• A travesty of journalism


    The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s front-page photo, October 8, of an agricultural estate in Rosario, Batangas, which disgruntled former vice mayor Ernesto Mercado alleged was owned by Vice President Jejomar Binay, represents a travesty of journalistic principles, and a debasement of one of the most crucial institutions of democracy, the Press.

    The photo was obviously primarily meant not to report news, not to make public an allegation against the second-highest official of the land.  It was, instead, intended to create outrage against Binay for his alleged hidden wealth, to etch in people’s minds that he owns an estate rivaling those of America’s rich and famous, with a garden more glorious than those in Europe.  It was obviously neither for justice nor truth, but to weaken his acceptance by the electorate in 2016.

    The aerial photo occupied nearly half of the newspaper’s front page, and had the caption: “Like London’s maze garden. The estate consists of a piggery, cock farm, swimming pool, man-made lagoon, 2 rest houses, a main ranch home, and an orchid farm.” What’s the point of those details if not to paint Binay as having a scandalously luxurious estate?

    And right beneath the huge photo was the newspaper’s headline, in the largest font possible: ‘Binay farm 350-ha estate.’ The headline text was placed between two apostrophes, which technically means that it is an allegation. But few outside the newspaper industry really are aware of that.

    The following day October 9, even the apostrophes signifying an allegation were dropped in the banner headline, which means the newspaper was stating it as a fact: “Binay’s P1.2-B estate behind overpricing.”

    There was another huge photo of the estate with text boxes to explain its features, such as “mansion resort pool,” “imported orchid farm,” and “40-car garage.”

    The estate reported by PDI as an agritourism park Sept. 28. A week later it becomes “Binay’s estate,” based on the allegations of one man, who had all the reasons to want to hit the vice president.

    The estate reported by PDI as an agritourism park Sept. 28. A week later it becomes “Binay’s estate,” based on the allegations of one man, who had all the reasons to want to hit the vice president.

    Mercado presented the photo with the annotations, prepared by a professional advertising firm, at the Senate hearing, quite obviously with the sole intention of giving the PDI the excuse to publish it.

    That it was intended to rouse wrath against Binay was all too obvious in the title of the photo’s caption: “Imeldific in Rosario, Batangas.” The caption even noted that the “piggery is air-conditioned because the VP’s wife Elenita doesn’t like the stuffy smell and can’t countenance a fly.”

    And what’s the PDI’s basis for these screaming headlines and striking photos of an estate that beats Imelda Marcos’ lifestyle?

    There are no land registration documents, as in the case of police chief Alan Purisima’s ‘rest-house;’ no report on it in Binay’s SALN, in contrast to Purisima’s case. In fact, the town land registrar issued an official affidavit that Binay had no properties in the area.

    That Binay and his family own it is solely, entirely, completely based on the allegation of one and only one man: his former vice mayor who became his sworn enemy when Binay didn’t allow him to succeed him as mayor of Makati and, instead, had his son run for the post.

    And that allegation has been labeled a lie by a respectable businessman Tony Tiu, who heads the corporation running the estate, which is an agritourism park.

    In contrast to Marcos’ Swiss bank accounts, or to Indonesian Anthoni Salim’s control of Meralco and Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co., there are no corporate layers leading to Binay’s ownership of the estate.

    I don’t know if Binay and his family own the estate or not. Maybe he does. Perhaps with the entire resources of this government mobilized, with people threatened to spill the beans as it were, it may be proven later that Binay and his family do own the estate.

    But for the country’s largest newspaper to scream at this time that Binay, without the shadow of a doubt, owns the estate and publish huge photos to etch that notion in people’s minds is a travesty of justice and journalistic principles. That PDI with its veteran journalists and editors would report such, show it has an agenda that has thrown to the wastebasket the values of journalism.

    Note that it has only been the PDI, which has treated the Binay issue in such a biased sensational way that is the equivalent of a rabble-rouser with a microphone rousing a lynch mob.

    My sincerest apologies to the PDI – for whose editors and reporters I have the highest regard, especially for its editor-in-chief, the intrepid Letty Magsanoc.

    I know that I may be risking the ire of the biggest publication in the country. But I don’t care. I care about the future of the Fourth Estate I have spent my entire working life in, and I want to put on record my outrage over such debasement of media. A newspaper can’t be a political partisan, or it slips in the murky world of propaganda and lies.

