A very inefficient remittance company


Nestor Cabrera, a businessman from Cebu City, recently texted me to complain about the very lousy and inefficient service of the Western Union Remittance Center.

Cabrera said he sent $1,531 on January 13 to London through a Western Union branch in Cebu City and listed a Neil Collet as its recipient.

The amount was the payment for a merchandise he ordered from Collet earlier.

A few days later, Collet informed Cabrera he had not received the money the latter sent through the remittance office. The Cebu-based businessman immediately called Western Union to inquire about his money transfer or remittance to Collet.

To Cabrera’s surprise, the staff of Western Union told him that the amount was already received but refused to tell him who received the money.

The same Western Union staff told him that they cannot divulge the name of the receiver as part of their standard operating procedure.

To cut the story short, Collet did not receive the money Cabrera sent him via Western Union. The English businessman likewise informed him that the Western Union office in London no longer entertained his query.

Cabrera is just one of the hundreds of complainants against Western Union’s poor service and arrogance when handling complaints from its clients.

Aside from reports of inefficient service, Western Union has been the object of several complaints that syndicates and crooks allegedly use the remittance company for their nefarious activities.

My brother, Mon, whose name has been used a dozen times by a swindler who identifies himself as Ramon Tulfo, said most of this crook’s victims were told to send their “donations” through Western Union to Ramon Tulfo.

Mon, who had informed Western Union in advance about the scam, was surprised to learn that the remittance company never heeded his warnings and continued to entertain the fake “Ramon Tulfo”.

Even law enforcers, who were hot on the trail of syndicates, have complained about Western Union’s refusal to cooperate with them in the arrest of suspects.

So, the next time you send money to someone through Western Union…think again. Chances are it might not get there.

An arrogant bank employee
On Monday around lunchtime, my wife Karen received a call from an employee of PS Bank.

The lady, who introduced herself as Josie Madurulang from the insurance department of the bank, informed my wife that we have not paid in full our car loan in 2009 and we need to settle it right away.

My wife explained to Madurulang that we have fully paid the loan in 2012, citing the bank certification that we secured, and informed her that we have sold the van to another person.

This is when Josie told her in a sarcastic manner “well, I need the number of the buyer”. Karen said she did not have the number of the buyer and reminded the PS Bank employee to check the bank’s files regarding our loan.

Madurulang then said, “I called you because what you are saying is different from what is stated in this document”. As my wife was about to tell her the date of the certifications and the official who signed it, the arrogant PS Bank employee hung up.

If this is the way some PS Bank employees talk to their clients, expect majority of their depositors to soon move their accounts to other banks.

“Sayang itong PS Bank.”

Ayala land’s contractor in trouble again?
Harassment, estafa, theft and destruction of properties are just some of the cases that will be filed soon by a company against the contractor of Ayala Land in its FTI residential and commercial development in Taguig.

Magluluma Enterprise, a small demolition company sub-contracted by River Concrete Construction and Development Corp. or Rivercon, is set to file a long list of charges against the latter before the court.

In its complaint, Magluluma claims that it has paid George Matunog Jr., owner of Rivercon, some P20 million for the debris and scrap metal that will be recovered from the demolition site.

For unknown reasons, Matunog allegedly refused to allow Magluluma to recover the debris and scrap metals, and reportedly drove away the demolition team from the FTI

According to Matunog officials, this is not the first time Rivercon got into trouble. A few years ago, it was also featured on a TV program due to a questionable project in Southern Luzon.

Ayala Land should resolve the quarrel among its contractors at once.


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  1. i hope that remitter was not scam by the sellers. nowadays there are lots of sellers in the internet that they asked you to send the money to a certain address, you have to investigate why you are sending a money transfer to an individual not under a company or company account.
    the person who remit this money was a victim of scam… BE AWARE OF MAKING PAYMENTS OVERSEAS……

  2. I use the PNB to remit money from the uk to the philippines & most times they are pretty good. But i dont know who you can use to remit to the uk from the philippines other than western union. But i heed your advice & i wont be sending money through them. I still dont understand why all banks cant send the money as cheaply with also a good exchange rate as remittance companies as its a brilliant simple earner, & whats easier than electronically transferring money from one place to another.

  3. There are other, cheaper, better remittance companies. People have a choice.