A time for concealment and the Church of Satan


I should not be writing a column like this during the Christmas season. Christmas is a time for joy and sharing—a season to thank God for all His blessings and caring. But as the cliché goes, for every rule, there is always an exception. I am doing the exception to confirm the rule—on a personal level

Nothing gives me more joy than bringing a candle to light the enveloping darkness. Nothing gives me more joy than sharing the ideas and enlightenment I have learned through the passing of decades – in the best of times and in the worst of times, to quote Charles Dickens in a Tale of Two Cities.

Ours is the worst of times because of the distortion of fundamental values and the Niagara of graft and corruption gripping the country as though we are living in a sinking quagmire. Ours is also the best of times because it gives us the best opportunity – better than at any other period of our history – to bring about a new dawn giving birth to new horizons.

Just a matter  of clarification

This is a reaction to many comments on social media about me – brought about by total ignorance and responders who have very limited knowledge of the English language. A number of them came out with contrasting assessments of my choice of a presidential candidate – some say I am for Grace Poe, others say I am for Rodrigo Duterte, still others say I am for Mar Roxas. All these claims are born out of their ignorance about me and their lack of knowledge of the nuances of the English language.

I have no candidate for President because I predict that elections, at this point in time, are useless and criminal activities and I do not believe that the May 2016 elections will ever come. This is just an educated guess; I could be wrong but I also could be right, depending on the drift of developing events. I am only human; I can never be God unlike presidential candidates who think that they are God, the unerring decision-maker for one hundred million Filipinos. Well, just in case they do not know it yet, they can never be God, not even within the fringes of becoming a god in Mount Olympus.

But just for their information and for historic convenience, this writer has been a strategic participant in the removal of President Ferdinand Marcos, confirmed by no less than the lovely and intelligent First Lady, Imelda Romualdez Marcos, when she just returned to the country from exile in Hawaii telling me in one of her initial public appearances, thus: “You know Governor, were it not for your mouth in Parliament, we will still be in power today.

My only consoling thought is that while we are out of power, so are you.” Touche’ and I replied, “Ma’am, that is the name of the game and that is the law of life.” If you are interested in more details, get a copy of my latest book, one of six I have written in the past six years, entitled Capturing the Moments, in a determined effort to document the events of my time.

The next incident was in December 2000 at the coffee shop of the Sulo Hotel. In the presence of twenty journalists who had a unanimous judgment that President Erap Estrada could not be removed, I delivered the dissenting vote that Erap would not be around in May of 2001. I turned out to be right, courtesy of that patriot AFP Chief of Staff General Angelo “Angie” Reyes because before that meeting at Sulo Hotel, I met with Angie in his office in the presence of four generals. Read the details also in the same book which narrates my encounters with Imelda.

So in two instances, I proved to be right in my predictions – that’s a hundred percent batting average. I could again deliver a homerun or I could be struck out. Only time will tell. Remember and remember this well. Marcos, the most brilliant president from Marcos to Noynoy, was removed by the people in seven days. President Erap, the most popular and the highest vote-getter in Philippine presidential elections, was removed in one day.

It is still four months and twenty one days before the May 2016 elections. I am not predicting the fall of Noynoy before Election Day. That would be presumptuous of me. But I don’t discount the possibility of having no elections on May 2016 which I will detail in my column next Saturday, December 26, 2015.

For now, my hope for our country and our people is to pray that I can successfully convince all the stakeholders that it is better to have a constitutional transition government based on a move for a peaceful constitutional revolution than a violent one. It is the sane alternative; it is something to work and fight for. If it is not feasible, then my prayer is that the John F. Kennedy statement “that those who make peaceful revolutions impossible render violent revolutions inevitable” does not come to pass. I am a man of the law who seeks remedies within the Constitution.

Revolution or Congressman Seneres

As of the moment, my candidate for president is the REVOLUTION. I am working for a constitutional peaceful revolution.

But if the revolution, peaceful or otherwise, does not come by Election Day, I will cast my vote for Congressman ROY SENERES – the champion of the OFW, the contractual employees and the poor and the downtrodden. He has a vision for the country and our people and he has been fighting for it all these years against all odds – the oligarchy, the caciques and the hacienderos notwithstanding. He is the most qualified to become President of the Philippines and he is not averse to peaceful constitutional revolution.

For Mindanaoans, Roy is the intelligent choice since he comes from Agusan del Norte and Surigao del Norte. This is a chance of a lifetime for all Mindanaoans and we cannot afford to let it pass.