    We have to take the Press seriously as a crucial pillar of democracy, especially as the French social critic Alain de Botton puts it, “Societies become modern, the philosopher Hegel suggested, when news replaces religions as our central source of guidance and our touchtone of authority.”

    I have never seen such a crass demolition job undertaken by any newspaper against anybody, and for the obvious intention of demolishing Binay’s chances for winning the presidency in 2016. (Well maybe I’m wrong: PDI’s treatment of the alleged Makati building overpricing issue was at the same level of bias and sensationalism.)

    The newspaper that had been the organ of the two EDSA revolutions, the champion of the oppressed, has become the media arm, tactically, of senators Antonio Trillanes and Alan Cayetano, so young yet so lusting for a higher post in 2016. Strategically, it has become the tool of this corrupt hypocritical regime that intends to remain in power by hook or by crook.

    Or maybe the reasons are quite petty: That PDI merely wants the country to know that it is the Philippines’ kingmaker that it can determine who would be Philippine president.

    It’s an agritourism park, stupid

    What makes PDI’s biased coverage of Binay’s alleged estate so outrageous is that the newspaper itself actually had a lengthy report on it, even having the same kind of photo just about a week before, on Sept. 28, with the article’s headline: “Park offers agriculture tour, good deals for farmers.”

    That report said the estate was an “agritourism” park called “Sunchamp,” which explains why it had gardens, a lagoon, and all those “luxurious” facilities the paper would, a month later, try to use to whip up anger against Binay. The firm Agrinurture Inc., headed and mainly owned by a young Chinese-Filipino, Tony Tiu, developed it precisely as an agritourism park.

    Following is the newspaper’s article on Sunchamp:

    “A new concept in agriculture that combines farming with tourism has taken shape in Rosario, Batangas.

    Called Sunchamp, the agriculture-tourism park not only seeks to empower farmers through deals that would give them a guaranteed market for their produce, but also to bring tourism to another level.

    In a statement, the Agrinurture Inc. (ANI), the firm that developed the Sunchamp agritourism park, said the park is open to tourists who could get a closer look at agricultural processes through the park’s many facilities.

    These facilities include a greenhouse, an orchid nursery and farms for mango, mahogany and asparagus, the ANI statement said.

    It said ANI entered into a partnership agreement with other groups, like Jollibee Foundation, for a program to help farmers around Sto. Rosario, get better deals. Under the program, farmers are given seedlings and become contract growers for ANI.

    “This type of cooperation between the farmers and the corporations will serve as a demonstration that the symbiotic relationship is possible and profitable,” said the ANI statement.

    “In the end, this will lead to endless possibilities,” it said. Sunchamp was opened to the public on Aug. 5 in ceremonies led by businessman Tony Tiu, founder and executive chair of ANI.

    The ANI statement said it was Tiu’s dream to bring Sunchamp to reality. It is a park that actually generates produce and, at the same time, brings awareness on different stages of food production through tourism.

    Among those who attended the opening of Sunchamp are Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, presidential adviser on agriculture, and Sen. Antonio Trillanes. A group of orphans was also given a tour of the agritourism park.

    They were briefed on greenhouse facilities for high value crops like lettuce, bell pepper, tomato and spices. A research and development center for carabao mango and cacao production inside the park was also opened to the guests.

    The JCB Farm of Vice President Jejomar Binay used to have leasehold improvements in a small portion of the agri-industrial estate.

    In the ANI statement, Tiu said Sunchamp is the realization of his dream for corporate success to be inclusive. ‘I think corporations all over the world are starting to realize that survival, or the measurement of success, for a company does not rely on numbers alone, but on how much you have contributed to humanity,’ said Tiu.”

    (Last part of my series on MRT-3 on Monday.)
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    1. The “good” senators are playing their role to the hilt as “true”politicians whose penchant for trial by publicity with free media coverage is truly revolting. This is their version of democracy and lawmaking. The PDI and these senators are real believers of media power and its lethal consequence when misuse “properly” in public fora.

