• A Serena who is everything but serene


    Serena Williams gets away with it again, this time at the ongoing Wimbledon tennis championships in London.

    After failing to close the first set against fellow American Christina McHale when she was just a single point away from wrapping it, Williams sulked in her Center Court chair and smashed her racket against the grass not once but four times.

    Of course she cracked the poor racket and hurled it behind her, landing on the lap of a television cameraman recording her diva turn in her Round 2 match with McHale, ranked 65 by the WTA.

    Also of course she won, 6-7, 6-2, 6-4, because being No. 1 in the world means that she is not supposed to lose, whether on grass, clay or hard court.

    Defending the indefensible, she “joked” that she had not reached her racket-smashing “quota for the season” and so she made the racket pay for it.

    The $10,000 fine she was slapped with for racket abuse, not behavior unbecoming a supposedly model player from a poor neighborhood of California, would hardly dent her millions in the bank and in endorsements (few they may be).

    Besides, she can still meet her quota in grand fashion despite losing 10 grand by cursing and breaking apart pearl-encrusted rackets, diamonds even.

    If the latest ego-boosting trip is not the way of a self-centered, arrogant, race-conscious player, male or female, this corner does not know what is.

    The American media has been tolerating not only Serena but also her older sister Venus for their shenanigans, apparently shaking in its boots that it would be accused of racism if it pounced on two black but undoubtedly accomplished athletes.

    Its one-sided treatment of the incident is there for all the tennis world to see.

    Poor, poor Christina was not even asked (based on reports that this columnist read) how she felt about Serena indirectly telling her that 65 is 64 rungs below 1 and, therefore, the US press was “fair” in not having a word with her.

    How’s that for balanced news?

    Last year at the US Open, Serena, with a realistic shot at a calendar Grand Slam, was derailed in the semifinals by the Italian Roberta Vinci, who must not have been in her radar.

    Serena’s character display was all theater, complete with growling, apparent cursing, also apparent throwing of the B word at Vinci (who eventually lost to another Italian, Flavia Pennetta, in the final).

    Guess who was the bida to the pathetic American media (it’s not Roberta, silly).

    In this year’s Wimbledon, the American is still on track for a calendar Grand Slam, having already won the Australian Open and Roland Garros.

    We are rooting for her to achieve what few tennis players—male or female—can only dream of.

    No, we are not a huge fan, we are just behind her in her quest for meeting her quota of smashed rackets.

    We pray though that she would not hurt herself or anything that would stop her from sweeping this year’s Grand Slams.


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