A southern getaway


A trip to Cebu isn’t complete unless there’s a beach or a resort listed in the itinerary. The southern island boasts an abundance of fresh ingredients, picturesque beaches and marine life that seldom go unnoticed to the tourists. Almost every turn in Cebu can lead you to beaches or to private resorts located at secluded locations like a mountain top or along the edge of the island.

Manawa’s walkway offers a picturesque view of the sea

However, some of the many jewels of the Queen City of the South are found far from the capital. It takes almost four hours to reach the city of Alcoy where a certain resort is making its name renowned to tourists and locals alike.

Ideal getaway
Manawa Beach Resort is an ideal getaway from the busy atmosphere of the city. Located at Alcoy, which is a four-hour trip from Cebu City, it offers its visitors a chance to wind down in their cozy huts that are strategically positioned for them to get a clear view of the sea.

A walkway dubbed by the owners as the “lovers’ lane”

The resort’s cabins are air-conditioned with an interior similar to a hotel; beds covered in soft, white sheets; cabinets, drawers, cupboards and a vanity table made out of sturdy dark wood; a television set with a DVD player; and the presence of a wash area, a laundry area and a bathroom. Also to ensure the safety of the guests, the resort has a guard house located next to the manager’s office that has a clear view of the front gates.

Manawa’s façade as seen from the other end of the lovers’ lane

Edwin Saramosing, the beach resort’s owner, says “Manawa”was derived from a Maori word meaning “mangrove”. The inspiration came from his six-year stay in New Zealand as a science teacher in Auckland. True to the name of the place, Manawa Beach Resort is close to the mangroves that are teeming with marine life. This portion of the sea in Manawa Beach is teeming with fish, sea grass and other marine animals. Guests who wish to may even swim alongside the fish without going deeper into the water. If visitors are lucky, they can catch a glimpse of turtles nesting on the beach located between Manawa and the mangroves.

The view from one of the resort’s huts

Attractive amenities
The resort also offers both natural and artificial pools for the visitors to dip into. There are also pools and a Jacuzzi situated in front of the cabins for a quick relaxing dip.

Because of Saramosing’s job as a science teacher in California, he only gets the chance to visit his resort during Christmas when he flies to the Philippines. It is in Manawa where he and his family spend days swimming in the water and chatting under the sun while savoring the crisp sea breeze.

Guests can take a break and lounge inside the resort’s huts

When Edwin returns to the US, his sister, Editha Borromeo, and her family manages the resort. His sister designed the landscape of Manawa Beach, making every corner attention-getting with the presence of garden ornaments and other trinkets like a wind chime fashioned from old kitchen utensils. Along with her husband and their son, she maintains and improves the resort by constantly having the surroundings cleaned and adding more amenities like the pools and a clubhouse.

Aside from their beach, Manawa also features a swimming pool for their guests to enjoy

The four-hour trip to the resort in Alcoy is worthwhile because the resort’s quiet atmosphere where the waves crashing against the shore can be overheard and the scenery can take your mind off your worries even for a short period of time. Manawa Beach Resort has begun to grow its roots at Alcoy and its gates are open to those who need a quick getaway and a fix of sand, salt and sea with a dash of marine life to go with it.


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