A shameless Senate licks Abad’s boots


The Senate hearing yesterday where Budget Secretary Florencio Abad was supposed to enlighten our people on what the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) was all about turned out to be a bootlicking show.

Since the time the DAP was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court,  we  have been waiting for a proper explanation from the executive, alongside the appropriate “checking and balancing” by the Senate. Instead, Filipinos saw a scripted show that was obviously intended to deodorize that scandalous unconstitutional hijacking of taxpayers’ money.

Except for Senators Grace Poe and Nancy Binay who asked very revealing questions, all the senators proved to be mouthpieces of Abad and Aquino. The incarceration of three opposition senators, and Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s illness, certainly proved helpful for Abad.

Remember the names of the senators yesterday who spoke like marionettes – you don’t want a dummy for your next president, vice president, or senator. The following senators do not care where your hard-earned tax money are going: Escudero, Drilon, Trillanes, Bam Aquino, Angara, Guingona, Recto, Osmena.

Senators Ralph Recto and Sergio Osmena asked the right questions that revealed how the DAP created Aquino’s own budget beyond the scrutiny of Congress, but only to conclude that a “future president” could abuse such a DAP-scheme.

The senator-puppets talked for and on behalf of Abad that all Abad needed to say was, “That’s correct.”

The only senators who had balls: Senators Nancy Binay and Grace Poe

The only senators who had balls: Senators Nancy Binay and Grace Poe

We know now where Abad has been spending the past several days since the Court declared DAP unconstitutional: Preparing himself, the other secretaries, and even their favorite senators, for yesterday’s moro-moro.

It is shocking how senators even seemed to clap and applaud over details of how President Aquino disregarded the Senate’s role over the country’s purse.

How obsequious is that? It is the legislative department, which has the power of the purse. The strict limits set on the executive from interfering with that power is even discussed at length in the Constitution’s Article VI, which is devoted to “The Legislative Department.” But in yesterday’s hearing, it is the Senate that supported the President’s hijacking of its role over the budget.

Well-paid prostitute

Former Senator Joker Arroyo’s analogy was that the Senate has become a willing rape victim in the DAP issue. He is wrong. Rather, the Senate led by its President Franklin Drilon has become a well-paid prostitute under Aquino, willing to do any perverted sex act before the public as long as it gets its pork barrel money.

Our country has moved into dangerous territory. The Supreme Court stands alone in enforcing the rule of law—or an enlightened people’s armed forces.

After asking only the most inane questions, Senator Antonio Trillanes blamed Abad and the administration for one thing: “You do not have a good communications program.” Senator Edgardo Angara, Jr., whose home province, Quezon, got a P750-million windfall from DAP, after saying how happy he was over DAP, asked Abad to advertise his purported reforms at his department. Senator Teofisto Guingona III even told Abad—a point most probably fed to him in a note—how to get the Court to reverse its ruling.

I could write a list of questions triple the length of this column on what a real, genuine Senate could have asked Abad. Among the most important questions that the brown-nosing senators failed to ask:

• How much in new pork barrel funds, that is, not in the 2011 budget law, especially those given to Congress shortly before and after the Senate decision to remove Chief Justice Renato Corona in 2011, came from the DAP? How much in new funds under the sole discretionary control of Aquino, Abad, and Mar Roxas were raised through it?

• If the DAP was so important to the economy as Abad and Aquino claimed, why had they kept it secret, why wasn’t it even mentioned in the President’s budget messages from 2011, 2012, and 2103? If the DAP-funded projects were so important, why didn’t Aquino and Abad propose these in the appropriations bill for these years?

• If the DAP was intended to stimulate the economy, how were these projects determined? To her credit, Senator Grace Poe asked this question, and she got only a vague reply from a stammering Abad, that such projects “could have been proposed” by Cabinet secretaries.

• Why is it that over half of the P144 billion DAP funds released were not, by any stretch of the imagination, designed to stimulate the economy? Among these: the distribution of P9 billion to politicians in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, P8 billion for “livelihood” projects that would benefit rebels with whom Aquino has been undertaking peace talks, P14 billion for “local projects” disbursed under the discretion of Mar Roxas, P30 billion to build up the central bank’s capitalization, which actually takes that much money out of the economy; and P500 million spent for advertisements abroad for the tourism slogan, “It’s more fun in the Philippines.”

• How could P12 billion given to local projects that members of Congress proposed be considered to be priority projects that would stimulate the economy? Look at the list, even of the small DAP projects, and they not only do not stimulate the economy, but only make the offices of top Cabinet secretaries as comfortable as they wanted, for instance, the P250 million move to the posh Makati district by the tourism department and certain offices of the interior and local government department.

• Some P65 billion or half of the DAP releases were lump-sum funds, in contrast to appropriations under the budget laws, which are minutely examined during the yearlong budget hearings of the Congress. How much of these are disbursed solely under the discretion of Aquino, Abad, and Roxas?

Grand scheme

And no senator asked Abad the most important question:

How do you interpret Section 29 (Section 1) of Article VI of the Constitution: “No money shall be paid out of the Treasury except in pursuance of an appropriation made by law?”

