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Cebu Pacific finally unveils a loyalty rewards program
For Cebu Pacific, the best flights in life are free.

The 19-year-old budget flag carrier, which is largely credited for allowing more Filipinos to travel both locally and internationally, has just taken its battle cry “It’s tike every Juan flies” notches higher.

Just before the Easter break the JG Summit subsidiary launched its very own and much-awaited loyalty rewards program GetGo via a landmark flight from Manila to Cebu.

At its helm is British expat Nik Laming, who serves Cebu Pacific’s Loyalty Division general manager. Joining him in the Queen City of the South for the grand launch was Allan Florendo, Cebu Pacific director of marketing and partnerships of the said division, who provided the background on GetGo’s innovative concept at a press briefing.

“Cebu Pacific’s Loyalty Division was formed as early as November 2013 with the task of putting together a rewards program for Cebu Pacific fliers,” Florendo began, noting that it was then a one-man team fuelled with Laming’s 20-year of expertise and experience in loyalty marketing across the United States, Europe and Asia.

Target markets
As Laming kept a watchful eye on the travel preferences and habits of Filipinos, GetGo took form, requiring a bigger team to turn it into a full-fledged loyalty program for Cebu Pacific.

“The process had to begin with finding out what Filipinos want so I could give the program a local flavor that truly suits Philippine market,” Laming explained, specifying that he initially identified four target markets within the Philippines.

First are the family heads, like the mothers, who shop for needs of their families. Second are the business travelers who frequently travel for work. Third is the youth, who Laming described as an “up and coming [generation]with money to spend;” and lastly, the overseas Filipino workers who go back and forth their country of posting to visit their families back home.

With the four target markets emerging as Cebu Pacific’s frequent fliers, Laming went on to design the kind of rewards that they deserve. He said he was guided by the three concepts of being “fun, down to earth, and grateful.”

The fun of GetGo, naturally, is in getting free flights from the airline. It’s “down-to-earth” in the way that compared to other airlines, the program promises a quicker way to earn points to secure the free flights. And finally, the entire concept is anchored on gratefulness for the overwhelming surge of travelers onboard the 60 routes the company has developed in the past 19 years.

But just how quickly can GetGo members earn points for their dream desti-nations, or if they wish, to use for flight add-ons like reserved seats, additional baggage, and meals among others?

“By flying, shopping and eating,” Laming simply and proudly replied. “Besides earning points by buying local and international flights on Cebu Pacific, GetGo members can also gather or convert points from the airline’s current partner establishments, namely Citibank, Metrobank, Zap and Ring Rob Concierge by Robinsons.”

The general manager further promised that GetGo will soon expand its partner establishments to include supermarkets and department stores to telecommunication companies.

Never ‘forever’
The highlight of Laming’s product presentation was when he promised that “it will not take forever” for members to actually enjoy their rewards—the usual case with loyalty programs.

“Every P5 spent in flights is equivalent to one point, and domestic flights are equivalent to only 500 points in a recent sale we had at the GetGo website,” he excitedly announced.

Even the redemption of points is simplified. Members only need to log on getgo.com.ph, click on “redeem” button, and they will automatically be directed to an online booking platform. There is also the option to call the GetGo hotline at 71GetGo (43846).

“The person who earns the points, flies for free,” said Laming. “It’s that simple.”

Other benefits
GetGo’s advantages do not end with the quick and easy process as it also offers a host of other customer-friendly perks.

For example, to collect points much faster, GetGo members who are friends or family can form a group of seven and pool their points together. The individuals in this said group can avail of reward flights for each other.

There is also a cash payment scheme that enables members to top rewards points with cash.

Among the said perks, what Laming is really proud about is the fact that GetGo points will never expire as long as the account is active, unlike loyalty programs in other airlines.

“As if all that isn’t good enough, we will also throw in exclusive deals just for GetGo members regularly at our website,” he rounded up.

To join GetGo, Cebu Pacific fliers should register online at GetGo’s website and avail of the membership card for only P150. The card will be delivered to the customer who can immediately make plans to get go and travel.

For more information, log on to www.getgo.com.ph, or call GETGO (43846). For latest updates, follow “GetGoPH” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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