A short list of three?


ALTHOUGH BSA3 has given the go signal to use machinery and resources to promote the presumptive candidate and every event is being used to extol the presumptive’s qualities, we now know that it seems being on top of the list is not assurance of endorsement despite the calls of party leaders and officers to already make a declaration.

Not declaring could probably be due to two reasons, lessons learned in sliding and not winning in 2010 and mud throwing. On the lessons learned, Mar Roxas should all the more declare and bring his case to the people. Roxas should work for it and define himself early on as his own man. He cannot allow others to define that for him.

Alas, from Mr. Palengke and his market economy principles and what could have been to Mr. Padyak, a problematic extension of a branding. Mr. Palengke could have been a 2016 narrative had the promise been fulfilled. No rebranding can be most powerful than being his authentic self and that Roxas will have to continue from a high note of service to country and the sacrifice he made in 2009. Add to that the narrative of being lost in the forest for that stunning defeat in 2010, from being the so-called water boy to presidential candidate-in-waiting.

From the pains of betrayal and a big letdown of being dumped by operatives, Roxas needs a soaring storyline to once again capture the imagination and the hearts of voters. And that narrative is not in the continuity plane. But as others would often say, “Roxas carries the burden and the sins of this administration.” True.

Will it be continuity, as the battle cry of LP? Or change? Continuity of what? The voters must know and that is where a national conversation can be made. Unfortunately, Roxas is allowing everyone to define him to his detriment. As have been stated early on, continuity is status quo while change is the ability to use leadership to usher in just even one drop, a page, or one stone to a foundation that could unleash the power of inclusive growth. Will Roxas be the oligarch’s bet, where the “40 riches families in the country account for 76 percent of the country’s gross domestic product” or would he roll up his sleeves and solve what economist Bernardo Villegas described as “scandalous” when more than a quarter (26%) of all Filipinos live in poverty versus less than 10% poverty rate in Asia? Can Roxas ask his class to be less greedy? Can Roxas embrace what his party derisively call as bobotantes? Filipino voters are not stupid Mar. They are the most rationale if only you can be authentic with them.

Much has been said that Dinggoy was a better politician than Mar. Probably, but Dinggoy never had Mar’s experience. From 1992 to 2015, that’s 23 years of being an insider and surely by now, he knows what is wrong and can put together possible solutions for inclusive growth. Being in the arena offers one unique opportunities of seeing things using a different prism. Again, unfortunately, the Roxas today may no longer be that of 2004. Not known for taking risks, Mar has to lay it on the line for 2016.

But even as Mar Roxas is being talked about in relation to his viability as a candidate and not his winnability (a concession not worth making public), the buzz is loudest with two other names in BSA3’s apparent very short list: Grace Poe and Chiz Escudero. Every mention of Grace Poe is an erosion on Roxas’s stock for Poe is positioned as presidential. Every mention of Escudero is often in relation to Poe (political twins) while Roxas shares the sins of this administration from five years of hospital arrest of former PGMA, impeachment of Chief Justice Corona, PDAF and DAP, Yolanda, Mamasapano, Purisima, lethargic stints in DOTC and DILG, among others. Escudero has been given a new luster with his glue-like association with Poe. Poe, on the other hand, is now being seen as too ambitious and trapo. Sad.

Many have said that Roxas might again be denied that chance to offer himself to the nation because of the so-called amazing Grace and the shrewd political player Escudero, who can thrust a knife and twist it. Three names in a very short list. Three names that BSA3 is said to be meeting one after the other, save for Roxas who is part of the official family. One, a true yellow Liberal and two independents. One who stayed belatedly with the GMA group and two who have been with the opposition, making a name there with one, being heir to the Panday throne while the other, milking the association since he became spokesperson, but that is a different story altogether. Would we see a Roxas-Poe with Escudero as Executive Secretary? Or a Roxas-Escudero ticket (highly improbable but possible) or an Aquino endorsed Poe-Escudero independent ticket?

LP these days is talking of 18 continuous years of administration. People always make snide remarks about Aquino. These five years is proof that we have the most wily, if not cunning political mind. To plot for two administrations after him is something not often done. Most would say that the presidency is destiny, campaign science say it’s not. BSA3 could probably be looking until 2034. Not easy. Not often done but possible. With the same players plus one, and that last name is a deeper play.

