A second look at Duterte


A 12-MINUTE video of former Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte where he outlined his plans puts this tough-talking presidential bet in a new light.

In the video posted on Face book, Duterte was sober, soft-spoken, unlike the persona he has been known for.  Was this the real Duterte or was this just a makeover? Whatever it may be, what he communicated merits deep consideration.

Among his proposals, I like best the revival of the steel industry. He said correctly that more jobs will be created thru industrialization and that there can be no industrialization unless the country had an integrated steel mill.

He lamented that while the Philippines had one ahead of Taiwan, South Korea and other countries, it’s now importing from them finished products made from ores and raw materials that it has exported to them. Wonder no more why even carpentry tools are imported.

The inept Department of Environment and Natural Resources has done nothing while our beaches are disfigured with the quarrying of black sand, a source of raw materials in steel production.

There’s nothing new in Duterte’s proposals to lower food costs: improve infrastructure for faster, cheaper transportation of goods, remove checkpoints, make government financial institutions more accessible to the poor so they won’t fall prey to loan sharks, and eliminate middlemen “who are hated by the NPAs.”

He’s confident that with all of these in place, food cost will go down by up to 50 percent in one year.

His proposal to cut red tape is also old hat. Since 1987, officials have been talking of reducing the number of signatures to release goods at the Bureau of Customs. There have also been calls for one-stop shops to make starting a business less cumbersome and less time-consuming. There has been little progress on these proposals. However, what makes Duterte’s more credible is his performance in Davao City. There, city hall officials will be in a hot seat if they fail to act on applications for licenses and permits after 72 hours.

His proposal for education to emphasize values is spot-on. He messed this up in a later interview where he wanted to remove Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus from the curriculum. At a time when leading countries are concentrating on engineering and technology to be able to compete globally, Duterte is moving in the opposite direction.

This said, the video interview is a welcome departure from Duterte’s harping on starting a bloodbath for criminals, on the number of persons he alleged to have personally killed, and on his threat to slap rival Mar Roxas.

Roxas fired back, saying slapping is for women so why don’t they slug it out instead?
This suggests that Roxas is better in boxing than in slapping. Is he? I have no idea. Ask Senate President Pro-tempore Ralph Recto. He is a more reliable judge on this.



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  1. an daming believe k duterte yeheyy!! but did you ask your selves, how many years did duterte run the city of Davao?? it is not 3yrs, 6yrs or 10yrs, during those early years of duterte governance in Davao, do you think it is what the Davao now that you are portraying??? I don’t think so, ikaw ba naman mag rule dyan ng mahigit 20yrs pag hindi mo pa naayos e di isa ka talagang inutil!

  2. dapat lng na tumakbo sa presideti c mayor upang mabawasan na ang pasakit ng idinulot ng mga opisyal na balukot ang hangarin #DuterteCayetanoParasatunaynapagbabago

  3. armando astudillo on

    Thanks, NS, for your intelligent remark on Ed deLeon’s comments. To add, we don’t say something without any solid basis and we’ll never improve as a people if we keep on nurturing a kind of commenting borne out of ignorance. I have personally experienced Davao city and its people, and I just hope my Davao experience gets spread throughout the country! I have heard Duterte’s expletives but I can readily accept his words because he says these in disgust of the bad, the opportunists, the liars, the inepts, etc. These arrogant, self-serving, pretentious people, including especially those who purport to be “educated” and “civil” more than deserves to be bathed with Duterte’s cuss.

  4. Leading Presidential candidate Rodrigo R. Duterte last night asked government men to end corruption, the Communist insurgents to end their armed struggle and drug dealers and crime bosses to stop or face a certain death.

    “If by the grace of God I become President, I will deliver what the Filipino people would like to happen – to live in a country safe from crime and drugs and without corruption in government,” Duterte told members of the media who gathered last night in Davao City for the annual Christmas party hosted by the mayor.

    “Everywhere I go, I hear the same pleading from the Filipino people: Do whatever you could but please make this country safe for our loved ones and our children,” Duterte said.

    Vowing that he will resign if change is not felt in the first three of years of his Presidency, Duterte warned drug lords and criminals to stop destroying the Filipino youth.

    He also asked members of Congress to let go of the controversial and graft-ridden pork barrel and the business tycoon’s in the country to stop the oppressive job contractualization.