    2. My only question is why the heck is the property blocked out at google earth. Ho hum… yawn….

    3. Hugo Evangelista on

      There is always two sides of a coin. Kailangan lang natin maging mapanuri. Nung nalaman ko ang tungkol sa Binay Farm sa PDI, Nag hanap din ako ng ibang info tulad ng sa Interaksyon na kung saan tinalakay ang mga taong may kinalaman dito at ang kanilang kaugnayan sa isat isa. Sinuri ko rin ang aking personal na pagkaka alam sa matagal na pamamahala ni VP Binay sa Makati, bilang 40 yrs. nang nakatira dito. Tinanong ko din sa sarili kung ano ang motibo ni Tiglao sa pagsulat na nitong article. Betirano syang newsman ang galing din sa PDI at tao ni GMA. Ang kaalamang ito ang tutulong sa akin sa pagunawa ng mga nangyayari lalo na sa pag boto sa 2016.

    4. As MDS said, congress is useless. They know there are loopholes in the law but they CHOOSE to neglect them to allow trapos into government. My point being that if ANYONE is questionnable, then BAN him/her from any government position unless they clean their names and present themselves to SENATE. That way, all that are left are the clean candidates. And that will completely stop corruption in all levels. But then, even convicted felons can still become MAYORS! If we desire change then let us change the laws. Additionally, we should support all whistleblowers, regardless of connections, because they are really the ones who at the very least allow the voters to see the truth, or even part of it. And at a time like this, WE NEED ALL THE TRUTH WE CAN GET to start cleaning up the muck. So report ON PDI!

    5. the COA reports though are telling. and look who’s talking. mr. tiglao, you really care about the 4th estate? but what do people say about your own ties with GMA and your own apologist stance towards them? been out of country for awhile, but that’s the buzz i hear, tell me i was listening on the wrong side of the fence.

    6. PDI is as yellow and MT is a marcosatanas loyalist.
      Then again, how is a newspaper that yellow if it’s reporting corruption in today’s administration ?
      I don’t remember that much corruption exposure during marcosastanas’s time.

    7. I stop reading PDI when one of its columnist/analyst was bribed indirectly, followed by another one was for ambasadorial post one for his brother for a job at GOCC and lastly when they sack the PUGAD BABOY

    8. Kasuhan muna sana sa korte si BINAY – bago ilabas yan tsismiss tsismiss ng media people against Binay.. Sa TIngin ko uncivilized pa din ang nakakadaming media people (mag English lang magaling) – nakakainis minsan mga yan – nagiging BOBO ang mga Filipino sa mga yan – imbes na maturuan ng katotohanan..

    9. I want to know how anyone or any corporation or whatever can own something of this magnitude & there doesnt seem to be a record of who owns it. Surely there is in place a system that clearly shows who the owners or owner is. If it has been made so complicated as toi know who owns it one has to ask why. To easily find out the government should say its not registered to anyone so we are taking it as belonging to the country then put it up for sale & the buyer can register it so the proper institution has a clear record of the owner/s.
      If someone is trying to hide their ownership its obviously because of somthing illegal somewhere along the line.

      • “The firm Agrinurture Inc., headed and mainly owned by a young Chinese-Filipino, Tony Tiu, developed it precisely as an agritourism park.”

        There’s no point in arguing.

      • Hi Dustin,

        There is a record of ownership…Philippine Dialy Inquirer reported it previously to be Sunchamp, and the owner Tony Tiu did not ever deny ownership.

        I am not a supporter of Binay (will vote for someone else but Binay actually in 2016)…but I agree with Tiglao that PDI may have crossed the line of journalism ethics on this one. Buti sana kung wala silang previous report on the Agri-Tourism Park…PDI just shot themselves on the foot!

        If Mercado and the Senate really has the goods on Binay…some real, hard evidence that can stand under scrutiny in the court of law…then the DOJ should file charges NOW. All these circus and trial by publicity may backfire eventually and give credence to Binay’s excuse that all these is just a “political demolition job”.

      • Manuel C. Diaz on

        If you want to know who the legal owners go to the register of Deeds if you want to know the incorporators go to the SEC!

    10. Mr. Tiglao writes a column in The Manila Times after he was Philippine ambassador to Greece. There is a lot of sensationalism in the Manila newspapers because of competition, including the column I mentioned. Let the readers decide.

    11. in defense of journalism or another thinly veiled attempt to discredit the current administration?

      i know this piece is a commentary but below are excerpts from the journalist’s code of ethics you may want to brush up on:

      I shall not let personal motives or interests influence me in the performance of my duties; nor shall I accept or offer any present, gift or other consideration of a nature which may cast doubt on my professional integrity.