Concealment and Church of Satan

The followers of Rodrigo Duterte who admire his history of admitted killings of petty criminals, scandalous adulterous relationships, his proclaimed lusts for women, his cursing of Pope Francis, his boasts of his plan and capacity to destroy the Church, his public claim that God should be blamed for his talents which truly are really vices, his despicable expletives and profanities, his incredible claim that he is for the poor when the hundreds he and his squads have killed in Davao City are poor and helpless. Any man who behaves like Duterte should be excommunicated by the Catholic Church. He should be a leader of the ISIS and the ISIL and not running for President of the Philippines.

If the ones in social media who damn me for my judgments on Duterte and his admirers are really the followers of Duterte, this country is really in trouble. They are all outstanding for their ignorance, stupid statements and lack of touch with reality. If they are really brave, why are they concealing their identities? Anyone who takes an indefensible position and conceals his identity is not a brave man, he is a coward. One of them has even the criminal effrontery of claiming that he is HOMOBONO ADAZA. He is a criminal fraud because there are only five Homobono Adazas – I, my two sons, and two grandsons, and the criminal fraud is not one of them.  Anyone who claims that he is brave but travels around with a band of security men is not true to his claims, he is a coward.

The avid followers of someone who is the exact opposite of what God wants in a human being must be satanic, in a sense. My recommendation to all of them so they will be true to their nature is to establish the Church of Satan and see whether the voters of this country will vote for their idol. Before anything else, they should install him as their high priest and see whether they really can destroy the Catholic Church.

Assuming that Rodrigo Duterte’s certificate of candidacy will not be cancelled, it will take the majority of our voters to be stupid, psychotic and satanic to make Duterte President of the Philippines. If his followers do not succeed in making him President, they should join forces with the ISIS, ISIL, MILF, MNLF, BIFF, ABU SAYYAF to conquer Sabah and establish the ISLAMIC SATANIC STATE OF SABAH (ISSS) with RODRIGO DUTERTE as President.

Isn’t that nice? At least it is not a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea, or who is the lesser evil but a very simple choice between good or evil. It is a clear choice! ISSS, anyone?


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  1. even if duterte’s presidency is a good one (and it probably will be a good one if he manages to not incite civil war), the problem is what happens after?

    In singapore good times continue after lee kwan yew’s retirement and death since 1. lee kwan yew taught them by example (not just what he said, since we tend to follow the example not the words) follow and respect the law. If we follow duterte’s example, all we learn is “follow and obey the law, with exceptions”. And 2. in singapore the police and the systems there are strong, not deliberately weakened to allow salvagers to not be arrested

    duterte probably has the moral fiber to not abuse his power to salvage. If he becomes president his success will surely influence other young leaders will copy his style. Once duterte is dead of old age there is no safeguard, no guarantee that the local and national leaders who copy his style will not abuse their powers. And with the police emasculated by president duterte to enable salvaging to continue, no one can stop them


  2. As a member of the Priesthood of the one and only legitimate Church of Satan in the world, founded in 1966 and codified in The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey, it is my duty to point out that despite the title of this article it has not a single thing to do with Satanism, the Church of Satan, members of the Church of Satan, or any real Satanist’s big toe.
    As far as can be seen the use of our organization’s name is strictly intended to garner attention on our coattails and while we are used to Christians doing this to gain tithes and attention, it would demonstrate some real integrity if they would stop.

  3. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    24 December 2015

    Unless noted Commentator and Politician HOMOBONO ADAZA is able to checkmate the upcoming May 2016 elections with his “Constitutional Revolution,” there is a very good chance that Vice President JEJOMAR BINAY, a certified crook, will be elected President of the Philippines.


    The Filipino electorate, a majority of whom are in the boondocks, are not world-famous for exercising their fundamental “democratic” constitutional right wisely for the best possible candidate, but do so usually swayed by “celebrity,” “name recognition,” and also by a candidate’s capacity to buy votes for as low as P350 and for as high as P3,500.

    Jejomar Binay, has name recognition and is a “celebrity” with all the long-running rumors and charges of CORRUPTION swirling around his head. And he has more than enough money to buy votes even for as high as P3,500 each–and he does
    not even have to sell his 350-hectare “hacienda” in Batangas to do this He may have to sell some of his pigs in that “hacienda” though, if need be–and those pigs will be missing their air-conditioned pens.

    Hail President JEJOMAR BINAY!


  4. Shall we call it judgmental when they HA indicated the statement

    “it will take the majority of our voters to be stupid, psychotic and satanic to make Duterte President of the Philippines”

    Am not good in grammar, but am not stupid to understand where your words are leading the readers.

    According to the book of Matthew 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”

  5. If there will be a coup, I hope the boys will be ready with a viable political plan with limited instead of ambitious objectives only. Kung hindi, parang coup ng RAM na naman yan, palpak ulit.

