They’re both named Arlene, and their operation may be minuscule compared with the multi-billion enterprise of Janet Lim-Napoles.

    But “Arlene CA” and “Arlene CH” are as shrewd and well-entrenched as the woman who is accused of masterminding the pork barrel scheme.

    The two Arlenes are fixers who can win favorable court decisions for anyone who can afford their fee.

    A The Manila Times source who is well-placed in the Judiciary said Arlee CA is an employee of the Court of Appeals, and Arlene CH is a former employee of the Manila City Hall.

    “There are two Arlene fixers in the Judiciary. But both of them are just small-time fixers. There is no truth that she (Arlene CH) is the Janet Napoles of the Judiciary. Arlene doesn’t hold a candle to Napoles,” a Manila Regional Trial Court judge told The Times.

    The judge was reacting to reports that likened the case fixers to Napoles.

    The racket of case-fixing at the courts has caught the attention of Supreme Court justices, who wanted to unmask the two Arlenes.

    “Arlene CH,” The Times learned, is well-connected with the Filipino-Chinese community in Metro Manila. She acts as the “secret weapon” of the Chinoy businessmen when they badger their competitors with harassment suits.

    “Arlene CH” spent a huge sum of money during elections of the Philippine Judges Association (PJA) to build up her stable of “friendly” court officials. Beholden to “Arlene CH,” some judges repay their gratitude with favorable rulings.

    “Arlene CA”, meanwhile, has a partner-lover in transacting her cases, The Times learned.

    There were times when “Arlene CA” and her boyfriend were seen transacting cases with judges and even justices.

    “Arlene CA” is what court insiders call a “sniper” because once a case was raffled, she determines if the justice-ponente can be bought. If yes, “Arlene CA” calls her client and ask for a huge sum to fix the case.

    A CA official confided to The Times that “Arlene CA” has close ties with people in high places in the Court of Appeals.

    The two Arlenes are said to flaunt expensive bags and expensive cars and spend lavishly in wining and dining justices and judges.


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    1. This is the result of the old practice during the Marcos regime where everybody can be bought and corruption is rampant because the leader himself is very corrupt. This should all change.

    2. Good. All three branches of the government have their own story to tell. It is good they are all being brought out in the open. Let us, all taxpaying citizens, learn from all these. It is up to us how we want these stories to end.

      For Filipinos who do not pay taxes keep your comments to yourself in the confines of you personal private domains.

      Should you itch to opine in public, pay tax first.

    3. Rodrigo A. Fabreo,Jr. on

      This is a very disturbing revelation for the Judiciary to be involved to. The Supreme Court should look seriously into this and all those involved be removed from the Bar and imprisoned.

    4. I trust PNOY, he has the mandate by the Filipinos to clean up the Government, when his term is over, I am afraid a wide spread corruption follows, and lack of respect on the government by the people. I pray that chaos will not happen.

    5. At any time a person is allowed to fix a case, is accepted as part of the system, will have a devastating moral effect in the judiciary, it will erode the trust and confidence of the people on the system.

    6. Talagang ganyang naman ang nangyayari sa Pilipinas justice system. Ang social cancer na ito ay engrained na sa buto at dugo ng mga nasa pwesto saan man sangay ng gobyerno. Walang pakundangan sa pagabuso sa tungkolin at walang moral sa paglustay sa pinabilhan ng kanyang kaluluwa. Ipinangangalandakan pa sa lipunang– wari’y manhid na– ang nga yamang kinurakot nila sa pagpapatayo ng mga malapalasyong mga bahay at iba’t ibang karangyaan.