A touch of France


Accessorizing is hardly complete without copping the perfect bag that adds practicality and glamour to any ensemble. My entire look and day would be incomplete without my favorite bag in tow – they’re just so useful and chic!

Personally, when choosing a bag, I opt for those made from quality materials that could endure a day at work or recreation without sacrificing the sophistication that complements any look.

Quality, elegance and simplicity – these are some factors that we look for in a bag. But add a touch of Parisian style and you’ll understand why Longchamp is an unparalleled brand when it comes to accessories, purses or bags and leather goods.

It started with pipes
It began in 1948 when Jean Cassegrain inherited his family’s tobacco shop and decided to cover the pipes in leather. His leather-covered pipes were a hit and became a luxury item exclusive to Cassegrain’s store. He soon settled on “Longchamp”, inspired by a horse race track in Paris that Cassegrain often walked by, as the name of his shop.

With Cassegrain expanding his new leather company, Longchamp eventually expanded to purses, leather goods and other accessories. Their collections are simply gorgeous even if the products did not incorporate flashy overdone designs or logos. Longchamp has continued their tradition of designing top quality pieces that are both stylish and classy.

Inspired by origami
One of Longchamp’s most iconic and bestselling handbags for many years is the Le Pliage – a tote made from ultra-light, strong, brightly-colored nylon canvas trimmed in leather. Created in 1993, the bag’s name is derived from the French verb “to fold” and is inspired by the Japanese art of origami; Le Pliage can be reduced to the size of a paperback book when folded.

Other favorites are the Le Pliage Cuir and Le Pliage Heritage, which designer Jeremy Scott describes as symbols of France – much like croissants or the Eiffel Tower. Prices start at about P5,000 for the classic Le Pliage bags while the leather pieces can range from P15,000-P70,000.

Also garnering global interest is Mademoiselle Longchamp which was launched six months ago. Strong, independent women can showcase their style and stand out from the crowd with the chic and iconic bag that epitomizes uninhibited French allure.

In line with 70 years of fine leather craftsmanship, Longchamp proudly opened its fourth boutique in the Philippines at the ground floor of Rustan’s Makati.

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“With a bigger, better space that can house more collections and more exceptional pieces, the opening of the fourth boutique in Manila brings our beloved customers the full range, iconic and signature products of Longchamp’s creative team and artisans,” shares Donnie Tantoco, president of Rustan Commercial Corporation.

The beauty of the chosen materials and meticulous attention to detail in the new boutique affirms the tradition of Longchamp’s tradition of leather craftsmanship and artisanal expertise.

The new boutique is now open to the public and invites customers to discover as well as experience the art of living à la française.


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