    • Kailangan maliwanag sa taong bayan na sila ang makikinabang, period. Hindi yung papalitan lang yung mga naka upo sa gobyerno pero parehong sistema parin.

  6. Decades of demo-crazy when our country is the playground for cheapskate lawyers ,ambulance chasers, drug syndicate retainers, moronic third time passers,criminal lawyers clamoring and bribing for TRO’s harassing people at the behest of the wealthy, hoodlums in robes, criminal cases filed in Marawi and you still believe in all that bullshit? We need Duterte to create the miracle of Pax Mongolica of Genghiz Khan or smolder slowly in your oxymoronic republic of lawyers where justice is a luxury for the House of Lords(Druglords, Gambling Lords and Warlords.) Atty Adaza pasagdan nato magwild ni si Duterte hangtud ma tagam na mga Tagalog ug kung mayabag na gyud sakto ni Filipinas mobalik na dayon ang Ginoo….

  7. so, what bono is saying is that those davawenios who vote Duterte for three consecutive terms as Davao mayor are stupid, psychotic, and satanic if they vote him to be president. You sure, bono? Three of your fingers are pointing at you, positively!

  8. Atty. Adaza, Sir, I still believe that our presidents were “chosen” by America with the exception of one or two. This is only my belief. And this is precisely the reason that our country is deteriorating. Everything is being interfered by America. I am not a leftist nor a trouble maker, just an ordinary law abiding citizen. I totally agree with you regarding the constitutional peaceful revolution. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  9. I have been reading your column and my assessment is that you have been fair and balance in presenting your ideas. We your readers must remember that you are not a news reporter but a commentator of the news. It will be impossible for you not to take sides. The more you write, the more your readers will determine who your preference is because of the nature of your work. The only problem that I notice on commentators.. Which is all of you …is you tend to boast on your own achievement which I think goes beyond your work description as a commentator of current or past events.

  10. Mukhang hindi kayo sanay sa mga kritiko,medyo pikon kayo!
    Lumalabas ang ugali ninyong mapagmataas,kaya pala kahit ang tagal na ninyo at marami na rin nagawa,kahit maraming nakakakilala ay parang wala lang sa mga tao! Parang hindi kayo kilala dahil sa ugali ninyo!
    Yung nakasuot at nag aanyong tupa, at nagsasalita ng mabuti ay sa isip ninyo ay malinis at totoong gumagawa ng mabuti!
    Mukhang ang karanasan ninyo at ang galing sa English ay hindi pa sapat para ang lahat ay maunawaan ng tao!
    Sa inyo si aquino ay angel dahil hindi siya nag mura’ ,ano ang ginagawa niya,kung ikukupara sa nagawa ni duterte sa lugar niya!
    Parang naghehisterya ang mga salita dito!! Mahirap talaga Makita ang mabuti at masama!

    • MR MARCOSPOLO, what atty adaza was trying to say is that the readers did not fully understand what he wrote in his column, their comments are far from the issues, all they do is to defend their candidate without reading and understanding the content of the article. Love is really blind, as you were blinded by your love for duterte, you are taking for granted what he has said and confessed. Please think it over and wake up before its too late. Atty Adaza is not pro-Pnoy you should read more of atty adaza’s writings. Look at you, you’re talking without knowing the facts and circumstances. Please read more and research. Its for your own good.

    • ang tanong dapat ay kung ano ang nagawa ni duterte kumpara kay aquino… 20 taon hawak ni duterte ang davao city pero ano ang accomplishment? kaunlaran ba o ang pagiging sunud sunuran ng mga residente dahil sa takot sa kanya at kanyang death squad? tama ka mahirap makita ang tama at mali, dahil hanggang ngayon hindi ninyo pa rin nakikita ang kasamaan ni duterte… mamamatay tao, adulterer, walang galang sa kababaihan, walang respeto sa simbahan at sa pope, sakim sa power dahil ayaw bitawan ang poder, at marami pang iba… alam din ninyo sigurado ang tungkol sa pagpatay sa mga journalist na naglakas loob sumalungat at bumatikos sa mayor…

  11. Bulls Eye. I totally agree with you. Duterte can only do his program of peace towards the poor and the helpless. Duterte never made any comments against the corruption charges against Binay, Enrile, Estrada and Revilla. In other words, Duterte is scared of them. Beware of Duterte’s children who will be worst than the children of Sadam Hussein and Khadafy.

    • i also agree with you Mr De Leon. I hope there are more Filipinos like you who could analyze the good eggs from the rotten ones. Maybe atty adaza is right, that Cong. Roy Seneres would be the best choice