with the experience that the people got from Gloria’s administration, the Liberal Party took advantage of the sympathy people showed to Cory’s death. Good politics but poor leadership… uso na naman ang balimbingan… I’m sure.

    • If as you say, noynoy did not claim to possess the traits, then he should know that he is not qualified to run for presidency. His ego is super big propped up by bloodsucking greedy politicians and oligarchs. He was voted by merely 30% of the voting population. smartmatic had a lot to do with him and his liberal partymates being in the government. Why would brillantes sign the deal before he retired? Smartmatic is not the only company that can upgrade the poll automation machines. Smartmatic has the code that brought an ill fitting man with asperger syndrome to becoming the president of the country :((

    It’s a waste of time and effort for everybody to ask Pnoy to tell the truth of his role, what he knew, when he knew them and what orders he gave to whom to reinforce or stand down in assisting the extraction of the besieged SAF forces. Pnoy Aquino will simply dance the twist around any question and will give his own padded answers and then turn the table by blaming whoever was there to spearhead the operation like Napenas but absolve Purisima in the process. You can not blame Pnoy Aquino for his evasive and non-admission response since the man is traumatically SICK in the MIND! Pnoy is unable to formulate a cogent reply coz his brain is as confused as the Mamasapano “firefight” can be. You elected a person who is psychologically impaired so he can not make a clear and truthful answer coz he is deeply emotionally depressed, not because of the death of the Brave 44 troopers, but due to overwhelming facts Pnoy can not process in his brain. Coloma said he will answer the truth “At the right time” and that is only after Pnoy is stabilized with proper dosage of depressant medications that will clear his brain of anxiety. But whether Pnoy will say or reveal is the “truth” is pure speculation due to his unstable mind. The people just have to I be like psychiatrists to determine Pnoy’s role and participation in the operation And and whether they are the truth from outside collaborative facts! In the end Pnoy remains an enigmatic person with enigmatic mind that consider LIES as TRUTH! That’s how a contorted brain and mind works after all!

    • victor m. hernandez on

      I heard that there is a long line of kidney patients waiting for donors who are brain dead. Maybe the government can assuage this predicament.
      The government should not rely on the solution being done by the ISIS on organ donation.
      However someone in government has a very expensive brain because it is good as new : it has never been or just slightly used.

  29. chthonic monster on

    one more time for our country’s and it’s people’s sake:

    “guidance does not come from a father (leader) who is weak, yielding and a softie”!

  30. We certainly do have a broken government operating against the people’s welfare. We have a president who does not possess any of the skills of even a normal person.

  31. I beg to disagree that aquino has no “brains.” To the contrary he has a lot of “brains.” He has “abad’s brain” that came up with DAP, “abaya’s brain” running the LRT-MRT, “petilla’s brain” solving the power crisis, “deles-ferrer’s brain” negotiating with milf, “purisima’s brain’s directing the mamasapano operation, “soliman’s brain” on street people cleansing, “de lima’s brain” operating bilibid hotel, and a lot more. Aquino is also gifted not only with a “forked-tongue” but with a trident tongue of coloma-lacierda-valte spewing lies from all directions.

  32. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Seems going the way the writer described. The scenario unfolding with the KKK in confused mode. The lady spokesperson is definitely off tangent with her remarks on TV. Because they will lose so much if ever. God bless the Philippines.

  33. “Most Filipinos are now tired?” I don’t know where you got this. It sounds more of a wish of yours. President GW Bush once said: the problem is people who know how to run the government are all in the media.

  34. P.Noy calls them “kayo ang boss ko” but deep inside he hates them because he is the Boss and they are “mga Bossabus ko” in the heart and mongoloid brain of Aquino.

  35. Yen Makabenta, I take my hats off of your erudite knowledge of the worst political situation obtaining in the country nowadays. Your analytical mind is so invasive and mind-boggling for seemingly ABnoy’s lack of brains and empathy with families of fallen 44 heroes. He denigrate the memories of fallen 44 by his contumacious and stupid behavior. Where can you see a President in front of grieving family members of fallen 44, smiling always every time he open his mouth when he is supposedly comforting them? Is he serious? Is he joking? Son-of-a-bitch! His fibbed statements cannot be believed by any normal human beings. It seems PNoy is so much inebriated with power that he oftentimes misapply it selectively – one for his friends and another for his perceived enemies. But this gift which was wrongly given to him will soon dissipate into thin air. And his time is running out. The sooner he exits the better.

  36. Your subject was disgraceful, unprofessional. abusive and opportunistic as a columnist…It’s better for you to give time to read the book “STUPID is FOREVER”….from Toronto, Canada.

    • Sir, with all your respect, he pointed out some books authored for reference with regards to leadership. The article has a powerful point, even though i am not a journalist as long as i can understand their point. No matter what you have said or the ideas that you have inline with the article are too different from us.

    • After reading the summary of what’s lacking with his excellency, you are going to argue with the title of editorial article? You have empathy with a president who feels no empathy for the people who believed his “daang matuwid”.

  37. This piece is not only replete with erudition, it is also powerfully written and most persuasive. What the author says about the Abnoy is very true. We all know that now. What makes the wound even more painful is that he is not even our legitimate president. Meaning, he has no right whatsoever to lord it over our people and inflict this kind of pain and misery upon us. He has no mandate at all.

    This being the case, we really have no other recourse but to oust him. The call started by the National Transformation Council is resonating. More and more people are shouting the call. The Abnoy has every reason to fear the coming days. His karma will befall him any minute now.

  38. sonny dela cruz on

    In the new constitution to be drafted, there should have a safeguard to protect the country and the people when the president has a mental deficiency like Pres. Aquino. Someone has to evaluate and declare that the President has to be replace because of his mental incapacity to run the government, to be a commander in chief. With all the speeches and action of President Aquino I believe he maybe mentally sick and the country is in danger of collapsing soon.