      I shall not in any manner ridicule, cast aspersions on, or degrade any person by reason of sex, creed, religious belief, political conviction, cultural and ethnic origin.

      I shall accept only such tasks as are compatible with the integrity and dignity of my profession, invoking the ‘conscience clause’ when duties imposed on me conflict with the voice of my conscience.

    12. Isalang na kasi sa Senado ang nognog na yan…kung talagang hindi guilty eh di hinde…pero sa patumpik tumpik nyang pagsagot sa allegasyon eh umaasa lang ang epal na yan sa taas ng surbey nya…lekat na mga pulitiko yan..alang alam gawin kundi mangorap…buwiset!!!!

      • yeah right…kelangan pa naging judge ang senador..e gusto nila di kasuhan nila..bat hindi cguro sila anf gusto mag pa epal sa sambayanang pilipino..the senate is not a court..onli in the philippines

    13. lets say binay did took some money, was makati ever been in the news that said that its suffering? was there a time that officials neglected their jobs to support its constituents need? who put makati’s name as a paradigm of a business district? this so called media outlet failed to put in picture the achievements of the binay family brought to makati, but instead chose to highlight the negative issues surrounding them. Every one should remember that innocent until proven guilty!

      • Oh, you mean so long as people are not “suffering,” elected oficials are free to plunder and make the district in which they are supposed to be public SERVANTS their personal fiefdoms? Like it or not, it was the AYALAS who made Makati. Binay just cashed in. For every benefit ostentatiously bestowed–which really is just doing their jobs as public servants–upon constituents, the Binays bestowed the same and more upon themselves.

      • I have to agree that PDI’s coverage of this issue is bias and partisan. That alone is enough reason to red flag that article but not for the reasons that the Binay’s have done a lot of “achievement in makati’ (Besides it’s the Ayala’s and the Makati Business Club to whom Makati’s development should be attributed for). Their great deeds would not justify their wrong deeds neither would give them immunity to any graft and corruption inquiry.

      • Manuel C. Diaz on

        30% to 40% that constitute the poor voters will still vote for Binay this coming 2016 election. The Binays delivered the”cake” no matter how overpriced. The Binay delivered funeral monetary assistance to those Makati resident in need of burial funds. The Binays provided senior citizens of Makati monetary assistance.The recipient of all these largess do not care if Binays made kupit. BTW the accusers themselves are also bandits recipients of DAP and PDAF how much of their loot were allocated to the poor? To the poor pareho lahat yang mga politicians puro magnanakaw.To the poor Binay is their “Robin Hood”!

      • Teresa Dimayuga on

        for the sake of veracity, let it be known by the people that the ayalas initiated the growth of Makati; the Makati Business Club sustained it. makati was already prosperous when jejomar entered the scene. yes, the binays gave some things to the poor of makati – isn’t this blatantly patronage politics that hold the people in bondage and in complete manipulation of greedy politicians? moreover, isn’t the money the binays are using to “buy the people” government money? barya nga lang ng kita ng makati ang napupunta sa mga tao kung tutuusin. what’s so special about what they are doing in makati anyway?!!

    14. The group of Mercado, Bondal et al have the habit of presenting baseless accusations against the Binay. Bondal presented cakes during the first hearing without verifying the real price the city government is paying for. Mercado did not present a single document from the assessor office to validate the hacienda Binay. I wonder how a lawyer like Cayetano and mutineer Trillanes appreciates evidences in their search for truth against the Binay. Bondal should be adminish in senate for guessing the price of the cakes. I wonder how Bondal became a lawyer.

      • Juan de la Cruz on

        These people are clearly not doing what they are shamelessly doing in the interest of justice. This is plain and simple demolition job on Binay & they are using Government institutions, no less, to propagate their agenda with the auspices of no less than the highest ranking officer of the land, the President. When the Americans left the Philippines, they left a government that can be reasonably called democracy. Over the years that same government has been slowly but surely degraded to its current form “de-most-crazy”. It is about time the Filipino citizenry wakes up & finally say
        no to this madness.

    15. ano ba problema mo tiglao e talaga naman may hidden wealth si VP Binay. Wag mo nga kami gawin tanga.

