A president without shame?


FIFTY-FIVE days have passed since the Mamasapano Massacre in Maguindanao last January 25 that resulted in the Slaughter of 44 Special Action Force (SAF) elite commandos of the Philippine National Police (PNP). Yet until today, President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd has chosen NOT TO TELL THE TRUTH on what really happened on that fateful day.

A nationwide survey conducted during the first week March 2015 by Pulse Asia showed that about eight out of every 10 Filipinos (79%) find the explanation of President Aquino to be insufficient or not enough. Worse, only 10% of the respondents interviewed believe what PNoy has been saying about Operation Exodus that ended tragically.

The recent survey by Pulse Asia validates what I wrote in my past two columns (March 7 and 16, 2015) that President B. S. Aquino 3rd has lost the Filipino people’s credibility. Senior Senator Sergio “Serge” Osmeña 3rd had commented that the Chief Executive is suffering from a serious “Crisis of Credibility” that he does not seem to know.

Likewise, President Aquino until now has not apologized to the Filipino people nor has he condemned the savage carnage of the 44 SAF commandos by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF). He appears to be more interested in his commitment for the early passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) by Congress than in seeking justice for the 44 slain SAF elite troops.

PNoy has not admitted his serious mistake of giving then suspended PNP Chief Alan Purisima control of a covert police operation. He has also not apologized for the breaking the PNP chain of Command that resulted in the deaths of the 44 SAF troops. The Board of Inquiry (BOI) Report states that “the chain of command was bypassed” after the Chief Executive “exercised his prerogative ” to deal directly with SAF Commander Napeñas.

Why PNoy will not apologize

Former President Fidel V. Ramos (FVR) has said that President Aquino should take responsibility for slaughter of the 44 SAF elite commandos and apologize to the Filipino people. For FVR, it is the proper thing to do and asked “what is so difficult about it.” Well, it takes a lot of humility to do it especially when a person is imbued with extreme hubris and hypocrisy perhaps due to a serious or severe psychological disorder.

Former President Ramos suggested that PNoy can do what then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo did in 2005 when she said “I am sorry” over national broadcast and print media on the ‘Hello Garci’ incident after she called Comelec Commissioner Garcellano during the 2004 presidential elections.

Senator Grace Poe has said the same thing that PNoy should own up the responsibility because “the buck stops with the President.” When asked if PNoy should apologize, she said that “any leader, particularly when there are mistakes should own up to it. “ Senator Poe gave the interview when she presented her Draft Report to the Senate Joint Committee that was signed by 20 senators.

Other prominent personalities who have asked President Aquino to apologize for the Mamasapano Massacre are Senator Sergio Osmeña 3rd, former Senator Panfilo Lacson and several bishops. However, Communications Secretary Herminio “Sonny” Coloma has been reported in the press two weeks ago that President B. S. Aquino 3rd will not apologize for the massacre of the 44 slain SAF troops in Maguindanao in Mindanao.

President B. S. Aquino III will not apologize to the Filipino People because he believes he did NOTHING WRONG with Operation Exodus. Contrary to the Senate Report of Senator Poe that no one is infallible, PNoy believes otherwise!

During a Prayer Meeting with Evangelical Leaders in Malacañang last March 9, President Aguino said in his speech: “Kung ako ang may kasalanan dito, bakit di ko aakuin lahat?” (“If I am fault here, why should I NOT ADMIT it all?”)

B.S. Aquino 3rd could have easily just told the TRUTH and apologized for his faults. Then END OF STORY. But why didn’t he? Is it because the blunder that he did was so destructive that the Filipino people would rise against him and kick him out of office once we learn of the truth? Or is it just EXTREME HUBRIS & HYPOCRISY that is preventing him to tell the truth and apologize.

Malacanang issue on the BOI Mamasapano Report

Last Tuesday, President Aquino summoned PNP Director Benjamin Magalong, the head of the Board of Inquiry (BOI), to Malacañang Palace “to clarify some issues which were not included in the BOI conclusions.” Director Magalong later told the Camp Crame reporters that he was able to ask Mr. Aquino questions which the BOI had wanted to address during its investigation of the botched SAF operations
However, what was the real purpose of the meeting when no less than BOI Chief Magalong said last Thursday that “I stand by our word that we will not change the conclusions and findings in the BOI Report.”

A day earlier, Magalong had said that the President did not pressure him to amend the six-volume 128-page “Mamasapano Report” that was made public four days earlier on March 13. (Philippine Daily Inquirer, March 19, 2015).

