• A soldier’s service


    Accidents happen all the time and no one can ever predict when such an unfortunate occurrence will transpire. Disasters, calamities and other tragedies befall any person, people, place, etc. What happened to the explosion in the Army Support Command (ASCOM) is one such occurrence. For sure, those soldiers who maintain and take care where the explosives are kept, were not remiss in their job. It was not even an act of fate and there is no one to blame.

    My heart bleeds for the family of Cpl Bernardo Mota, 30 years old, married and has a little daughter. I know the hardships of being a soldier’s wife, more so if a widow because my sister’s husband was killed by the Abu Sayyaf Group in Mindanao in 2009. Life would be harder for his orphaned wife and child, but the Armed Forces of the Philippines, like my sister’s, would help his family cope with the loss, aside from the benefits soldiers are entitled to.

    Cpl Mota died in an accident but fought hard to survive, only his injuries were so grave that he would only suffer more. He had been a good soldier, I am very sure, dedicated and performed his duties with devotion. And whether a soldier dies in battle, in an accident, or in unusual circumstances, their death is always a big loss to the meaning of service.

    Ms. Arlene B. Dimapilis
    Lusuriaga St., Bacolod City


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