    Addressing the Communist New People’s Army (NPA) which has waged a 40-year armed struggle against government, Duterte said the insurgency has to stop.

    “We have to stop corruption, oppression, drugs and crime,” Duterte said in a 1-hour speech which ended at about 12:30 in the morning today.

    “If people cannot feel that change in the first three years of my Presidency, I will resign,” he said.

    He, however, asked interest groups not to stand in the way of his reform program for the country.

    “If this country’s billionaires do not like me to end job contractualization, then you better prepare your money and start buying votes because I will really end this oppressive practice,” he said.

    “I am warning the drug lords and crime bosses in the country to mend your ways and end your evil activities or else you will end up in the Pasig River or in Manila Bay,” Duterte said.

    “To the NPA, stop it. We have to end the armed struggle. Join me in nation-building. I am willing to give you a role,” he said addressing the Communist insurgents.

    Duterte also vowed to end the Mindanao conflict by dealing with the Bangsamoro issue.

    “I am the only presidential candidate with a Moro blood. I have a son who has embraced Islam and I have grandchildren who are Muslims,” Duterte said.

    “How can we possibly allow the continued killings between Filipinos?” he added.

    “You ask me to be your President? Then, you will have to trust me and follow me,” he said.

    “There will be no smoking in public places, there will be a liquor ban at 1 a.m., there will be a curfew for minors at 10 p.m., there will be no noisy motorcycles, there will be a speed limit in the city streets and there will be no more dangerous firecrackers during Christmas and New Year,” he said.

    Holding the Philippine flag behind him, Duterte asked the Filipino people to join him in building a nation without corruption, oppression, crime and drugs.

    “We are a country of so many tribes and different religion. What holds us together are this flag and the piece of paper (Constitution) that ensures equality for all,” Duterte said.

  5. Mukhang may mga backer na mga pulitiko o mga police officials yang si Ed De Leon, o kaya naman mayaman siya at pwde nyang bilhin ang batas kaya ayaw nyang sumunod sa batas ng pinas. Sa madaling salita, gusto nya sya ang batas kapag nasa labas na sya ng kalsada.

  6. GMK, EdL, never entertain imagined fear fed by propaganda. ELD is right about industrialization, many were old ideas but did it get implemented? Let’s just cross the bridge when we get there. There’s always a second chance and look at the brighter side. Forget the first sight at Duterte! The second one is damn sober, serious and honest. Give a chance to the people’s choice come May 9, 2016! It might be a new day dawn for the Philippines! Cheers!

  7. Mr. Ed De Leon but look what happens to Iraq and Libya now without saddam & khadafi thier country is mess right now

  8. Personally I don’t know Duterte, only thru FB but I can’t explain why I like him to be our president… I know he can make changes and improvement in our system of government!

    • That’s true madam. Wala kang mababasang nagtatanggol sa kanya kung masama syang tao.he has to be tough to protect his people. He dont have the money to pay bias media para pabanguhin sya. But real people talk. Sila ang mas nakakakilala sa kanya.

    • Because he is a real person, maam! very simple and who is not afraid to die. he has no business or political interest to protect unlike many of our seating high government officials. all those talks about him being an NPA protector are all bs.he talks to anyone, irregardless of his/her religion or political belief except those people who gets in the way to destroy your your normal life and poison the youth.

    • Deborah Cadelina on

      Ms Kuizon, Are you on top of the news—what Davao was and now? Pls watch the rice smuggling senate hearing and he’s the main proponent and you would see his real persona..he gave his dedicated leadership to that city from a Nicaragua to one of the most livable cities of the world??? If that won;t convince you –then what will–maybe you’re not affected with the TERRIBLE traffic, the proliferation of criminalities , drugs which destroys family and lives–I have friends who died in the hands of criminas so I have enough and Duterte is the courageous one and will deliver–just check the website of Davao City–I want that how about you??? We must give respect to whom it is due–For me, I respect Mayor Duterte, his acts and his leadership never mind his outburst of anger to the extent of “cussing””it’s a show of frustration—Subok na yong governance niya and problem solving skills actually he’s gifted with that–nod all possess that courage to put ACTION in his words–he’s a smart street guy–so people gravitate around him–he’s got tons of people skills–if you don’t notice that…then what is your problem????

    • Is he really? Do you have proof/medical documents saying that he is as you say psychiatrically disabled? If you have records please show them so we would. Dont make claims if you dont have shit to show. Good day!