The height of hypocrisy and/or sheer incompetence was during the meeting when Magalong said that “the President also asked him why he (Aquino) was not given a chance to speak with the members of the BOI.” This is simply preposterous or ludicrous because the Chief Executive can always summon them if he really wanted to give his side on the tragic fiasco, as he did last Tuesday, March 17.

The PNP Board of Inquiry interviewed more than 300 persons on the Maguindanao Massacre. However, Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda said that the Mamasapano Report “introduced innuendos and resorted to speculations to reach some of its conclusions.” Mr. Lacierda also criticized the BOI Report for its failure to make an official request for an interview with President B.S. Aquino 3rd.

However, there was NO Need for such a request. President Aquino could have simply told the TRUTH of what happened on that fateful day of Jan. 25, 2015 in his first press conference on Jan. 28. 2015. PNoy could have also asked the PNP’s BOI to interview him clarify matters if he wanted to, but he did not.

Now, Malacañang is making a Big Issue that the President was NOT interviewed! The Chief Executive could have easily clarified what really happened during the Prayer Meeting at the Palace with the Evangelical Leaders on March 9.

Truth & accountability

President B.S. Aquino 3rd could have easily told the TRUTH and “clarified matters” only had he wanted to. He had 5 opportunities to do so from January 28 in his first press conference to March 15 during the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) graduation ceremony in Baguio. Thus, there was NO Need for P-Noy to be invited by the PNP Board of Inquiry for “due process to be observed” if he truly wanted to TELL THE TRUTH.

PNoy has to be made ACCOUNTABLE for what he did and failed to do. He should not be allowed to get away with it. He can face IMPEACHMENT cases in Congress and complaints can be filed against him in the Office of the Ombudsman together with the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) scam after his term ends on 30 June 2016.


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  1. b. l. fernandez on

    Nakakatawa itong si Pnoy. kung makapalusot, wagas. nagrereklamo siya na di siya in-interview ng BOI. Bakit kung in-interview ba siya e sasabihin niya ang totoo? aamin ba siya sa kapalpakan niya. malamang kung ano ang sinabi niya sa mga speechches niya after the incident, e yun din lalabas sa sinungaling niya bunganga. tama ang article na ito. he had a lot of chances to clear things up. daming ekek. nung una, wala siyang alam, nung nabuking, biglang natutulog daw kasi siya, pagkatapos binola siya, ngayon naman, ” e di naman ako tinanong e” – e di wow!

  2. Being us as his bosses… after due diligence and careful analysis of both the BOI and the senate committee report…I arrived at the conclusion the you ABNOY is a congenital liar and does not deserve to stay much longer in your position….I find you guilty beyond reasonable doubt and that all remuneration and benefits due to you be distributed to the people of the Philippines…….. on this day…YOU ARE FIRED…..

  3. He was invited by the BOI to testify but the invitation was coursed through Mar Roxas who said that because of too much work he forgot to relay it to the president. How can we believe him when this was a very important matter. If it is true that he forgot, how can he be so careless? And he wants to be president? The real scenario that may have taken place is that he informed Pnoy who decided to ignore it the same way he has now decided not to attend the congress’ invitation to testify on what he knows. Two lying bedfellows, a sitting lameduck and a wannabee president– both shameless.

  4. I have seen through all of 7 presidents, and this is the ONLY time I hear of so much ridiculing, name-calling, cursing, etc. all directed towards one person, in no uncertain terms…nakakahiya na talaga!

    Buti na lang wala siyang anak, dahil dadalhin ng kanyang lahi ang sobra-sobrang kahihiyan at pag-aalipusta…not just at being stupid and corrupt…

    The worst is to be branded a TRAITOR, just like his forebears…


  5. Wag resignation coz WORST ang successor. MILIITARY/PNP TAKEOVER THEN REAL ELECTION when MATINO na ang mga FILIPINO. Mga matitinong Filipino ng WWW774 radio program UMPISAAN NYO!!!!!!!

    • If we want the rule of law to be followed, we have to follow the Constitution and the rule of succession says that the Vice President becomes the head of state when the President is booted out of office. If there is any iota or proof of malfeasance of the VP when he is in office, the people can always impeach him. I do not see anything in the 1987 Constitution that explicitly states that neither the President or the VP can not be sued during their tenure of office. It is never a condition that they have to be impeached first before they can be sued. They can be sued after their impeachment but the Constitution does not state that they can not be sued before impeachment. The framers were very clear on that.

