• A Small Bike That Delivers Suzuki GD 110


    D4---Suzuki-20150901So you won’t be popping wheelies on this one. It is not that type of Suzuki. The GD 110 is built with one main purpose…hauling cargo. It is powered by a 112.8-cubic centimeter, air-cooled single cylinder engine that churns out 6 kilowatts at 8,500 revolutions per minute and 8.53 Newton-meters of torque at 5,500 rpm. Despite the modest engine displacement, this bike is intended to take on the heaviest of jobs because that’s how it is in business segment of the Philippine motorcycle industry. To stay competitive, a manufacturer must offer the most cost-efficient product without compromising its capability and versatility.

    The GD 110 is as basic as it can get. It comes with a classic round headlight, analog speedometer and a four-speed manual gearbox. It doesn’t even have an electric starter. You also get front and rear drum brakes, which are surprisingly effective. I suppose it doesn’t really take much to put a 108-kilogram bike to a halt. One has to wonder, though, how would they fare when riding with heavy loads.

    A large rear carrier rack makes the GD 110 ideal for delivery duties. Just mount a lockable box on it and this bike would surely be a great asset to your business enterprise whether you have a start-up restaurant or a thriving courier company. Of course, the low P48,900 retail price also doesn’t hurt. Suzuki Philippines also markets the GD 110 in the rural areas a means of transporting crops. Yet, some will even attach sidecars and haul people and cargo altogether. Suzuki Philippines prepared the GD 110 for all sorts of abuse by giving it what they call “spare parts advantage.” GD 110 genuine replacement parts are made readily available and more affordable by selling them by piece and not by set. Should the need arise, a GD 110 owner would be able buy only the necessary part, down to the connecting rod, crank pin or even the piston ring.

    If you are on a tight budget, the GD 110 would also be great for long distance commuting. A good number of our labor force who work in the metropolis dwell on the outskirts of the city. So the efficient BS-type carburettor coupled with the 9.2-liter fuel tank means you’ll also be taking less trips to the gas station. Tall 17-inch tires make the ride less bumpy and in case of a flat, a replacement interior tube will probably available in most auto supply shops. Given its weight, riding the GD 110 is almost similar to riding a bicycle. Handling is light and easy, making long journeys less of a chore. Throttle response is smooth and predictable. It is even possible to have a bit of fun if you keep the revs within the “sweet spot” and if you don’t mind the social stigma that comes with riding a pantra (pantraysikel). This issue, however, can easily be remedied. Because of its conventional design, the GD 110 won’t cost much to customize. Like a blank canvass, you can turn it into anything if you want be it a scrambler, a cafe racer or even a chopper.


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