    16. I agree with your point on Philippine Daily Inquirer, Mr. Tiglao. Just one day of being at the receiving end of their news from their Facebook page is more than enough for a simpleton to realize that the quality of its reports has significantly dwindled down. Only I don’t see the rationale between shooting down Philippine Daily Inquirer’s journalistic endeavor towards the Binays while having the ‘highest regard’ for their editorial team. Is this some kind of a tongue-in-cheek mockery that only you can laugh about?

      I applaud you for being neutral on the case, however the passion behind this article belies your attempt at neutrality- the way an addict says he had enough while his body is shaking for more.

      You’ve shot down the supposedly ridiculous allegations of the connection between Sunchamp and the BInays, and you’ve done it well. However, this is just a small iota of a spectrum of allegations, which, by rule of logic, suggests that the Binays are still not clear just because you have effectively solved one piece of a Jigsaw puzzle.

      You were not born yesterday, Mr. Tiglao. Journalists make mistakes, more so in a country so depraved that opinions can be bought by money, power, and influence. Please consider this. Were these journalist forced or were they bribed?

      I am just an ordinary citizen, Mr. Tiglao, but I can see now that we’re in our most vulnerable moment: susceptibility to floods, low morale of Filipinos, insane price hikes of spices and electricity, faulty traffic management and public transit, increased numbers of criminal cases(some by police officers), and territorial disputes. But you still took the time to fend off detractors of the BInays who have enough money and influence to manage their problems.

      Income Class A citizens think that they’re safe from all these problems, but when the chips are down, who do you think the masses will try to crucify with their ill-thought justifications?

    17. In the end, PDI will have the last laugh because this will all be true. Wait, I shouldn’t have bothered. This article is meant to draw traffic. No one reads this paper anyway. Sayang lang papel.

      • 45 properties? Proven sa impeachment court na imbento lang? Wala na pong credibility ang Inquirer. It is just a government -paid propaganda machine. Galing kaya sa DAP ang budget nito?

    18. “Envelopmental Journalism” – how much money inside the envelope influence the degree in balance of reporting.
      “Finding the Truth is one thing and Knowing the Truth in the Right Way with respect in the Rule of Law is most important!! Unless you live for years in a country where the Rule of Law exist and the right system is working, Filipino people will not understand the importance of this Rule of Law rather they will be “stucked for life” in a situation without Rule of Law and a Country without order and a vicious cycle of Political Game of Psywar rather than Platform war and will always made to believe and judgemental by the Paid Media which initate the mind-conditioining of the less critical thinking filipinos.Obviously, this is orchestrated by a spin doctors with “personal interest” disguising for the people interest.

    19. Bert O. Romero on

      It’s not my place to speak for PDI. It can ably defend its editorial decision to publish this Binay haciendagate, if it cares to do so. I doubt, however, if it will. Especially to someone who has long lost his so-called journalistic professionalism when he became GMA’s media triggerman which role he continues to perform to this day.
      When one declares himself a presidential aspirant more than two years before the elections, not only does he show his lust for power and his hubris in attaining this, but more importantly he opens himself to national public scrutiny. Not only himself but his family as well. And in this scrutiny, he and his family should come out totally innocent and not only appear to be innocent. And so far, tinitimbang sila, ngunit kulang.
      The accusations against VP Binay have transcended the legal and the personal to embrace the political and the familial. In all these dimensions- legal , political, personal and familial – the accusers have not gone out of ammunition. On the contrary, the accusations have become mind boggling but to the majority of the people credible. The stance of VP Binay and his coterie of spokesmen and legal advisers dismissing the accusations as politically motivated has lost it’s validity from day 1. Of course, this exercise is political. And in this field where he is supposed to be an expert, he is losing badly and continues, like the ostrich, to bury his head in the sand. His 15 percent loss in popularity and trust ratings speaks volumes in the continuing erosion of people’s faith in the VP. He should not be complacent in the fact that he still enjoys the highest trust rating among the government officials surveyed because in the first place his percentage base is high. He should be concerned that with his 15 percent plunge, he has the highest rate of decline.
      And as I said, the personal accusations have been complemented with the familial which expectedly will unravel other delectable revelations.

      • Binay Power lust on

        In my personal opinion, Binay’s power lust has been evident to me since 2009 when he was using Makati’s public funds to make a TV advertisement about how good Makati was with his face in it. It was a blatant attempt at illegal early campaigning at the expense of taxpayer’s money. That in itself ruins his own image. Also remember the time when he had his incompetent daughter to run for Senate just to test the waters for his presidency campaign. That is pure bullshit. This family needs to go down NOW. I won’t be surprised if Mercado’s conjectures turn out to be true. That 50M mansion with an elevator when they could just live in the first floor?! And the time when that idiot son and daughter of his abused power and illegally arrested the Dasma guards.