This goes to the crux of the DAP controversy. It was a grand scheme to go around the Constitution, so Aquino would have his own budget he can use at his whim, by changing the definition of “savings.”

Why were there so many projects that were haphazardly chosen, like in a mad rush (stem cell project, spanking new offices anyone?). The reason is that the projects were a mere smoke-screen for DAP’s main purpose – to secretly raise bribe money for the Congress to take out Corona, and then to accumulate such a huge slush fund for the 2016 elections in a magnitude unprecedented in the history of this republic. Even the finance secretary said that they couldn’t get enough projects for DAP that he proposed settling a P2.5 debt of the Bureau of Customs to the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corp., which already had P85 billion in deposit insurance funds.

Instead of asking Abad probing questions such as why was Tarlac, of all provinces, given P2 billion in DAP funds (even if we assume these were for legitimate projects), instead of Samar or any other of the country’s poorest provinces, Senate President Franklin Drilon, instead presented, in the guise of asking questions, a legal defense of DAP, which I think he himself knows, so that all Abad had to do was to say, “That’s correct.”

I couldn’t believe how Drilon has prostituted his once brilliant legal mind. He said in the hearing that the DAP couldn’t be unconstitutional as it violated only the budget laws that defined what “savings” were, which funded the DAP. (And the Senate he heads was a part of the Congress that enacted those budget laws!)

But that’s precisely what the Supreme Court does, which is not only to declare certain government actions as directly violating the constitution, but that they violate laws, and therefore, are unconstitutional. A prime example of this was the Court’s decision declaring Hacienda Luisita’s scheme of land reform as violating agrarian reform laws.

Again, the big lie

As I pointed out in an earlier column (“World Bank backtracks on DAP,” The Manila Times, July 2014), Aquino and Abad’s big-lie propaganda technique in the DAP issue is to repeat again and again ad nauseam the fallacy that their hijacking of funds benefited the economy.

Abad repeated this lie again and again in yesterday’s hearing. The Aquino government’s claim of the DAP being good for the economy was based on the World Bank report of March 2012. However, subsequent reports of the World Bank showed that it backtracked on its original pronouncement.

In its July 2012 update, the World Bank pointed out that in the first place, the DAP meant only a “mere realignment of funds”. That is, the DAP were funds already in the budget but which Aquino and Abad hijacked to use for other projects. Secondly, the World Bank pointed out that the DAP amounts were “miniscule (at less than 0.01 percentage point) relative to the size of the economy” to have any effect on its growth. In contrast, former President Arroyo’s program to stimulate the economy to weather the 2009 global financial crisis, involved P220 billion in new funds, mostly approved by Congress, and almost all devoted to infrastructure.

Succeeding WB reports, especially its annual updates on the Philippine economy, didn’t bother to mention the DAP as it was so irrelevant to the country’s economic performance.

Even Abad yesterday unwittingly admitted how irrelevant the DAP was to economic growth when in his attempt to downplay its size, he claimed that it was only 2.7 percent of the budget for the three years. How could this stimulate the economy?

To realize the stupidity of the claim that the DAP stimulated the economy, consider this: DAP’s P144 billion from 2011 to 2013 is smaller than the P169 billion sales revenue of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. in one year. San Miguel Corp’s revenue in 2012 is five times the total DAP, at P700 billion.

However, DAP money certainly would be gargantuan as bribes to members of the Senate and Congress. And that’s not an understatement. It was a good “investment” for the Aquino government, as the senators certainly gave all a toady show.

Never have we had such a sycophantic Senate as we have now.

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    1). Bring back the “DEATH PENALTY for PLUNDER” to prevent corrupt government servants from stealing money from the masses.

    2). Continue to uphold the Law with stiffer Check and Balances of the 3 Branches of our government (Executinve, Judicial and Legislative). No branch should overstep the other.

    3). To write down in Philippine History books the Fullnames of all guilty persons and the money taken…so that all Filipino schoolchildren would know what happened during this time period in our history.

  2. Robert Jaredski on

    I visited DBM’s website and opened the link for the list of DAP funded projects. What strike me the most is that it only looks good on paper and on Abad’s [explecit] power point presentation.

  3. QUOTE: “The reason is that the projects were a mere smoke-screen for DAP’s main purpose – to secretly raise bribe money for the Congress to take out Corona, and then to accumulate such a huge slush fund for the 2016 elections in a magnitude unprecedented in the history of this republic. ”

    It is healthy to get this opinion out into open fora where it can be proven or disproven. Slush funds can be made from lump sum appropriations, but not with housekeeping like the P30 billion recapitalization of BSP.

    I hope DBM **and** the implementing agencies will release the pertinent documents. Does this qualify as the ‘emergency’ that PNoy says is needed to fast-track passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill?

  4. QUOTE: “The reason is that the projects were a mere smoke-screen for DAP’s main purpose – to secretly raise bribe money for the Congress to take out Corona, and then to accumulate such a huge slush fund for the 2016 elections in a magnitude unprecedented in the history of this republic. ”

    It is healthy to get this opinion out into open fora where it can proven or disproven. This could be done with lump sum amounts, but not with housekeeping like the P30 billion recapitalization of BSP.