    • Seems like your know mayor duterte very well, madam?
      Well, perhaps this.mayor is the only psychiatrically disabled guy who has able to deliver, don’t you think?

  9. To the media people: don’t trust this crazy Duterte for whatever negative things you say and write, you will surely be erased by him. Duterte thinks he is the law and wants everybody to just listen and obey all he wants. He will be worst than Sadam Hussein, Khadafy for his children will SLAP anybody if you say something to them that they dislike. Duterte means no freedom of speech. Watch out.

    • You must be a law breaker then? There’s a law you must be abided, the law which is the foundation of the nation. Here in Singapore even spitting on the road or eating a chewing gum are against the law, but you will see the outcome of that simple law here. This place is very clean and organized. Duterte is not the law, be he enforces that existing law and enforce some law that will benefit the Filipinos. Eh kung law breaker ka, ikaw ang may problema hindi si Duterte. Balik ka ulit sa elementay and learn discipline from there para pag mature ka na, you will know what is enforcing the law can do the people specially to kids

    • Wow! This comment is purely based on your own opinion according to how the bias media portray him and not based on facts.
      If i were you, know him from the real people na mas kilala sya. Isip din po pag may time. If your accusations are true, you wouldn’t hear anyone willing to take bullets for him!

    • Im from davao. I was born in davao and lived there for 32 years. I was not erased as sadi by ed deleon and he is not like aquino who is psychiatric. He always decide based on laws. I lived in davao happy and safe. Dont you want to live happy and safe too? Gloria and ed, your comments are comments of an individual who always say something without proof. What im saying is with proof. I myself and my experience is a proof of what duterte have done in davao.

    • Mukhang may mga backer na mga pulitiko o mga police officials yang si Ed De Leon, o kaya naman mayaman siya at pwde nyang bilhin ang batas kaya ayaw nyang sumunod sa batas ng pinas. Sa madaling salita, gusto nya sya ang batas kapag nasa labas na sya ng kalsada.

    • Ang LAW ay hindi po decoration na kung kelan lang kailangan saka lang pagbibigyan ng pansin. He is not law. But more like an enforcer of the law. What good is a law if no one follows it? We pay taxes to statesmen and government officials to make or amend laws for our good and our protection. So if no one follows these law or no one enforcing it then its like saying we wasted our taxes on something useless. Think outside of you imaginary box. Dont be blinded by ignorant freedom

    • NS do not even try to compare Philippines and Singapore. You should know better. You should not accuse another person as a law breaker because you do not know this person. You can only say or write your own opinion because that is your right of expression guaranteed by the constitution. Not because you left this country, you can throw garbage by your opinion. It hurts because I live here.

    • I agree with you. Duterte is way over his head! Just look at how his daughter reacted to police demolishing illegal settlers over at Davao. Sarah Duterte punched a cop in the face! That’s how these family will deal with you when they’re seated in power, and you voice out an opinion that is against them! Rody Duterte is pro-NPA, he honors known enemies of the state. He even promotes or oblige people to pay taxes to NPAs. And the biggest NO-NO about this Presidentiable is, he is willing to sit down with chinese leaders and further do bilateral talks, when it is clear that chinese officials already mentions that china is willing to talk with PH, provided that PH accepts/embraces that china has sovereign, indisputable rights over the disputed territories.

    • You are just one of those citizen who don’t want to be disciplined. Then to whom do you believe have the guts to improve our country? Tho the candidate says “BAHALA KAYU SA BUHAY NYO?”, To the candidate who is just Pretending to be one of the masses?, to a candidate who doesn’t even bother to face all the allegations that is thrown to him? To a candidate who can’t even follow what is in the constitution? or to a candidate we don’t even know his track record?

      No Way! Duterte is the only candidate that is fit to the president position that have the guts to change our worse government into better government.

    • Let me ask you though. Have you ever heard about this country named Singapore? I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of it. Many pathetic people want progress like the Singapore do, yet they don’t even know the history of that country. How they became disciplined and progressive. Research din pag may time.

    • your view is an exaggeration of duterte. what he says was taken out of context. he’s a lawyer, right? and he knows his law.

    • Hortencio Enguerra on

      Ed, i want you to read the “Prince” by Nicollo Machiavelli and you will love Duterte in spite of his idiosyncrasies. His advocacy for Federalism i believe is our only chance for a real change.