A surprise kiss from Drew Barrymore



Yes, she is all what we expect her to be and more. Char­ming, spunky, sexy and funny—that’s Drew Barrymore!

She had jet lag when she arrived last week for the first major junket of Netflix’ “Santa Clarita Diet” season 2 to the Philippines.

But the moment she started the rounds of interviews, her energy level and friendliness went through the roof!

The Santa Clarita event signifies that the Philippines is a top market for the said streaming service, which excited the Hollywood stars to come to Manila all the more.

“The analytics led us here and we love the fact that people watch the show and they’re very intelligent viewers.”

As everyone knows by now, Drew was here in 2016 purely for work on her makeup line Flower Beauty. She hardly has time go around this second visit, which is also purely for Santa Clarita Diet.

The Hollywood actress was definitely the charming actress everyone expect her to be

“My friends back in LA were so jealous [I’m coming over again]. They asked me if I’ve been to the islands and I said no because I didn’t have time back then—or now—so that will be my priority the third time around.”

All the same, Drew tried her best to experience the metro like a local by visiting speakeasies in BGC, an organic restaurant in Salcedo Village, and eating at Pink’s Hotdog.

Meanwhile, Drew’s co-star Tim Olyphant also had a blast from the past coming over, having lived for a couple of years in Davao with his expat dad back in the ‘70s.

Going back to their Netflix show, anyone can see how much of a team they are with their chemistry. Besides being Santa Clarita’s lead stars, Drew and Tim are both producers of the dark comedy hit. And even though the show deals with eating human flesh, killing and zombies, they aim to promote unity in marriage through their characters Shiela and Joel.

Besides being ‘Santa Clarita Diet’s’ lead stars, Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant are both producers of the dark comedy hit

In fact, despite Drew’s failed relationship, she declared, “I don’t want to watch another couple that does not make it. I want to watch a couple who tries to make it work despite the circumstances. In the show, their conflict is how to find a cure for Shiela while she has a struggle with her appetite to eat people, and Joel is just the perfect husband trying to help her and be with her through this ordeal. That’s just a metaphor of how relationships really are so hard, but they don’t give up!”

Very well said, indeed.

Now while we’re dying to know when Drew’s next visit to the Philippines will be, In the Know will keep her tight hug and sweet kiss a highlight in my memories.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 will stream on Netflix on March 23.


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