    I hope DBM **and** the implementing agencies will release the pertinent documents. Does this qualify as the ’emergency’ that PNoy says is needed to fast-track passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill?

  5. Ang totoo wala na tau magagawa kasama na ako, good luck Philippines, kami na galing sa kahirapan, pinaglalaruan Lang tau, eh sa Dami ng mga matatalino dito at May boses para sa masa wlang may nagawa, ang noises ng mga marchers ay doon lang abot sa Kung ilang decibels lang ang sounds ng trumpets nyo, kasi ni isang mensahe ay wlang pakialam ang senate and congress!!!! My parents and many others were victims ng mga gonggong na Ito, kaya anu pa magagawa ng parents ko kundi ang magtrabaho magtanim nlng sa bukid at the end of the season Meron na namn haharvest-in. Ako namn nagsumikap at nagtrabaho as ofw para kahit papanu maiahon sa hirap ang pamilya ko. “My pag Asa pa kaya ang Pinas? ” kahit na nahuhuli na kasi nakakalusot pa, sayang mga Abogado na tinatama ang mga Mali ” sabagay pera pera LNG yan !!!!

  6. Achiles Rallos on

    Is there anything we can do now that we know everything is manipulated? We cannot expect real cooperation with the congressmen and senators because for them, it is difficult to give way to perks. Disguised for the projects but benefits them more. People especially those walang paki alam at madaling masilaw sa pero at biyaya sa panahon ng election will always make the difference. The list of senathieves and representathieves make in one comment will be forgotten because ignorant voters will still vote for familiar surnames and those who can pay them well. If we believe what our Mayor Duterte said in one of his casual talks, though he is not interested to become a President, if ever he wins, the first thing he will do is to abolish House of thieves and start a new beginning with an iron fist

  7. I never watch ZARSUELA in my entire life coz ending is already known before it starts thats what senate did about the DAP inquiry i prefer SPY THRILLER

  8. I agree with your article. Abad and the senators’ performance is disgusting, disappointing. DAF IS STILL UNCONSTITUTIONAL REGARDLESS OF A-BAD JUSTIFICATIONS.


  10. nelson z. valles on

    ang masasabi ko lang ay wala akong masabi. nasabi nyo ng lahat. pero how do we walk the talk. we are all in the comfort of our domain sending out this message yet wala naman talaga tayong ginagawa (myself included). the challenge to you and myself is what do we do next to walk the yakitiyaks?

    lets all reflect on that for a minute. if we are serious about our convictions let us all join hands and walk the talk. we dont necessarily have to be in the country to do that we can poll ourselves around the globe and become one voice. but realistically i dont think this will materialize either. kaya nga the least we can do to make a difference is exercise our voting rights wisely for one(local and national elections), secondly support the marchers who will do the walking for us ofws. guluhin natin ang administrasyon na ito hanggang mabuwag at mapalitan lahat ng mga demonyo sa pamahalaan. at lahat nag susunod na uupo bantayan kapag naging demonyo na ay kailangang sibakin. ito na siguro ang bagong proceso ng gobyerno sa mga katulad nating bansa na punong puno ng mga basurang namumuno.

  11. gabriela silang on

    what can you expect from a man devoid of principles like drilon? true to form, drilon displayed his nauseating vintage frank! the quintessential trapo did it again. ilongos must be ashamed of their hide for having a”big man” in the senate…a BIG DISGRACE!

  12. Horacio B. Freires on




    . . . & A WASTE OF PEOPLE’S MONEY. .

  13. This is why I would rather be an OFW. I don’t even want to send money to the Philippines anymore. I’d rather save it here in my current country. Walang malasakit sa taong bayan ang mga nakaupo sa matataas na puwesto ng gobyerno. Mamatay na sanang lahat kayo. Puro pagnanakaw ng pera ang naiiisip ninyo. Hindi ninyo madadala sa hukay ang pera.

  14. If the opposite of pro is con, then the opposite of PROgress is CONgress. Abolish both houses now.

    • really disappointing. how would this poor country survive this administration when the glaring reality is all on our faces, yet, the supposedly protector of the people connived with the powers that be…SAD!!!

  15. Drilon is the most unworthy Senate President in the history of the Upper House. The least he could have have done is follow the tack of the other administration Senators to make it appear that they were doing it for the people’s interest. Instead of asking questions, he was practically speaking in behalf of Abad. It’s obvious that he was around when the Cabinet Secretaries were preparing for their appearance at the Senate Hearing and probably mentoring them on what to say and what not to answer. Watching him and Abad in their exchange during the hearing almost made me puke. Drilon is so bereft of credibility. If they think they have convinced us, then they are Absolutely Wrong!

  16. To ALL those who committed this Shameless and Farcical ZARZUELA De Moro-Moro in the Senate, with the exception of the two Lady Senators – the rest just sold their balls to this Tandem of Balding political arse-banger phedophiles of such unprecedented scale – may you ALL choke on those pricey T-Bone steaks you are gorging on with such impunity courtesy of the public and private taxpayers money, – and holy Moses raises his rod and drop you all dead – get cremated Alive!