  6. Manny De Guzman on

    Ang taong may TUPAK SA ULO hindi gumagana ng tama. May tililing na may IPOT pa ang panot. MABAHO TA MALANSA tula sa patay na isda. Katakutakot na siguro ang nicotine sa utak kaya hindi na gumagana. Kulang na lang ay APOY ng lumabas kapag nagsasalita. Palibasa pake na PCOS ang ginamit para maluklok ito nagkalukoluko ang pamahalan. Ito lang ang president kong gaano hamakin ng taong bayan. Sira ang ulo kaya sira din ang pamamalakad. Pwe!!!!

  7. Even if there will ever be successful coup Pnoy will never apologize. He grew up faultless even during the time he got hit by a friendly fire when her mother was the president that cause the lives of young lady who was a passenger on Pnoy vehicle he never felt sorry. Take note it was Pnoy fault that cause the friendly fire because he disobeyed the order of the guards of the palace including Purisima.

  8. Citizens, you want to learn kung paano magpalusot? Just watch how PNoy does it. Dyan sya magaling.

  9. vagoneto rieles on

    Much has already been said of President Aquino’s role in the Mamasapano affair..both in regular media and through the internet. Some of these were positive, (or benign); most were scathing, acrimonious and downright scurrilous. It is one subject that has probably run its course; and, it is quite likely that all sensible thinkers have formed their own conclusions. Ratcheting up the tension another notch by suggesting that the President be grilled by Congress..after two relevant reports were released.. is taking this ”raid’s” outcome to the absurd..on two levels.1) Let’s not forget that ‘Mamasapano’ was a mission to get Marwan and Usman who were holed up among hostiles. A firefight ensued and, quite predictably, casualties fell..on both sides; 2) The performance of those in-charge of the raid looked sloppy and suspect..but that’s for military minds to assess. We have our opinions, but that’s all they are.
    President Aquino only represents the institution of the Presidency. While he may be faulted as a man, the Presidency itself is inviolable; its importance..paramount. Speaking solely for myself, I’d say enough has been said of ‘Mamasapano’.

    • Indeed, enough has been said. Now, it is imperative for the people to act and act swiftly. Either the military can exercise its role as the Protector of the People from a liar or the people by its sheer number will bodily carry simyon and throw him out into the streets of Mendiola. Lying is a betrayal of public trust and yet, I can not comprehend how the representatives of the people holding office in a building called Batasang Pambansa can literally ignore the people’s clamor to boot simyon out of office. On the other hand, it is also the public’s responsibility to write to their respective congressman to pressure him/her to support an impeachment move for betrayal of public trust. Otherwise, we just deserve the kind of government for not acting to protect our rights and interests and exercising our prerogatives as citizens of the republic.

  10. If he admits his mistake and says “I am sorry”, Gloria would retort: “You’re nothing but a second-rate, trying-hard copycat!”

  11. Ha ha ha. To be called a President without shame is an insult to the hightest order. That’s all I can say. But for a President who is lumbasted that way, if I were he, I would rather resign out of discretion. It means nobody respects you anymore.

  12. ha ha ha wala pagkakaisa mga Pnoy sa Pinas ni hndi nila sinusuportahan ang kanilAng mismong pangulo it show na mas malakas ang milf.. milf must combine to china to assure its indepence….

  13. lumalabas na ang tunay nyang pagkatao, na physcopatic, lunatic mind.. mga taga malakanyang, magsiparesign na lang kayo lahat diyan… natitiis ninyo na ang kasama ninyong Presidente ay isang abnormal na tao… Walang kahihiyan, and never tell apology to the filipino people. How many times he did this… 1st it was Mayor Estrada who ask for apology to Hongkong govt, regarding the manila standoff, on behalf og philippine government. Sa ibang gobyerno nga , hindi sya huminigi ng paumanhin, sa sarili pa kaya niyang bansa…???? OGAG talaga.. lumilitaw na ang tunay niyang pagkatao.. bakit ninyo ibinoto itong taong ito….mga taga malakanyang nakakatiis kayo sa ugali ng amo ninyo??? why…

  14. Christine Tan on

    why would he apologize? ung mga dapat na advisers nya na nag ‘a-advise’ sa kanya na gawin yun, eh mga maka-MILF! dapat tong si pnoy at mga advisers nya i-exile!

  15. The lies are becoming laughable, if that did not involve 44 policemen being murdered. Aquino did not testify before the BOI. Now his story is that he wanted to testify so the whole story would come out but he wasn’t asked!

