A triumphant & meaningful Christmas to all


Indescribable emotions overwhelmed Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach when she was crowned Miss Universe after Miss Colombia was mistakenly declared the pageant’s 2015 winner in Las Vegas.

Wurztbach’s triumph provides a great Christmas gift to the Filipino nation, as well as a “moral victory” to compensate for the massive frustration that came from Manny Pacquiao’s loss in an uneventful “fight of the century” held in the same city.

It’s a fitting news event to wrap up what otherwise has been a tumultuous year, and comes at a time when the nation prepares to elect a new Chief Executive who hopefully will act to bring about genuine change.

I would like to thank The Manila Times readers who followed my commentaries in this column, especially those who responded and shared their own thoughts and views online at www.manilatimes.net opinion section.

It has been a great pleasure and privilege to bring to you through this column the insider information and exposé that, otherwise, would not have been found in straight news reports.

With the help of my investigative news team and undercover assets, I tackled issues and exposed graft and other corrupt practices in various government agencies, such as the Departments of National Defense, Transportation, Agriculture, Bureau of Customs, and other agencies.

I have exposed syndicated crimes and called the attention of concerned authorities to act on issues such as illegal online gambling, smuggling of exotic and luxury cars, and the widespread “pergalan” (perya-sugalan).

Hopefully, I have helped promote public awareness about the lies and hypocrisy of Noynoy Aquino’s administration, which has failed thus far to alleviate the quality of life of the greater number of Filipinos. We have been duped by false advertising.

Government corruption and plunder of the national treasury continues with impunity while we drown in foreign debt.

Those who have fleeced public funds and diverted unimaginable amounts to the illegal Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) have been rewarded with additional pork barrel funds to boost their May 2016 election campaign.

Babaha ng pera.

We have witnessed how great institutions like the Senate and the House of Representatives have been literally prostituted to suit this demagogue administration’s political ends and vengeful selective justice.

I am hoping that we will be much wiser this time in choosing the next tenant in Malacañang, who will actually do something to improve lives and not govern by press releases and contrived slogans, such as “matuwid na daan.”

Apparently, we have ended up at “tuwad na daan” instead. We cannot afford to be bobotante in next year’s polls.

Modesty aside, we have to congratulate ourselves as a nation in prevailing over great challenges like hosting Pope Francis’ four-day visit in January and surviving the horrific and painful tragedy of Mamasapano massacre where 44 police commandos were mowed down.

Again, congratulations to our very own Bb. Pilipinas Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, the newly crowned 2015 Miss Universe!

And in behalf of my family and staff, I wish everyone a truly meaningful and merry Christmas!

* * *

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  1. Thank you Mr. Tulfo and your fellow columnists for the insightful features and causes you espouse, You really have the public’s pulse. Writers of other newspapers no longer have anything important to say. They’ve stopped writing………..just typing. All good wishes for better years ahead for the Philippines.