  17. Hooray, we are now in a truly constitutional crisis. The executive defying the judiciary, while the legislative boot-licking the executive with the latter providing all the means to the former in a sweetheart deal, DAP. The judiciary is alone in this numbers’ game. Perhaps, it is time for the real sovereign, us the people, to open our senses to this conspiracy of the elite in the executive-legislative. You know who the real pro-people are. It is time to think.

  18. I’m saying it now, I made a mistake when I ignored Grace Poe as another celebrity’s kid. She’s been much more useful in the Senate than most of her senior colleagues.

    As for Nancy Binay, I can’t really say anything yet since I believe she(or her family) has a stake in this fiasco.

  19. That is the problem with closed-mind, closed-case political watchers. I listened to good portions of today’s Senate hearing and the majority of senators who asked questions asked questions to ferret out answers that they thought the public should know. I suppose those who have already made up their mind about DAP and PNoy would never be convinced no matter what.
    The other reality that surfaced was the fact that Secretary Abad did announce DAP both to the lawmakers and media back in 2011. It is convenient for some sectors to hide this and use the administration’s supposed ‘hidden’ acts to cast aspersion. It is good to remind ourselves that many media people, and loud political issue participants – does not matter what color they belong to – say what they say because their position is vested with interests that are hidden from the public.
    Lastly, it has also come to view that while DAP is largely a program that is acceptable and effective, there are some projects DAP disbursed payments for which could have been used for more pressing priorities. This is where the check and balance of our political system needs to be respected.
    Overall, DAP is not as controversial and as hateful as some quarters would paint it to be. There are weaknesses, yes. But not quite the monster as PDAF was. I congratulate this administration for the courageous actions it has taken to protect and stimulate the economy, fight corruption, respond quickly to genuine unprogrammed needs, and provide/execute solutions to many pressing national issues across the archipelago. Having said that, safeguards against leaders who might and would use loose systems to juggle funds and further unconscionable interests need always to be in place.

    • Erlinda B. Alabanza on

      We all realize that Dap and Pdaf both give our government officials full access and power over huge amounts of money which are not not accounted for after it has been disbursed. As can be obviously seen, there is no improvement in the lot of the Filipino people. So much money is being legitimately doled out to our officials for ‘projects,” but where is it really? Seems to me it is in their pockets, maybe like Napoles they have their sanctuaries in houses abroad so when they junket they have a base to come home to indefinitely. Or they could flee abroad when the country is already in turmoil because of the seemingly wholesale plundering by our elected officials. Abad cannot use the fact that he informed us way back in 2011. as buffer. Just as the RH Bill etc has some good points the bottom line is that it is not good for the people for government not to have checks and balance and for power to be so almost absolute not in the people but in the hands of a few. This is dangerous for even those vested with so much money and power. The Senate and Congress has ceased to be credible. I weep for our country. It is dying and soon the foreigners will take over. Woe to our people.

  20. What do you expect from these senators? They were bribed to convict Corona through this DAP. So, how will they condemn their benefactor? This hearing is indeed just a Moro-moro.

  21. Atty Mundong Rimando on

    Have you read the decision of the kangaroo impeachment court convicting Corona? News report lamang ata ang pinagbabasihan mo? SALN ng mga congressmen/w at senator judges, alam ba natin ang contents ang mga SALN nila? Puro magnanakaw din sila! We deserve the kind of government we have now because of how we elect our government officials.(VOTE BUYING AND VOTE SELLING OR GOLD GOONS GUNS, and roses di ako joke ah!) Binaboy na ang kawawang PILIPINAS. GISING NA MGA BOTANTE sa 2016. GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES !

  22. buwagin na ang senado!! senado ang gumugulo sa sistema ang bansa natin! panahon pa ng roman empire ay magulo at corrupt ang senado!!!! dapat pati ang SC buwagin narin pati CA!! puro mga corrupt sila!!!! gumawa ng mabuti ang goverment ng aquino sila pa ang humahadlang ang senado at SC!! bwisit yang mga yan!! walang magawang matino!!!

  23. When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.

    Frederic Bastiat

  24. Hernani Barrios on

    It is said that the best business is the business of government. The better one is-the best business is monkey business in government.

  25. Abad probably thinks that if he keeps on repeating his lies, it will eventually becomes the truth.

  26. Billion of billions of money ?marami ang naghihirap na filipino sobrang sobra na talaga pakapalan na lang ng mukha dapat lethal injection na lang sa lahat ng mga corrupt na politicians para within 25 to 30 minutes patay na cla ! Sana madlang people gumising na tayo !

  27. I hope we learned our lesson, we should learn to select honorable, honest, truthful, decent, righteous, principled and filled with integrity to the executive and legislative branches. i could only see a few with this traits, its so sad. i pitied myself and the people with the way the underestimate our intelligence. One thing is to patronage only unbiased media so that they can no longer fool our minds.

