• A tenure of lies and cover-ups


    As the nation brims with hope for genuine change in 2016, allow me to reaffirm my commitment to public service through print and broadcast journalism.

    Over 30 years of news media practice has been personally fulfilling but it’s been frustrating, as well, to chronicle widespread poverty and low-quality of living linger through six political administrations.

    It will have been 30 years next month since the EDSA 1 “people’s revolution” but the country remains plagued with government corruption, even more massive with Noynoy Aquino’s self-styled nepotism and cronyism.

    The past five years and half have been anything but a semblance of matuwid na daan (straight path).

    The first four months of the year being the remainder of Noynoy’s term are a crucial period leading to the May 9 elections during which we will make life-changing choices for the next President, and other elective officials.

    “Hindi ako magnanakaw [I am not a thief]!” was the winning campaign promise in 2010, yet we were surprised big-time with the exposés on the multi-billion peso anomalies in Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), followed by the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

    It should be noted that the “pork barrel” scandal involving senators and congressmen arose from the squabble between businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles and her conspirator nephew Benhur Luy in 2013, not through the efforts of Noynoy’s administration.

    Conversely, the hideous and unlawful DAP was not exposed until Sen. Jinggoy Estrada lashed back at Malacañang over its “selective justice” and apparent cover-up of allies’ involvement in PDAF misuse and abuse.

    No wonder that Napoles, a fixture in the corridors of power, surrendered personally to the President. And since then, Napoles’ case was muddled with lies and cover-up of her link to Palace officials themselves, including Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa and Budget Secretary Butch Abad.

    Saan nga ba kumuha ng kapal ng mukha ang mga dupang na ito?

    Napoles had been acquitted by the Sandiganbayan of graft and malversation of ₱3.8 million paid for substandard Kevlar helmets on October 28, 2010, months into Noynoy’s term of office.

    I am convinced we’ve seen just the tip of the iceberg of the cold fleecing of the national treasury.

    More false promises
    IN DESPERATION, the administration has resorted to negative campaigning and character assassination against the leading 2016 presidentiables to buoy up Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas’ standing.

    But Roxas continues to lag behind Poe, Duterte and Binay in sample surveys, and neither a “star-studded” TV ad worked for the former DOTC and DILG secretary, who has no memorable accomplishments to boast of.

    His gross negligence, incompetence and inefficiency in the performance of duty was uncovered as he was “left in the dark” in Noynoy and Alan Purisima’s ill-fated Oplan Exodus that sent the Special Action Force to a suicide mission.

    Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, who lost to Fidel Ramos in a close election marred by power outages in 1992, has topped several campus mock polls, as well as social media surveys.

    Issues raised in the disqualification cases pressed against Poe and Duterte have not had an impact on the public consciousness, as they are perceived clearly as black propaganda.

    Indeed, we are beginning to be inundated by political ads much the same as those we encountered in 2010.

    The people must realize by now that we have been duped with false advertising.

    We cannot falter for the nth time and choose one who promises good governance but has shown gross negligence, incompetence and even cowardice.

    Tama ka na, tapon ka na!

    * * *

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    1. We want all corrupt politicians jailed, now why didnt the politicians you mentioned not tell us at any time in their political career about the corrupt pork barrel system. Didnt they know or where they a part of it. Yes it was a twist of fate it came to light but at least it has come to light & politicians have started to be caught, is it perfect no of course it isnt but its a start. It didnt happen under arroyo, why not. Im sure probably every single politician has been guilty somewhere along the way of stealing money. At least now we are aware of how its done, so lets try to catch all of them & stop it happening in the future.

    2. How would you rank Pnoy among the Phlippine prsidents after Marcos? Is he at the bottom?

      If measurement is bases on corruption alone, were the previous administrations less corrupt than his?

      Measuring performance on a single yardstick is not fair. Shouldn’t we take into account other factors like growth of the economy, credit worthiness, etc? Or doesn’t the surveys still give him a favorable rating?

    3. cora betsayda on

      very true sir, it is realy a diasppointment for us what happened in the last 51/2 years of this abnoy administration. i do hope our people will open their eyes of this situation, people like you should not stop what your doing and we rae here to continuosly reacting with what their doing.

    4. I salute your statement Mr.Tulfo regarding Roxas being an incompetent to handle any government position from the past and present administration and now he wants us to elect him as President.I think the electorate had already feed up of all these foolishness.