    20. Each of them had their own hiddin agenda.nothing is new.both of you do what do you want to do.walang mababago sa istado ng pinas kung di ang patuloy na malubog sa kumonoy ng kahirapan ng dahil sa kasakiman sa pera at kapangyarihan ng mga ambisyosong nag mamahal daw sa bansa!

    21. Alexis Barrientos on

      Well, what can I say? Mr. Tiglao is, after all, writing for the paragon of journalism, the Manila Times. I mean, it has covered the Binay hearings in the most truthful and unbiased way possible. (In case you don’t get it, this is served with a heaping dose of sarcasm).

    22. The Philippine Daily Inquirer used to be a very respected broadsheet in the Philippines since the time of Mrs. Apostol for being one of the front media outlets during the Marcos dictatorship. However things in this paper changed immediately after the Prieto family bought it from Mrs. Apostol and her allied investors. Prieto made the PDI change into a money-making lackey of the oppositionists during the Arroyo administration and became the fore-front of the yellow media, twisting facts and information to favor yellow candidates. Until now PDI is never wanting in sensationalizing news favoring PNoy and his administration, being silent when scams and scandals are authored by administration personalities while attacking and humiliating things and matters done by any oppositionist. The luster and grandeur of PDI is lost and it will be very difficult for them to recover as being branded as the fore-front yellow media.

    23. One of the most powerful forces in RP is the MEDIA. Who controls the media can practically control the future of the nation. Just my opinion.

    24. If there’s corruption in government, there’s definitely corruption in media. Re readers prejudge the issue just based on headlines and this act by the PDI is unfair to the Binays. No matter how strong the allegations are journalists should still be responsible in their headlines/reporting. Misleading and leading stories is not only unfair to the persons involved, but to readers as well whose opinions are consciously misinformed.

    25. dondon nueva, jr on

      So what else is new with “sabong journalism” or “envelopmental journalism”. Let’s see what’s going to happen next in the political corridors of power in our country. It must be interesting!

    26. I don’t think that the PDI still cares about responsible journalism. All that seems to matter to them is having the most “sensational’ headlines that would sell papers. The sad thing is, I think they know exactly what they are doing. A large portion of our country depends on them for the news and have no other way of verifying the truth. Instead of cultivating the trust given to them by its readers, PDI has been abusing it.

      Regardless of which side of the political fence you are on, observe the way they have “demolished” numerous gov’t officials from VP Binay, Gen. Purisima, Usec. Puno, JPE, Erap and GMA. Whether or not the allegations made against them are true is something none of us know for sure. They may be half-truths or whole lies. But when you package and report these allegations as if there can be no other explanation, then you are depriving the people of a chance of making an informed choice and are simply forcing upon them the angle that you want.

      PDI knows exactly what they are doing.

    27. The saddest part is that the filipinos tend to take this ‘piece of news’ as already signs or indicators that the allegations are true. Sad because a knee-jerk tendency to conclude that way means most pinoys are still incapable of thinking and re-thinking. Or, analyzing.
      Good luck pilipins!

      • Agree. Reading comments sometimes feels like hearing a shouting mob. Very few successfully argue the logic of their positions.

    28. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Trillanes, Cayetano, and koko, young and ambitious as they are, don’t deserve any respect for the way they have been handling their committee hearings- threatening and putting words into the mouths of their resource persons. Respect and the hunt for TRUTH must be done ethically and reasonably. God bless the Philippines.

    29. perhaps Mr. Tiglao should stick to the message instead of shooting the messenger?
      you conveniently omitted the glaring link between Tiu and Binay and Subido? why?
      Travesty in journalism is a must in your god forsaken country to expose the travesty of the lying politicians and political patronage in journalism – as proof, how many journalists are dead for exposing the truth? are they guilty of travesty Mr. Tiglao?

      • Pinoytard spotted. You can’t right a wrong with a wrong, and even if you can, in the end it doesn’t improve things.