  28. opinion reader on

    Nice column Mr. Tiglao, sana po na i-txt nyo dun sa dalawang lady senators yung mga nais nyo na maitanong sa moro-moro kahapon, para naman medyo nalihis ng husto sa script. More power Mr. Tiglao.

  29. It is quite understandable as to why they (both women senators) can ask revealing questions and take the senate to task about DAP, for they were not direct recepient of such fund, and can be considered unbiased. But, are their arguments strong that it can merit a total revamp of a corrupted government system, such that there will be a true ‘check and balance’ among the different branches of government service, most especially the three branches (legislative, judicial and executive)?

    Otherwise, all those questions are nothing but another form if innuendos, that can only benefit them and their future ambitions of remaining in power. If like Binay (the daugther), she should have insisted that the statements made by Abad should be done under oath, that way Abad will be liable under law not to give false statements.

    As for the rest of the newbie senators, they are not to be counted on much like any other senators who remained in office after ex-CJ Corana’s impeachment, who had received bribe monies from this administration. With only a handful of senators having a true background in law, it is not a question why the argument can be led by those who knows how to bend the rules of law.

    There’s nothing worth taking seriously with the senate investigation, because it’s a dead end, Filipinos must now direct their attention on the final decision that the SC will hand down in the Malacang submitted MR – it’s the SC’s judgment that would put a complete and final resolution to all these unconstitutional moves made by BSA-C3’s government.

    After a decision that benefits the national interest had been made by the SC, the impeachment proceeding against BSA-C3 must be pursued in earnest, until he is taking out of power and all his unscrupulous collaborators are brought to justice.

  30. hahaha … Senators Nancy Binay and Grace Poe, The only senators who had balls. This is wrong the other senators has balls too, but it is located in their throats … BOOM!

  31. Johnny Ramos on

    This Dap investigations is a political ads of Pnoy to fool the people until 2016. With the opposition marginalized it will over for us on 2016 but the shouting. Only us the people can stop this mockery but are we brave enough to face Pnoy?

  32. Wala po tayong mapapala sa hearing dyan sa Senado the same sa mga congressman natin. Dapat tangalin na natin ang congresso. Wala na silang ginagawang mabuti sa Lipunan. Moro moro ang nangyaring hearing kahapon. Hindi din natin maasahan ang COA, DOj at NBI dito dahil sila ay mga tuta ng kasalukuyang administrasyon. Sana makapag isip pa si Pangulong Aquino. Kahi ako’y ordinaryong tao, kaming magkaka pamilya ay naki-isa upang itaguyod ang kanyang kandidatura noong 2010. Ang tao nagkakamali. Hindi kahinaan ang pagkakamali marunong lang tayong tumangap. Mahal na Pangulo may panahon pa. Isang araw mag isa kang pumunta sa Simbahan at doon pag isipan mo ang iyong mga nagawa sa bayan. Yang mga nakapaligid sayo ay iiwan isang araw. Sana magising ka Mr. President. Tumawag ka sa Panginoon.

  33. Moro moro or not, I think yesterday’s senate session it is how such a senate inquiry hearing should be conducted: For the purposes of legislation. It was clear in the hearing which limitations/provisions should be legislated in/out of the Administrative code and related laws so that we can have better transparency, accountability, etc. The ball now is in the hands of congress to do something about this.

  34. Thanks again R. Tiglao for your superb reporting. Let us all forget about “Daang Matuwid” .. Pinoy and Co. have already prostituted the Senate & Congress through DAP and PDAP. Let us remember these names in 2016 – let us not vote them for high office because they do not care for where our hard-earned tax money are going: DRILON, ESCUDERO, TRILLANES, BAM AQUINO, ANGARA, GUINGONA, RECTO, OSMENA. Let us spread the word far and wide: VOTE ‘NO” to these prostitutes. It’s time for regime change. Let’s vote for candidates who truly care for the people instead of their pockets.

  35. Tita Boluso-Rimando on

    i just couldn’t bring myself to watch the whole moro-moro. it was painful to watch these supposedly leaders continue to make fools of us. meanwhile that they’re enjoying this charade, who’s in charge of managing/overseeing the country’s day-to-day basic needs, and who’s working at the long-term strategies? or do we have strategic direction at all?

  36. kung pwede lng wag na magbayad ng [expletive deleted – Mod] tax na yan ginawa ko na!!! pano yang mga [Expletive Deleted – Mod.] buwaya na yang ang mga nakikinabang mamatay na sana kayong lahat mga [Expletive Deleted – Mod.] nio!!! ,,l,, mga senador at kongresistang kaalyado ng nakakalbo niong presidenteng moingoloid!!! kasalanan to ng mga bobong inutil na mga bumoto sa [Expletive Deleted – Mod] nakaupo ngaun!!! magdusa kayo [Expletive deleted – Mod.]!!!

  37. jojo gorospe on

    For clarification: Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares, also a prosecutor during the impeachment trial, admitted having been allocated P10 million with his then fellow Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño getting P5 million.

    But Colmenares said the Palace manipulated the DAP funds because Bayan Muna requested the funding under legitimate “continuing appropriations.”

