A tale of two city leaders



Actors-turned-politicos Alma Moreno and Isko Moreno ran in the last elections, but as we all know, lost their bid to be among the new set of 12 senators.

Alma was with Vice President Binay’s UNA while Isko joined Sen. Grace Poe’s independent party.

Albeit with remarkably spotless track records as Paranaque City Councilor and Manila Vice Mayor, respectively, Alma and Isko, however, didn’t seem combat-trained for the legislative post as clearly evidenced during their campaign exposures.

Known for her classic tales of booboos in showbiz that would make for a laugh-inducing book, Alma became the receiving end of her own unpreparedness, if not sheer ignorance on current as well as ticklish national issues like the RH Bill, Magna Carta for Women, etc. Surely you remember her interview on Karen Davila’s Headstart on ANC months ago.

Whether causing her undue humiliation was intentional or not on Davila’s part, Alma presented herself like an unsuspecting studio walk-in from nowhere barely anticipating likely questions expected of a supposedly intelligent-talking senator-wannabe.

Sadly, all that most people remembered of Alma after her interview was her “loveliness.”

Meanwhile, Isko, despite his beautifully directed political ad showing his early struggles in life and the underlying message of hope behind squalor, resorted to showbiz throwbacks during the campaign season.

When the surveys came out, the two Morenos—who are not at all related—never came out in the “Magic 12”—an ominous foreshadowing of what was to be expected after the elections.

Maybe, just maybe, it would help if Alma and Isko reexamined themselves. It probably wasn’t their time, not yet. But there’s enough time for further self-enrichment; that is, if both believe they are destined to spread their local wings farther and wider.

* * *

THE wacky duo of Ogie Alcasid and Janno Gibbs returns via TV5’s newest comedy-variety show Happinas Happy Hour.

True to its nightclub-bish title, the two of the country’s premiere balladeers—born with a knack for hosting—helm the program segment called “Maboteng Usapan.”

To give it a refreshing flavor for the not necessarily dipsomaniacs, Ogie as Kembot and Janno as Kembolar bring back their limp-wristed personae in an otherwise kinky yet rib-tickling mini talk show where a celebrity guest draws the must-answer questions from a “bote,” hence the segment title.

Happier are we for Janno than we are for the indefatigable Ogie who never runs out of hosting jobs in TV5. Why for Janno is because he seems to have renewed a great deal of enthusiasm towards his work. So, is it goodbye to his tardiness due to oversleeping? Well, it had better be.

Airing Fridays, Happinas Happy Hour literally takes its audience to a venue of music and comedy as in every night hub offers. It also taps Gelli de Belen and other TV5 artists like Mark Neumann, Eula Caballero, Ella Cruz, Empoy, Alwyn Uytingco, Tuesday Vargas, Kim Idol, top hunks Mark McMahon, Tom Esconde and Brazilian DJ Luane, as well as Fil-Brit ex-PBB housemate Margo Midwinter and beauty queen Janelle Olafson, all in their share of the late-night fun.


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