TOPC employees believe each has a responsibility in protecting the environment

TOPC employees believe each has a responsibility in protecting the environment

Soothing weather on a sunny day, waving leaves of trees, and cheerful tweets of birds welcomed us at the Buhay Punlaan—Haribon Foundation’s nursery of native trees at the Caliraya-Lumot Watershed in Lumban, Laguna.

Our company, Thousand Oaks Packaging Corp. (TOPC) is engaged in the manufacture of corrugated carton packaging. Our company acknowledges the environmental impacts brought about by the products and is aware of the changing climate that affects the environment and the lives of people. It is for this reason that TOPC supports and promotes activities that aim to conserve the environment.

This year, the company has incorporated tree planting in its activities and just like in the past, we have requested the support of Haribon Foundation.

Continuing this partnership that started nine years ago, we found ourselves again at the nursery of native trees in Lumban, Laguna, and the sight is always awe-inspiring.

The experience at Buhay Punlaan, from the exciting collection of wildlings to the hip-tiring transplanting of seed germinant, help us appreciate the art of planting trees. The sweat poured out while sieving the soil, mixing potting medium and soil bagging has taught all of us the value of every tree being planted. The orientation presented to us facilitated the deeper understanding of the values of rain forestation and awareness of the danger of losing the remaining forested area in the country. The experience in the nursery taught us that every tree undergoes a complex growth pattern and that outmost care must be applied to every seedling. The entire activity has indeed inculcated deeper understanding of the importance of trees in our life and prepared us for our next tree planting activity.

Truly, the experience has brought my co-employees and I at TOPC dearer to Mother Nature. Planting trees gave us the experience of touching the soil, which gives healing not only to the hands but also to the Earth. If we continue planting trees, we continue healing the world thus continue giving life to all creatures of the world.

(Vhen Marasigan is the Management representative and Head of the Quality and Productivity Committee of Thousand Oaks Packaging Corp.)


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