    When they learned that the funds came from the DAP, they withdrew their programs and returned the P15 million in funding,

  38. For the Senate I have made out this list based on their actions at the Senate hearing.

    Honest and doing the pople’s job: Senators Nancy Binay and Grace Poe

    Honest and doing half of what the people want: Recto, Osmena

    Actors bought and paid for by the President. These men should not hold any position of trust. Escudero, Drilon, Trillanes, Bam Aquino, Angara, Guingona.

    • Maxtar Tudtud on

      Yes, If Senator Miriam was able to attend the hearing the sarsuela or fooling of the people cannot happen.Senator Miriam, get well soonest, the people needs you especially this time.

  39. Rigoberto i like your articles but it always seems to me you think corona was innocent of any crime. In his saln he did not declare around P180,000,000 in his dollar account. Do you think that is a crime. He had that money in a dollar account because the bank secrecy law protected him. No one could look into his dollar account without his written permission. We know why he didnt tell us what was in it straight away as everyone would see what a liar he was when fillinf in his saln, i dont know why you keep protecting that man as this country is better off without him as the supreme court chief justice as he was corrupt. Those millions of pesos show that.
    I wish you would make it clear weather you think he is was a good guy & should still be chief justice. I think he should be in jail as he should be above reproach. He punished people to the full extent of the law & yet he himself abused it more than others.

    • Please check your data. What Corona didn’t declare was his $1 million dollar deposits. He interpreted the law on secrecy of bank accounts as applicable to the SALN. There was no question as to the accuracy of his peso ban deposits and other assets.

      You might mistaken what Ombudsman Morales claimed was his $10 million dollar deposits. That turned out to be either a propaganda lie or total ignorance in reading bank accounts — she (fed by COA comissioner Heidi Mendoaza) counted twice, thrice and even four times amounts when they were moved. For example, when Corona terminated his $10,000 time deposit, bank first put it into a temporary account, and then to his main account. Ombudsman counted this as $30,000. Google my articles on this.

  40. Manny F. Reyes on

    Let’s vote them all out if we still have that right come next election. But how sure are we we’ll get better replacements? Maybe we should automate the spending plan, funding and fund release processes with the constitutional safeguards factored in the software design.

    • Maxtar Tudtud on

      Remember that Filipinos are known to be the most gullible people on planet earth. Every election they sell their soul to corrupt politicians.That is the sad situation of Philippine politics.

  41. The hearing was done to legitimize the DAP in the eyes of the people. This is waht I think is the purpose.

    I really subscribe to the principle that the end doesn’t justify the means..regardless of how or where it was spent, if it violates our constitution then it is very wrong.

  42. jose hernani m. parco on

    “An honest politician is one who when he is bought will stay bought.”!

    they may be “buwayas” but they are “honest buwayas” but then again they are still buwayas nontheless!

  43. Senate Yellow ( Duwag at Tuta ni Pnoy karamihan ng Senadores ) FIxNANCE Committee, pinamunuan ni Lolong Big Doberman Drillon at ni lolong small dachhound Escudero at mga senadores na mga walang balls, ay pinaka malaking coverage in terms of radio at tv at pinakmagastos na zarzuela sa buong mundo. Dapat na talagang buwagin ang ExecuTHIEVES at LegislaTHIVES NA PINAKAMALING CRIME SYNDICATE NGAYON SA BUONG MUNDO.

  44. What did you expect ?

    What is the old adage : ” HONOR AMONG THIEVES ”

    Most of our Senators and Congressman are only interested in
    protecting and/or enriching themselves while in office ….. Or creating
    family dynasties ( their own ! )

    How about the interest of the country and/or the people they represent .

    Are you kidding ….. They wouldn’t care less. ,

  45. Jose A. Oliveros on

    Amb. Tiglao, you correctly described the present Senate – a well-paid prostitute because that is how the Senate now under the leadership of Franklin Drilon, the biggest balimbing of all.

  46. Even blind Charlie could see through the senate’s charade. It was all scripted with the exception of the two lady Senators. I just turned the TV off, I couldn’t bear listening to the monkeys licking Abads stinking orifice. And they claim to be HONORABLE? Pigs bum. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

  47. pompeyo pedroche on

    It was a “hearing” not a court trial, hence politics is the name of the game. Nancy’s demeanor shows she is a turkey among roosters.

  48. Senathieves is the proper word for these people. There should be a list as to how much these Senatongs received to convict Corona.

  49. I do not want to hear any word from Abad…The moment he opened his mouth, i know it would a lot of BS….he has stinking mouth deodorized by those f…..g senatongs.

  50. I felt lonely watching the senate hearing on television yesterday. It seems that nobody was speaking for the people. I realized that the investigation was not meant to discover the truth about the DAP; it was meant to hide the truth. It was meant to give opportunity for the giver and the recipients of DAP to explain to the viewers and listeners that there was nothing wrong with what they did. I liked to throw up each time Sec. Aba replies to the leading questions of Sen. Drilon “Tama po yon Mr. Chairman” Ano akala nila sa atin, puro tanga?