“Destiny is a name often given in retrospect to choices that had dramatic consequences.” Stop with the play and being coy. Stop with looking through surveys or working via ads to increase survey results then decide. When you allow media to play you around, and this is true also for Duterte, you allow others to define your commitment to service. If you want to serve, declare and let’s start with the issues that really matter — the future and our country.


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  1. I agree with you, Grace Poe is very ambitious. The Philippines has to realize that our elections is more of a popularity vote than voting for qualification.

    Grace is probably posturing with the real presidential candidates to buy her out (campaign funds maybe?) or offer her as running mate — then run for the 2022 elections as president. Brilliant strategy if you ask me.

  2. This time it will be the voting public who will provide the WIN WIN answer to your titillating question —–si Mar. si Grace a si Chiz this leave us Binay who???

  3. Amnata Pundit on

    All this assumes that the survey results are for real and not the result of manipulation and that the Comelec/Smartmatic machinery is an honest vote counting system. Who is being played now?

  4. Hi,
    Mayor Duterte has never been defined by others in his commitment to serve. He may be defined by the needs of the times. When Davao City was known as the “killing fields” during martial law and post-EDSA, Cory times, Mayor Duterte bit the bullet and by sheer guts, tapang at malasakit, Davao City is now on top of safe cities worldwide. Mayor Duterte can brag his commitment to service, without any corruption issue besides.

  5. Just to be fair lang, President Aquino did a good job during his term, I mean the roads were widen, more benefits for the elderly but most important, some of the corrupt officials were put on jail and that is very important for our country to eliminate corruption.

  6. We need someone who will continue to fight against corruption and continue what PNoy has started.

  7. Just a thought: Chiz Escudero can never be president as he is best to stay as a member of the “glib club”. Grace Llamanzares cannot run for higher office as she lost her natural born status when she opted to be an American citizen, of which she really is by heart. And she may even lose her de facto seat in the Senate following this fact. Mar Roxas is way past his time. The cono whose only intent is to make sure that the interests of the oligarchy is protected. He lost his greatest opportunity in 2010 when he gave way to an idiot not even worth a seat in the barangay council. Are we so desperate as to welcome these 3 and several others to lead us? Dont we deserve better ones?

  8. Chiz can never be president. Grace cannot run for higher office and may even lose her de facto seat in the Senate. Mar is way past his time. He lost his greatest opportunity in 2010 when he gave way to an idiot not even worth to serve as a barangay chair.

  9. Duterte is the only candidate for change. Although he is LP regional party chairman, it is highly unlikely PNoy or LP will allow him to be their standard bearer. What PNoy is looking to bet on is a puppet like Grace Poe who he could use as an insurance he and his group will not be held accountable for their blunders and plunders. They amassed a war chest for 2016 derby. This is the evil charter change under Du30 will stop. We cannot move forward with Daang Matuwid which clearly was empty rhethoric!

    • Mart Lu, I agree with you. Only Mayor Duterte has a clear vision and plans of what he is going to do once he run and win the presidency. No other among the hopefuls can change or drive the country for the best but rather they are all after of covering up each others ass. Duterte as I describe him is a True and Sincere leader. though as a person we have shortcomings in our personal life but what we are talking here is not personal. It is about public service and commitment. And who can say among our politicians and current leaders doesn’t have personal shortcomings? I can vouch for Mayor Duterte for I have been in Davao City since 1992 and been a leader also in one of Davao ‘s District under his opponents party. A good leader and a good servant does not take personal when it comes to public service. As a conclusion, lets choose a Leader who Walk his Talk…Do his Words…and that’s no other than Mayor Rodrigo Digong Duterte.

  10. Malu, come on, the play and the whole game never stops. I beg to disagree with you that Duterte allowed the media to play him around and define his commitment to service. From Day 1 Duterte has been the only one advocating change for our country and our future while the BSA3 and the VP are all gunning for continuity or the status quo. At first national media and Manila opinion-makers ignored Duterte, but not now that he has captured the nation’s attention. As to the declaration, that will eventually come in due time. There is a season for everything. The impatient can go ahead and miss the rewards of correct timing.