A toast to Barbie Forteza



The Roving Eye believes that Barbie Forteza is one of GMA Network’s best actresses—and one of the nicest too. Given her talent and attitude, she really deserves more projects to make her star shine brighter.

BG Films International’s Baby Go shares the same opinion, having cast Barbie in Louie Ignacio’s “Laut” in 2016, for which she won Best Actress at 36th Fantasporto Internatio¬nal Film Festival.

As previously reported, BG Films has given Barbie a second movie assignment as female lead of “Almost a Love Story” with her perennial TV partner Derrick Monasterio. Parts of the movie were shot in Sorento, Italy, again under Direk Louie.

Roving Eye asked Barbie what makes Almost a Love Story different from other romantic movies produced in the recent past.

Barbie Forteza

“We tell you why it’s almost a love story because we’ll be giving away the twist but I think it’s the characters that we play. I regret my relationship with Derrick’s character, my childhood love, so we both try for a happy ending.”

Meanwhile, Barbie is very thankful to BG Productions for giving her first lead project, humbly saying, “I guess Ma’am Baby Go and Direk Louie knew what I can offer as an actress since I’ve worked with them before. But even if Love Story is lighter than the role I had in Laut, I still gave it my hundred percent.

For his part, Direk Louie said he had a pleasant time working with Barbie again. “She is not a star—she is an actress and a very good one at that. And she is no diva on the set.”


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