  51. mikhail hieronymus on

    There is no hope on this Aquino administration. The dice so to speak, is loaded and there is nothing much we can do now. This government is corrupt, and no better than the previous administrations. The senators and congressmen are totally corrupt and therefore under the influence of the president. The congress is voiceless, afraid to say anything because they are partners in crime. This is the destiny of our people ever since. If we trace the history of Philippine government from Aguinaldo to the present, there is not one administration that we can be proud of. I remember an infamous speech of a senator one time. “What are we in power for?” Those words are still true or relevant today ! It is sad!!!!!

  52. A night of shame indeed. A consummate show of sycophancy in Philippine history. What triggered my utter indignation was the sight of an Osmena and a Recto recite their well-studied piece in the nauseating “moro-moro” stage show. What a betrayal of the memory of a man (Claro Recto) who firmly stood for true patriotism, a poet and a luminary of jurisprudence – only for god-PDAP/DAP. Our people by now should be convinced that with the exception of Senators Nancy Binay and Grace Poe, the rests of the casts were weighed but found utterly wanting. Let elections 2016 become our appointment with history. LET US NOT VOTE FOR THEM!!! And, if you can, be a NAMFREL VOLUNTEER. God’s blessing, Mr. Tiglao.

  53. It is time for the senate to stop existing. Manned by leeches who would suck anything from anybody, this erstwhile august body is an embarassment to the country that the people would be better off without them. A parliamentary system of government is the only answer left for the Filipinos to improve their lot.

  54. We need to pray that may the mighty hand of God moved to make these senators and congressmen who are all yes men to Aquino and Abad be incapicitated physically as to make the senate and house free of these filthy living creatures so we can start fresh. Nothing is impossible when we are one in desires on prayers. Free this country O Lord from these devils pounding on us hapless Filipinos. We want to be Free now!

  55. This time that I cannot agree with you, those two neophyte female senators are just grandstanding ,. Grace Poe is trying very hard, but to continue to blame GMA that her father was cheated, that;s uncalled for. Grace Poe is just another vindictive person exactly like this current President and hopefully Filipinos will read into it. And the Binays they have a lot to explain how they become billionaires with unexplained wealthf for just being a mayor of Makati.

  56. Alejo Rosete on

    Very well said Ambassador Tiglao. It is really a moro-moro (palabas) of the Senate. This DAP (Drilon-Abad-Pnoynoying) is only for show. Is Chiz a part of this moro-moro? He timed the investigation when Meriam is sick? and only the two woman Senator who are new in the senate asked sensible questions? Where are the brilliant senators like Drilon?

    And also this DAR (Drilon-Abad-Roxas). I thought Mar will be like his Father and/or his Grandfather. If Mar wants to be a President of the Philippines – He should resurrect and/or lead another Hyatt 10.

    This time Hyatt 11.

    “Mabuhay Ambassador Tiglao. Mabuhay Manila Times”. The Manila Times we used to read in the 50’s is Back. More Power to you Manila Times

  57. KarmaChameleon on

    I think you have accidentally duplicated these sentences: “In its July 2012 update, the World Bank pointed out that in the first place, the DAP meant only a “mere realignment of funds”. That is, the DAP were funds already in the budget but which Aquino and Abad hijacked to use for other projects. Secondly, the World Bank pointed out that the DAP amounts were “miniscule (at less than 0.01 percentage point) relative to the size of the economy” to have any effect on its growth. In contrast, former President Arroyo’s program to stimulate the economy to weather the 2009 global financial crisis, involved P220 billion in new funds”.

  58. Antonio Bautista on

    Yes, the senators are boot licking, but aren’t you licking someone else’s boots? As the saying goes “weather weather lang yan.”

  59. Listening to the Senator’s leading questions almost made me throw-up.
    Don’t you find it ironic that the male Senators were the ones who acted as highly paid prostitutes? That makes the perverse sex acts even more disgusting…ha..ha..!

  60. Well said sir. Obviously the LP Senators were lawyering for A Bad, Moro-Moro senate hearing! Sycophantic Senate.

  61. The current Senate is surely a lap-dog of the King of DAP, Pnoy. Well, we expect this of them considering how much money King PNoy rewarded them for being a tuta, puppy, puppet. Yesterdays hearing as observed by non-yellow opinion writers, columnist etc. maintain what a moro-moro or stage play is all about. Shame indeed. The Senathieves will do everything to defend, deflect or defuse the misery inflected by PNoy and Abad to the public. Because of money, these Senathieves will even jump over a 20-foot building, or eat PNoys “tae” if only to obey his orders.

  62. i will say it again. DAP was a cospiracy between the excecutive and the legislature. if there was a people power that would arise from this because the people wanted to get rid of PNoy and his cronies, who would back the people? the military? i don’t think so. PNoy chose his men well to head all branches of the AFP and the AFP as a whole. i wish there was somebody brave enough in the military to out the present government and get rid of congress and the senate. nobody in both houses can honestly say that they were not tainted by DAP. one should realize that PNoy pretty much declared war against the supreme court. and who would it be to separate the two from banging heads? the legislative branch? forget that. DAP bought each and every one of them. and yes, the anology is right. everybody in both houses were nothing but prostitutes. what a bunch of whores.