      • Dick S. O'Rosary on

        Can’t you see that for your yellow cause to work, your yellow mouthpieces like the PDI have to be credible? Mr. Tiglao admits his errors and apologizes when he makes them. Manila Times regularly acknowledges and publishes the apologies of its columnists and staff. Your mouthpieces (PDI and ABS-CBN and Rappler?!) do not adhere to such lofty standards.

    30. Boyet Makabayan on

      I am not so sure about the news that is going around in circles that the son in law of the owner/ publisher of PDI or GMA 7 is the chief of staff of Mar Roxas. If ever this is true, we can be sure that we can see more news in the future that will try to demolish and destruct the vice president.

    31. We can fault PDI for their alleged biased news including the alleged political motivation that is now being employed by the Senate Blue Ribbon Sub-committee, however, we as a public should also have the right to know the answers straight from the mouths of Binays under oath at the Senate of the numerous allegations of corruptions done at the City of Makati that led to the expos’es of luxurious properties of Binays.

      • leonardo tiongson on


        Forgive me for being blunt, but you do not have the right to demand explanations from Binays on the basis of allegations! What you have as a citizen is the right to demand that the accusations are done accurately, with proper evidence, and cases are filed appropriately.

        Besides, will you (and the rest of those wolves baying for Binay blood) be happy with a formal statement from the Vice President saying they are not involved? He did that already. No one seemed to notice.

        What you want is a detailed admission of guilt. Which someone presumed innocent cannot provide unless one is truly guilty. Can you see the strange illogic here? You are actually asking the Vice president not to defend himself, but to admit to wrong doing, simply because it is not possible to defend oneself from allegations of these types which are all unproven, and lacks evidence of illegality or wrong doing.

        ano yang tinatawag ninyong evidence? naku, pag sa korte yan, i-thro-throw out yan for being hearsay! E how is that different from me saying I was a technical assistant of the Vice Mayor six months ago and i was present when he got 10 million from Trillianes, who i saw personally hand the bag of money to him in at the Manila Peninsula hotel…. Papano ngayon dedepensahan ni VM yan? sasabihin niya hindi ako TA nya? but if i can present a payslip, (na ginawa gawa lang din using as computer and a scanned signature), mag-de-deny sya ng document?

        I hope you see the reason why it is frustrating to try and teach you people how to be rational in this…

    32. Jose A. Oliveros on

      I stopped buying the Philippine Daily Inquirer when it showed its pro-PeNoy bias during the Corona impeachment trial and always refer to that newspaper as the unOfficial Gazette.

    33. Sensationalism and gullibility are two faces of a coin. The Philippines is a fertile ground for business-minded media oligarch to promote his/ her business agenda. Business ethics in the media is never a factor in their operation justifying such by that much abused credo “journalistic freedom”. This freedom has turned media outfits into propaganda tool by scheming personalities. It has even enticed media moguls to operate his business through a bidding process. Because PDI’s readership is nationwide, it has the clout to entice any ambitious individual to pay its price in exchange of frontpage coverage and a premium payment for sustained publications. The downfall of Erap; the public crucifixions of Arroyo, Corona and the PDAF detainees Enrile/Revilla/Jinggoy is a living proof to the media’s abuse of journalistic freedom.

    34. that’s why binay should take the time to face the senate and deny the allegations himself.

      why be afraid of senators if he’s on the side of truth? it’s easy to disprove allegations if what you are saying is true.

    35. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

      As pointed out, there is really travesty of journalism done by the media on the “Binay Estate’. For any damage done on the name of the VP, he may file for remuneration. However, matters indicated prior to this property in quewstion should still be pursued and further investigated.

      My take is that, while these investigations against the VP is more of a “charade” for ‘political mileage’ of the president’s party, but the VP has a lot of explaining to the Filipino people. Seems like his hands were “dipped in the cookie jar, too!

      Ergo: The Filipino people had been taken for a ride for so many years by corrupt politicians. I hope this corrupt culture of government officials has still a chance of being checked, lest we will all go down the drain.

    36. gabriela silang on

      pdi is as yellow as can be…and a willing propaganda tool. am no binay fan and am not for binay. but i believe pdi have been too biased ever since… look at the way pdi treats aquino with utmost servility. biased news, fairless views.

      • Matagal na akong di nagbabasa ng PDI business buzz lang ang binabasa ko dyan dahil alam ko minsan tama ang tsimis. Sa dalawampung report ng PDI 21 isa mali.