  16. Unfortunately, we have a vice president, a court of appeals judge, a judge, a policeman, who is just as shameless. So we are in a bind, nowhere to go, nowhere to turn to. Shame that we put ourselves into this situation by electing misfits. Bet you there is still no lesson learned, and the next batch we will put into office will be of the same breed simply because we got it all wrong. Our basis for voting/choosing our officials into office is money, personal relationships, loyalty, in that order. Integrity? Competence? Honesty? They come last and only after the fact all the time.(sa sisihan lang yan, leave that to the guy to consider and vote for, meantime, for now, let me make my hay..

    • That’s where you are very very wrong. With all the heritage funds and precious metals to be no less than USD500 Billion that will be under his beneficial control to be put into structured financial exercises, the next leader together with all the barangays all over the country will put the Philippines as No. 1 in Southeast Asia in the next five years – beginning the middle of this year. He will make everyone so busy earning honest living that they will never have time for petty political bickerings. The next leader does not even care about the Presidency.

  17. Crisostomo Ibarra on

    The investigation should elaborate on the following:

    1. Why artillery fire support was not provided? I read the alibi given by the Generals. Sad to say, actions taken during the incident were unacceptable. With or without coordination, not providing military assistance which resulted in the death of 44 brave souls, is conduct unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman.

    2. Why the remaining 200 something SAF troops did not provide relief to the beleaguered 55th SAC.

    Without prejudice to AFP, PNP, OPAPP, the Executive office, investigators should include these on their inquiry and provide a comprehensive report. This inquiry should be performed diligently to determine the root cause and subsequently, implement corrective measures to prevent recurrence of this tragic event.

  18. Vicente Penetrante on

    As the saying goes: “There are no healthy marriages without apologies and forgiveness.” But our ‘father (of the nation)’ is a bachelor. That is why he is not apologizing and asking for forgiveness. We are ‘illegitimate’ children,’ rather than he is our ‘illegitimate’ father.


    Dahil diyan sa mantra ng mga Dilaw na Kulto na iyan na “Daang Matuwid” kunoh, kaya “TUMUWID ANG MGA PAA AT NANGAMATAY SA KAMAY NANG MGA BANDIDOS Ng MGA PINABAYAAN NA MGA GALLANT SAF 44”

  20. The TRUTH is too damaging for this Presidency, so the normal course is to suppress the same at all costs, — until they leave Office by June 30,2016. By then, it is a fair game, depending on who is the new resident in the Palace, an installed ally or a new Sheriff of different colors.

  21. Saan kaya kumukuha ng kapal ng mukha ang lintek na ABNOY na yan?Halata talagang sira-ulo ang lintek.Matapos niyang ipapatray ang SAF44 ngayon puro kasinungalingan ang pinagsasabi ng gagong ABNOY na yan.

  22. venerando desales on

    Robert Greene’s laws of power stated that we should avoid the unfortunate and the unhappy because if they drew it upon themselves, they will drew it upon us. We have suffered a lot, the bribery in the dap, pdap, the Corona impeachment, MRT corruptions, then the shameless cover up and abandonment of the fallen SAF 44 for the sake of the surrender of Mindanao thru the BBL. Tama na talaga! Sobra na talaga! By the way, the Bible says that natural calamities, such as typhoons, earthquakes, etc. are signs that the leaders of the country are sinful! Must we remain passive and let their misfortune befall upon us? These calamities were meant to touch the conscience of the leaders, but they have no conscience! Pahawa ba tayo sa kamalasan nila at tayo maging dimalas din?

  23. rosendo bagtas on

    nasaan na ang pinangangalandakang DAANG MATUWID ni PNoy? akala ko bang ito ang gabay ng kanyang pamunu-an ngunit taliwas ang naging katotohanan based on what happened and his character and statements showed the opposite. kalimutan na natin ang mga kasinungalingan dulot ng DAANG MATUWID! mula ngayon gawin natin itong DAANG PANOT! Salat sa katotohanan at puno ng kasinungalingan!

  24. Apologize? Knowing the character of BSAquino III, for him to apologize is tantamount to committing suicide. Worst, he thinks he is normal when he is not.

    • The Mamasapano Massacre only shows that B.S. Aquino 3rd does not deserve to be President of PH or any country for that matter.

  25. Even if his refusal to send reinforcements condemned our gallant SAF 44 to death, BS Aquino still would not apologize to the nation and to the relatives of our slain policemen. Why would he not apologize? Despite his being inept, he is arrogant and does not possess even a hint of humility. He could this stubborn because he is sick in the head brought about by a psychological disorder, as the author puts it.

    He lies and paints Purisima and himself as blameless, and makes Napenas as scapegoat, even if the poor fellow just obeyed orders from him and his BFF Purisma. This BS Aquino is indeed shameless!