  63. Arch. Lito L. Mallonga on

    The Pork Barrel has been abused by all for too long and all benefited
    from bottom to top who has received it. ALL but nothing more. The problem
    we have in the Philippines, we all yak yak yak all the time.

    DAP was just initiated not so long and here we are asking for big
    results right away. Look I just read a few weeks ago, 5 Governors from
    the Muslim Regions made a strong statement that they received the DAP
    openly and it benefited the provinces. As for PORK what has it done.

    Nothing but just taking advantage of our peoples taxes including us
    Filipinos abroad sending money and OFW’s who has to work overseas
    just to help their families and risking their lives all the time.

    His is my own observation in most of the news that I read, it is being focus
    towards DAP. Well why not ha ha ha ha to divert from the POOORK


    Pres. Benigno Aquino 3 if some of your people read my views go all
    the way & carry on the good work. You are on the right path and I
    will support you all the way. Give my regards to your
    Uncle Kuya Butz Aquino form me. See you soon.

  64. Based from today’s senate hearing I can conclude that no one can step on Boots Abad! But Boots Abad will step on you!

  65. P. Akialamiro on

    As usual, it seems that many members of congress are not really serving in the interest of the nation; it’s their own interests. What a shame!

    There are always two sides of the ‘coin’. But, as explained in the SC ruling on the DAP, I tend to agree with the one who said: “parang ginagago” (sort of) ang SC.

    I am not an economist, but I do not see how the DAP expenditures stimulated the economy as being claimed by Mr.”A-bad”. Perhaps, some portions. I tend to believe that DAP was used mostly at the whims of Pres. B S Aquino, like what was given to unscrupulous and corrupt members of congress in the impeachment of former CJ Corona, as exposed by Mr. Estrada. Perhaps, a benevolent and sincere president is ‘justified’ to go “all out” to use the DAP money to stir the economy for the commond good, but not for one who has an ‘axe to grind’. Pres. Aquino relish the “power of the purse” that he is now trying to fight for it, tooth and nail. With his kind of governance, this president is a total failure without the DAP. His ‘matuwid na daan’, ‘kung walang kurap, walang mahirap;, etc., are all “facades” of an ‘oligarchic’ administration. Besides, one who has the power of the purse is very dangerous if he has a tendency for vengeance.

    The Philippines needs one from the slums, like in Indonesia; one who can relate, at least, fo the predicaments and agonies, and the hopes and dreams, of more than the majority of the Filipinos!

    • You’re right sir. I like your parting paragraph. We need someone from the slums who can relate and correlate. Also from the coastlines, from the farms, and yes, from the hills. Real Filipinos arise, the real electorate, the Sovereign Filipino people’s voice and its course of action will make the difference.

  66. I believe majority but not all of Filipinos lack sense of decency nowadays. There is no sense of urgency to correct the prevailing norm. Our once decent culture and ways has been destroyed by so called leaders of the Republic. All your articles would make big head lines and senate inquires, but in the Philippines, it seems its so ordinary and plain that nobody bother to react on it. Hope someone could make a thesis on this.

  67. Rogelio C. Lim on

    Sobra na ang pagsisinungaling ni Noynoy at Abad upang linlangin ang taongbayan ang boss nila. Sobra na ang pagka-inutil ng senado. Dapat na putulin ng taongbayan ang relasyon niya kay Noynoy sa pamamagitan ng pagpapatalsik sa kanya dahil sobra na ang pagsisinungaling niya upang linlangin ang taongbayan na boss niya. Dapat na buwagin na rin ang Senado at House of Representatives dahil sobra na ang pagka-inutil nila.

  68. This is what I’ve been saying all along – ‘The President asked the Senators and Congressmen to bend over, F_c_ their asses to bleed, and they all said they’re enjoying it!’. What a shame to these people – including those who voted them!


    That senate moro-moro has been expected. For what can we expect from a
    bunch of crocodiles who already have benefited or recipient of the loot. In short,
    these crooks like Drilon, Escudero, et al profited from the effects of their crimes.
    Shame on these senators. It is hard to imagine if they can sleep at night . It is
    hard to imagine if they can look at their co-filipinos straight to the eye. And,
    lastly it is very hard to imagine if these supposedly leaders like Drilon and Escudero
    are okay in using the peoples money to feed their family. It’s shame if you see these
    senators clapping their hands and guiding or lawyering abad like this shameless

    • Clarification lang maganda ang intensyon ng DAP ang pagkakamali lang ang pamamaraan ng pag gasta ng admin pero walang nakawang naganap iba ang dating sa mamamayan sa mga comments linawin naman natin ginagawa lang naman ng pangulo ang maganda para sa mga taong nangangailangan ng agarang tulong hindi sinusuway ang SC nagtatanong lang naman sa kanilang desisyon tanong lang bakit lahat ba ng desisyon ng SC tama? ang nangyayari nagrereklamo na lang tayo pero wala tayong magawa. Sguro naman alam naman ninyo kung ano-ano ang mga palpak na desisyon ng SC lalo na nung panahon ni Corona na pabor sa mayayaman at maimpluwensya.